Anne Hathaway gets ‘shit-faced’ for a cause

Anne Hathway got three fans drunk off their ass after they won her in a charity auction for $12,000 at the Cracked X-Mas Fundraiser last night. People reports:

“I’m not usually very forward, but I thought if there was ever a crowd for me to do something like this, this is my crowd so I would like to auction myself off,” Hathaway announced, “for drinks somewhere fabulous and basically get you totally s— faced. Tell me what I’m worth.”
The proceeds for the night went to benefit the Trevor Project, a crisis helpline for LGBT youth. Hathaway, 26, was embarrassed when her price kept going up. “I’m blushing,” Hathaway said during the bidding process. “Wow, I feel really good right now.”

Only $12,000 for drinks with Anne Hathaway? Why the hell wasn’t I invited?! According to my bank account, I would’ve only been $12,135.49 short. Seriously, I could’ve told her I invented the Vatican then let her do stuff to me. (Nobody steal my idea.)