Anne Hathaway is totally inappropriate

August 15th, 2007 // 196 Comments

  1. veggi

    Seriously, 3 times in one day. Can I suck your dick?

  2. whatever

    And she may not be giving him a blow job, but she is doing something to Mr Happy. Take a look at the guys face. It is not the look of a guy talking to his stock broker

    Oh God…OHHH GOD…tell me more about the stocks…what did the Dow close at? OH FUCK! YES, YES, YES! HIGHER DOW, HIGHER!!! CLOSE THAT BITCH EVEN HIGHER!!!


  3. Victor

    I honestly can’t believe someone posted first 3 times in one day. I’ve never been so impressed with anything in my entire life. If you want to have sex with my mother, I’m ok with it. Hell, you know what, If you want to do depraved things to my asshole, you may.

  4. first


  5. Kareem OfWheat

    Ray Romano’s in pretty good shape.

  6. PrettyBaby

    #92 LOL fantastic… I was thinking the same thing! well, possibly not the 3 hour tour.

    AND yes people, she probably not giving him a full on jobber, but she is teasing/playing with Mr. Winky in a lame attempt to get this asshole to really like her. Just like she is sucking his nipple later on. These pics are honestly hilarious- Good Job Mr. Superfish. They are nearly as good as the Harry Potter aka horsefocker ones.

  7. PrettyBaby

    Oh and her body is too thin and too white.
    the end.

  8. whatever

    How the FUCK do you tip a sea doo that size?

    I just lost respect for her. Honestly, that bothers me more than the possibility she was playing with Mr. Happy in front of everyone. I can respect a woman who does that, but not one who tips a sea doo!

    Fucking eh….

  9. Jinxy

    she’s gross

  10. whatever

    #114 – my thoughts exactly. She needs to dump this guy. It’s degrading to see her struggle to get his attention. She needs to find a man who actually cares about her. Cares enough to actually drive the fucking sea doo and not tip it.

    (To anyone wondering…go to #112′s link to look at the sea doo falling over.)

  11. Chief Wiggam

    Picture # 7 and

    Separated at birth ????

  12. PrettyBaby

    Sucking dick in public with people nearby- meh.

    Tipping a sea doo- OH no you di’int!!!

  13. Vanillaslice

    Clearly she’s already sucked gray shorts dry

  14. elizabeth from the internet

    I think she’s breast feeding….

  15. no i think she suck he snack.

  16. #102 – Nothing wrong with the West — I don’t think I really said anything bad about it.

    The “Cocksucking depths” thing was just there to make it seem like I was coming back from Hell, only to wow you with a smattering of ellipses and not the word Hell … but I think the only guy who would have been wowed is the dude who refreshes this page every 12 seconds.

    Anyway, I do get daunted by the West coast, but it wasn’t like I went anywhere overtly cool. I went to Wyoming and Arizona. I’ve been going to the former for my entire life and I am from the latter, so it was a bit ho-hum.

    I just hate having to drive everywhere, mainly.

  17. Danklin24

    Damn this chick’s ugly. She doesnt even have an ass. She’s definitely sucking his nipple in public so i wouldnt put it past her to suck his cock also.

  18. regular joe

    I’d like to erase this vision from my memory, please.
    I’d also like to take every single goddamned annoying motherfucking cock-eating shit-licking ass-rimming old-man-feltching fist-fucking piece of fucked up pathetic diarreah coming out of the ass of an old syphilis infected boxcar hobo motherfucker who types “FIRST”, and rip their intestines out their asshole and make them eat it.

  19. FIRST


  20. costamar

    Does this mean Anne Hathaway prefers her men way older, with love handles and Jewish-looking?

  21. ToTellTheTruth

    I think her being pale and nasty looking like that, is inappropriate. And that guy looks old enough to be either her dad or her uncle and I will bet you money SHE’S paying for the trip because HE doesn’t look like he’s got anything to offer her.

  22. odd jane

    Picture 11.. why does everyone do that?

  23. emmaleigh

    whats wrong with being white? she is a white woman after all. you know many years ago, before hollywood took over, being white was considered the most beautiful. thats why women carried parasols and wore bonnets everywhere. over in easter asia its “more beautiful” to be of pale skin.
    i say be what you want. at least she wont be wrinkly when she’s 30. and besides, i’m not too keep on orange skin anyway. can you say oompa loompa?

