Anne Hathaway isn’t quite famous enough

August 23rd, 2007 // 64 Comments

Last weekend, Anne Hathaway reportedly had to wait 20 minutes outside Flavio Briatore’s Billionaire club in Sardinia before somebody finally recognized her and let her in. Page Six reports:

While Russian heiresses Anna and Angelina Anisimova sipped cocktails inside, spies said Hathaway and her real estate mogul boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, stood outside, “waiting for someone to finally recognize her and let them in.”

I guess it’s sad nobody recognized her, but the real issue of the story remains: when did Anne Hathaway start dating her dad? And when did her dad become Jon Lovitz? I’m guessing it’s about the same time Anne turned into a ghost.


  1. Reli


    they are both so ugly.

  2. Bern2

    ummm third

  3. Alex

    FRIST…. this one’s for you.

  4. Alex

    Or frourth, as the case may be…

  5. Rmc

    is that the greasy WOP who got blown on the boat? brutal.

  6. Duckstyle187

    I’d say he looksmore like if Jon Lovitz and Zach Braff had a baby.

  7. reason

    Let’s all take every single goddamned annoying motherfucking cock-eating shit-licking ass-rimming old-man-feltching fist-fucking piece of fucked up pathetic diarreah coming out of the ass of an old syphilis infected boxcar hobo motherfucker who types “FIRST”, and rip their intestines out their asshole and make them eat it.

  8. Queen Valerie

    I guess in Sardinia real royalty takes precedence over (ahem) Hollywood royalty. Though I guess by Hollywood standards, AH would be a lady in waiting or a handmaiden next to someone like, hmmmm, say Jodie Foster who is a queen in my book, or someone really known like that.

  9. Jim

    The 3rd pic-For some reason her left foot reminded me of the scene in Pirates 1 when they’re underwater. Guess she didn’t get to keep her Jimmy Choo shoes from Devil

  10. veggo

    I’m sure she just likes hearing stories of his STD’s from the silent film era.

  11. ssdd

    Of course she had to wait… no surprise.
    I would like to buy this pale bitch for what I think she’s worth, then sell her for what she thinks shes worth.

  12. smegma

    They weren’t aware of it, but everybody who looked out the window started talking about the first Batman movie.

  13. Kam

    Well I like her shes stunning and pale. the BF is an ugly Mofo though.

  14. dr phil

    #11 – jesus, relax…must have been what your dad yelled out…

  15. She’s so pale, I bet her butthole glows as red as Sauron’s eye.

  16. hill

    too bad 13 yr old girls weren’t the security. They would’ve recognized her in a heartbeat!! LOL

  17. mouse

    Hey, at least she’s not the “Do you know who I am???” type…I hate those people. She seems down to earth, which is more than I can say for most Hollywood stars.

  18. lambman

    There are features that make a person look like an actor, and there are features that make a person look attractive. The lucky stars have both, Anne on the other hand just has features that make her look like an actor. Big eyes, big horse teeth, skinny neck….but she’s about as sexy as a folding chair.

  19. Cat

    true that mouse.

  20. mywellrehearsedmistake

    When they say “russian heiresses” do they mean like Paris Hilton or Prince William? Cos I’m kinda sure they shot most of the Russian Royalty.

    I don’t think I would honestly recognise Anne Hathaway and her creepy looking dad if they ran up to me screaming her name and slapping me in the face with the dvd covers of movies she’s been in. But that’s just me, I’ve got a bad memory. What were talking about again?…

    Oh and when ever I see these posts about this tramp I always think for a second we are talking about Shakespeare. What would possess you to name your kid after his wife? Very random.

  21. ticklemyfancy

    nice 14. love grandmas boy.

  22. Lovely

    She shoulda blown the door man- then she wouldn’t be in this predicament, it’s apparent that she’s not picky… so…

  23. A

    Good for them for standing outside and waiting in line and not pulling the “don’t you know who I am?” crap!!

  24. jrzmommy

    Where is that guy’s chin?

