Anne Hathaway is totally inappropriate

August 15th, 2007 // 196 Comments

  1. steve

    Kinda looks like a young Garry Shandling.

  2. Robiscus

    Wow – look at how flat her feet are! She’s got duck feet.

  3. jrzmommy

    Now, I’m not a dude, but…..I dont’ think I’d want a bj from her or her nose.

  4. Dizzybenny

    WOW! that a very white woman.
    does she use the sun screan muber 5 000?
    and totally agree with 49,52,54.

  5. justplainconfused

    Jon Lovitz has lost weight. Anne must go for funny.

  6. kristina

    in one picture he kind of looks like joe francis

  7. mag

    wow, from that third BJ pic from top, looks like he must got a really big *thingie* considering how far her head is from his crotch :P

    so much for the good girl image..

  8. Donald

    I hate people who say she is too white, Her skin is perfect ! Milky smooth ! love it !

  9. Pikachelsea

    Wow… she has the weirdest body ever. It’s like it’s trying so hard to be fat, but isn’t quite there yet. Gross stomach and terrifyingly pale skin. BLEH.

  10. Harry

    I’m cool with her in general, but get turned off whenever I see this guy. He’s some Italian businessman who’s being sued for embezzling millions of dollars from some billonaire, purportedly to pay for lavish vacations like this for her. Which makes me think she’s just another high maintenance tramp, which she most definitely doesn’t come across as. There’s just something wrong about this relationship.

  11. joe

    Her good girl image went out the window in the movie Havoc.

  12. Kim Kardashian

    He’s white. There’s no way his cock extends all the way up to where her mouth is. She’s not giving him a blowjob.

  13. El-Coyote

    You know if that were real the paparazzi would have given a dick shot…
    Thankfully… It does not look real…..

    66 – amen… that is the one with bejou(sp) phillip right?

  14. smegma

    She doesn’t have a beach body. In fact, she might be at her best having sex under low lighting while still partially clothed, to minimize the cadaver-fucking aspect.

  15. joe

    @66 – Yep

  16. Jack Nicholson

    Nice tits. Out of all the joker-mouthed chicks (her, Cameron Diaz, the Olson ghastlies, etc), I’d stick it in her first. Her mouth could fit the twig and the berries, easily. Maybe 2 sets, so bring a friend (you hear me, Victor & Bite Me???).

  17. veggi

    Not a bad week. First there was Hayden Panettiere for the younger sister lesbian encounter fantasy, and now here’s Anne for the older sister fantasy. Both are virgins. Perfect.

  18. doodie

    whatever she’s doing, she is obviously whoring herself out and should be ashamed of herself. i will never watch the princess diaries again….without my cock in my hand that is

  19. Paris Hilton

    1) Why is she with David Brenner?

    2) Yeah, she’s giving him head. She moved her hair out of the way in Pic 3.

    3) If anyone would know, it’s me.

  20. wedgeone

    #54 – the easiest way for her to get more attention from her boyfriend would be to get a bit more sun (chalk … still LMAO over that one) and a set of implants that aren’t clownishly large.

    Speaking of clownishly large implants, we haven’t seen much of Pam Anderson on this site lately. Has she gone underground or something?

  21. big

    i would tit fuck her in a heart beat

  22. I go to lunch and come back and she’s STILL being inappropriate!!!
    I wonder if she glows in the dark?

  23. Meh…

    She looks a lot better in front of the directors camera…

  24. Hey FRIST are you done packing?

  25. @76 How? She has to have them to fuck

  26. Pic Hunter

    There are lots more pictures in this series, many from further out. There are lots of people around them, not just that one dude whose legs are in the top row of pictures. If she’s blowing him, she’s a wild exhibitionist, that’s for sure! But I always assumed she’s a fishmonger at heart…

  27. jamie

    wow, she is really not at all attractive, even when she’s fellating a dude.

  28. Bite Me!

    I bet FRIST is this fair-skinned. Let’s reenact this pictures and find out! I promise I’ll warn you ahead of time when…

  29. rick james, bitch

    Eh nice little body but she needs to go out in the sun more. Too damn white.

  30. wedgeone

    How would you know, exactly, if he came on her face?

  31. @83 Nice one troll. I know you are fair-skinned and would love to have the Anne Hathaway position.

  32. @85………Damn I hate it when a guy does that, I like to swallow every drop.

  33. Victor

    @86 Bite Me – you mean the one where she’s about to jump off the boat and escape?

  34. Sam

    The guy looks like a thin Jon Lovitz

  35. Chauncey Gardner

    All actresses are dumber than we give them credit for, but this one would have to be extra-dumb to give a blowjob out in the open when she must certainly know that the paps are everywhere, shooting everything. Still, I hope this kind of shit hurts her career, because she’s still a whore. That’s what you call young chicks who cavort with rich old men on yachts – whores.

  36. LayDeeBug

    47 OK done

  37. I kinda felt sorry for the horse

    I feel bad for the guy next to them. He’s on the yacht, so he must be some type of friend, and he has to lie there and pretend to be asleep while Joker mouth conjures up a ropey semen shake. He’s praying that his hardon won’t make his butt stick up too far as a giveaway (…I wonder what Texas Tranny will do with that line…). Poor guy. All he did was sign up for a 3-hour tour…a 3-hour tour…

  38. Valkyrie

    Chauncey I love the way you post. Testify! Tell is like it is!

  39. @88 Victor AKA troll, if it would mean that you were eaten by sharks and died a horrible slow death, then yes that would be the one

  40. B.

    Have you people never heard of skin cancer? I say bravo to Anne Hathaway for not ruining her lovely skin. I suppose she could opt for that spray-on Mystic Tan stuff, but then you’d all crack on her for being too orange. She obviously can’t win.

    And she’s so not giving him a blowjob. Please.

  41. George

    Slurp, SLURP, SLURP!!!

  42. @96 There is a big differnce between skin cancer and being one shade above dead. I am not sure what closet you live in, but you can get a little color to your skin with out getting skin cancer.

    And she may not be giving him a blow job, but she is doing something to Mr Happy. Take a look at the guys face. It is not the look of a guy talking to his stock broker

  43. TS

    Goodman, 3 time “winner” of the biggest unoriginal dork of the day. The saddest part is that it probably really did make your day. Like you actually live for being first. I guarantee you dream about it at night. I said it before and I’ll say it again…


    You claiming to be the 3 time “winner” speaks volumes. YOu take it way beyond just the DORK level. What a KOOK.

  44. Was that dude really the first guy to post three different times in one day?

    Does he just sit at his computer all day refreshing this page?

    That is one Hell of an existence … if you’ve had a lobotomy.

  45. @100 His real name is Navin R. Johnson and you should have seen him when the new phone books came out

  46. Hey Bern, what is wrong with the west coast? I kind of like it here

  47. doodie

    i would trade all of my witty commentary if i could be a triple first poster for just one day. bravo goodman, you’ve done well.

  48. TS

    #103…you’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

  49. TS That is Navin’s brother

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