Anne Hathaway might have ratted out Raffaello Follieri

Anne Hathaway’s break-up with Raffaello Follieri may have been timed a little too conveniently. A friend of the Italian con-man believes Anne cooperated with the Feds in helping them arrest Raffaello, according to NY Daily News:

“It makes sense,” the friend said. “She’s referred to as his former girlfriend in the indictment even though her spokesman never confirmed they broke up.”
Hathaway, who is not identified by name in the criminal complaint, split with Follieri shortly before his arrest last week. He is charged with posing as an agent of the Vatican to fleece investors out of millions.
“I think that in return for her cooperation, the feds held off on arresting Follieri until she was out of the country,” the friend said.

I guess Anne Hathaway started to realize something was amiss when Raffaello suggested they add role-playing to their routine. He would pretend he was a priest while conducting real estate transactions and, she’d pretend she didn’t want to sleep with the fishes if she ever opened her mouth. It was exciting at first, but Anne wanted to switch things up a bit. She’d be a naughty meter maid, and he’d be Zach Braff’s Italian brother: Denzel Washington.

Photos: Splash News