  25. Chauncey Gardner

    She is such a fucking dirty little fucking bitch whore cunt. It’s not like she isn’t already handed everything in the world – she’s gotta go prostitute herself to some even wealthier douchebag who probably did even less work than she did to secure his fortune. Fine by me – I’ve always thought this broad was as ugly as Tom Cruise’s cousin WIlliam – but, when she and bitches like her have their pictures taken with these fucking moguls and magnates, they may as well wear T-shirts that say “I Swallow Cum For $$$”.

  26. p911gt10c

    21, you got it right
    #1, you’re a loser

    i was gonna get after Anne, but I d/l Havoc the other day and well, she’s willing to go topless in movies and she’s got a nice set also teased a lil girl-girl action, so for that, I cannot fault her. She gets my vote

  27. Anexio

    Anne Hathaway is in the same boat as Scarlett Johansson.

    They are nothing but really nice titties.

    Tits on a stick, so to speak.

  28. Batman

    Just as I feared…the Joker has joined forces with the Penguin…

  29. Chauncey Gardner

    You know, I’ve always wondered how these little tricks even meet all these foreign billionaires. Here’s my theory…

    Her manager intercepts a letter to Anne that reads something like this:

    “I watch you cinema since you little girl.. I want fuking you white Americain mouth and colour pink pussy.. I pay much money for fuking mouth and colour pink pussy..”

    And then the manager calls her CPA, who looks into the guy’s financial holdings. Once they confirm the this guy is richer than Croesus, they schedule a “date” on the guy’s yacht, and then they have a “relationship” in front of the cameras that makes everyone richer, until she fucks one of her co-stars on her next picture and breaks up with the rich guy. Then she breaks up with the co-star after the film ends, and moves on to the next rich Mediterranean scumbag who has nothing better to do than fuck movie starlets.

    What a whore.

  30. Sheva

    Leave it to a remote island like Sardinia to utterly betray their backwardness and not revel in the stardom of The Joker.

    Of course it’s her fault too, since she’s not wearing her Joker lipstick.
    No Joker should be allowed to go out without it.

  31. chimpy

    I hate that gay looking Briatore. Fuckin old rat is 57 and has fucked some grade A Victoria’s Secret pussy.

  32. Lexoka

    That guy looks stupid.

  33. bob

    who cares that she has to wait. she’s been in all of 3 movies & i’ve seen zero. I can’t imagine that she really thinks she an international star. if she does, she’s an idiot. oh & that dude is OLD looking. is this the fool who was getting a fake bj on the boat? supposedly he’s 27. riiiight.

  34. veggi

    Hey…fellas…why all the hate? This girl is doing it right, baby! Bounce those big boobs in front of the dumb men, get movie roles from old horny producers and a big bank roll from this chinless doofus, and meanwhile put those big ruby red lips on the pussy lips of every hot girl in Hollywood when it’s time for real sex, not the performances you have to fake with guys so they’ll give you whatever you want. She’s young and already she’s figured it all out. My idol!

  35. Chauncey Gardner


    Your idol is a whore.

  36. regu

    what? is she doing Charity work by fucking the elderly?

  37. regular joe

    veggi…are you really jenna jameson? Your advice is that of a crotch rot whore.

  38. Harry

    Isn’t this clown being sued for stealing billions of dollars from another billionaire?

  39. veggi

    awwwww…I made all the lil’ weenies angry. What’s the matter, is it upsetting to read what your women are actually thinking? LMAO!

  40. Bored Again

    Still she waited without having a major breakdown which almost makes me like her. I used to think she was a simpering idiot but I hear things like this and I think there’s hope for her yet that I’ll do her nice and slow from behind.

  41. Chauncey Gardner


    No, it’s not upsetting. We already knew you were all calculating whores.

  42. minnimeme

    ehh… she HATES Britney and had publically made fun of her. she ain’t all that bad

  43. iheartsquirrels

    It cannot go unremarked that #33′s comment is really freakin funny.

  44. Idiot

    eat shiit all you pale hating people !

  45. VICKY

    #46 if thats true then she´s my fucking idol too !!!….

    God bless all Shitney haters!!!

    (btw .. she´s so pale, isnt it summer there ???)

  46. Jason

    Maybe they didn’t recognize her with her not being on a boat ‘humming”

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