  24. emmaleigh

    *woops * too KEEN

  25. emmaleigh

    oh ya, and look how pale the pretty lady on the superficial banner is.

  26. Aphrohdite

    She has lovely skin! What I think is gross is when people bake themselves in the sun. By the time Anne is 50 she will be thanking herself, and all here peers will be enviously jealous of how young and gorgeous she looks.

  27. Cowgirl

    Look at the picture, second down on the left—Is there a name for giving a nipple filatio? Is there?

  28. whatever


  29. Cowgirl LOL

    136–Funnyish! or a Nummer?

  30. kingnoony

    what a dog….

    and for all the “white” people out there, i’ve had a dark tan for over thirty five years and found myself being asked for my i.d. when i bought a beer at a police concert last month; so no, the sun DOES NOT make you look old and wringled as much as you say. bottom line, she’s nasty looking. she needs some sun, ’nuff said.

  31. molly

    # 59- what the fuck is sun screan muber 5 000? are you drunk?

  32. molly

    Oh, and pic # 5 looks like she’s trying to flip him over the side. Too bad she didn’t succeed. Maybe it was all that sun screan muber 5 000.

  33. star69

    Pasty dirty whore.

  34. Nizzle

    Why is she dating Ray Romano i don’t get it?


    Her body looks good, but all those Brits get the Princess Anne horse-face before too long.

  36. sidherose04

    He makes big bucks in real estate. He looks old but hes only 28.

  37. Sure I Have Better Things To Do

    Hey don’t hate on pasty people lol Not everybody can tan

  38. hateuglypeople

    She is soooo fucking ugly she makes me want to take a shit! I have always hated her looks. Ugly cunt.

  39. choocher

    Pic 7: “‘ey guyzh, ‘oo my teef look whiter after gargling cock barf? Cheeeeeeev!!”

  40. Gina

    Holy Christ! There’s a couple things I wanted to talk about here…
    1) Anne Hathaway is dating her dad
    2) If it’s not her dad, it’s her dad’s golfing buddy
    3) Anne is kissing her dad’s golfing buddy furry old manboob
    4) Anne has giant ungainly feet!
    5) Finally, Anne is a pasty wonder

  41. Wicked Wendy

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! And to think I thought I was white……scarey…

  42. tonycatman

    Is this even the same person:

    Picture 8 : Ugly retard
    Picture 16 : Stunning beauty

    This is a girl who should always wear her hair up.

    …and to everyone who thinks she is ugly because she is pasty-white: FUCK YOU, you leather-skinned-wrinkly-melanoma-ridden-prematurely-aged-shit-whores. Check out Kate Beckinsale in Much Ado About Nothing compared with now.

  43. derrick

    “kingnoony – August 15, 2007 10:37 PM

    what a dog….

    and for all the “white” people out there, i’ve had a dark tan for over thirty five years and found myself being asked for my i.d. when i bought a beer at a police concert last month; so no, the sun DOES NOT make you look old and wringled as much as you say. bottom line, she’s nasty looking. she needs some sun, ’nuff said.”

    You silly bitch I promise you your boyfriend would stomp on your crusty burnt wrinkled ass to get to anne hathaway. Her shit is better than your face. Go away.

  44. tonycatman

    #151. Good point.

    And furthermore, #138, (assuming you weren’t lying, which we all know you were), they were asking for your ID because it is an easy way to chat up some middle-aged chick who everyone knows can’t do any better than bang some beer-servant due to the fact they have a crocodile-skin face.

  45. whatever

    Some of these shots aren’t the best…but she’s still hot. Now if only she would get away from the middle aged, not into her, talks to stock broker while getting a hummer, loser bf….

  46. Coco

    i just can’t quite believe a good girl like anne would do this… what an absolute shocker. next thing she’ll be turning up at an awards ceremony the same colour as a louis vuitton suitcase having forgotten to wear panties…..whilst holding a chihuahua…..

  47. woodhorse

    #90 Whore seems a bit harsh. I say she’s a gold digger. Maybe she will find old gold in those pants.

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