Anne Hathaway is totally inappropriate

August 15th, 2007 // 196 Comments

  1. If this guy is getting a hummer, why is he on the phone? Is she that bad that he is bored. Actually Anne Hathaway is not the first person that comes to mind when I want a blow job.

  2. melrose

    how the hell old is he?

  3. Bill Clinton

    wow what a lucky bastard ! oral from Anne Hathaway and he has pictures to prove it ! HIGH FIVE !

  4. Robert

    I like the bottom left picture, she’s looking at the cameraman and thinking, “Oh crap did they take a picture of me giving a BJ ?”

  5. pointandlaugh


  6. Chirst on a Crotch

    OK, now that is just tacky. Otherwise,

    party on dude!

  7. SHallow Val

    SHe certainly has the mouth for it. That chick could probably fit 6 sliders and a corndog in that cakehole of hers.

    If that’s what she’s doing, she is probably trying to hard to please him. He’s probably on the phone with the photographer telling him, “yeah, yeah, ok, GO!”

    Unless he’s on with his wife.

  8. Look at pic #4, she’s sucking his nipple. God I love when women do that to me, makes me feel so girlie.

  9. Camp

    Jesus Christ, she is so fucking white that her birthstone has to be chalk.

  10. @13….all I need is your email address. :-)

  11. Italian Stallion

    Is she the new spokes-model for Hummer?

  12. P911GT10C

    if she is indeed sucking this guy’s cock in public, I have a newfound respect for her.

  13. veggi

    In pic #4, he’s got a chubby….. and his fucking “porno hip” pose gives away the fact that he’s a complete assmuncher.

  14. adeliza

    You guys think that guy is old? Geeeezzzzzzzz

  15. meow

    So, unless he is hung like a moose, there is absolutely no way he is qactually getting a hummer. And although he doesn’t look “small” in the nipple kissing pic, she still couldn’t reach unless she was just licking it like the *pickle girl* clip they keep showing on ‘The Soup’.

  16. @19……’s a cute little hard-on.

  17. Goodman

    It’s official Disney will not let there be a Princess Diaries 3

  18. Natty

    Damn, I used to like her. I didn’t know she was just another tramp. Next thing I know, you’ll have pictures of Britney Spears vajayjay on here.

    Oh wait….

  19. Border Patrol

    Does she swallow?
    Looks like shes washing it down with some mexican soda…
    I guess you would have to hit the face because there is no ass to work with at all.
    Her and Pee Wee Herman have the same hips.
    Who is this plain Jane anyway?

  20. my comment

    picture #5 just turned me off sex for the rest of my life!

  21. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Wow. She looks like a hottie in picture #7. I love my women when they look mentally retarded.

  22. bubba lubdubski

    this site pretty much sums this “blow” up in a nice little nutshell..

  23. Italian Stallion

    Picture #4 looks like Joe Francis and this casper bitch is definately gone wild……..

  24. my comment

    Her skills can’t be all that if he’s yakking on the phone while she’s playing his flute.


  25. iburl

    Who is he calling, the paparazzi? “Hey Guys! On th boat! I’m gettin’ blown! Yeah!”

  26. PrettyBaby

    Come on, she’s sucking him… heehee! I mean unless she is just laying on his lap…with her mouth going up and down on his cock…. or something.

  27. fabulous

    Unless his dick is in his chest, there is no Lewinsky action going on in these pics. She’s probably trying to hide from the pesky cameras. Leave her alone, she’s fabulous. Must be a slow news day for The Superficial because they’re creating a false story with, even worse, pictures to show how ridiculous these claims are. I’m going back to Perez Hilton.

  28. my comment

    Who is she?

  29. fuck

    fabulous? not so much.

    Yeah, she’s blowin him. She’s holding her hair back…… a sure sign. And I know this, well, becuase I give a nice blow job.

  30. joe

    I bet these pics wont be up for long…

    PS I still think she is way hot.

  31. LayDeeBug

    #16, Texas, how do I do that without invoking a bunch of retards??? Oh, I’ll give you my other email, the junk email! (not that you are junk an anyway, batting eyelashes)

  32. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    33, did you come here for legitimate news? jesus h you’re a moron.

    anyway, i looked this dude up. In People, it says he’s 27. that has to be a typo cause he is in no way a day younger than 40.

  33. Victor

    #33 you do that, go back to Perez Hilton. I find it funny you are being a twat about the story. Who gives a fuck what Superficial is saying. Give it up, and quit being a douche rod.

  34. doodie

    where’s the shot of him punching her on the back of the head and the part when the rest of his greek or whatever they are friends come into the scene to gangbang her?

  35. You have mail…………….

  36. Silo333

    I want to know who the chick is lying next them watching. If Anne Hathaway was working my knob with another chick watching, I’d have to concentrate like hell not to blow my load inside 30 seconds!

  37. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    victor, wow, i’ve never heard you say something that didn’t mention drinking douche water.

  38. Goodman

    33 ……..shut the fuck up

  39. LayDeeBug… didn’t go thru, address is closed.

  40. Victor

    #43….drink my cum you stupid douche rod. I am the real Victor so change your sorry as name already you sorry pathetic ass hair.

  41. LayDeeBug……………….email me.

  42. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    how about i don’t since i’ve been using in for a few weeks.

    and what’s a “sorry as name”?

  43. girl

    Dear Anne,

    I think you are lovely. But, I don’t think this guy likes you as much as you obviously adore him. His body language is all off and funky-like. If someone as lovely as you is cuddling up to him, and your face is lighting up when he chunks you the affection-crumb of touching your face, he should buy a damned clue and do that stuff a whole lot more. But, he doesn’t appear to be in the market for clues. Or a waxer or nose job, for that matter.

    I hope he’s not the db he appears to be on camera, for your sake.

    Stay pretty and happy,


  44. someone

    in picture 6 it looks like she peed herself, that’s hot 8)

  45. someone

    i mean picture 9

  46. Paris Hilton

    WHAT A BITCH!!! how dare she outdoing me like that.
    i’ll know tommorow i’ll suck off 2 great danes on the beach that will show her!!!

  47. gotmilk?

    52 disgusting visual yet hilarious.

  48. whatever

    #49 – have to agree with you. Whenever I see pics of them, he looks like he’s just along for the ride. And she looks like a puppy in love. Picture 5 looks like she’s forcing him to put his arm around her.

    This girl needs a more attentive boyfriend. She’s freakin Anne Hathaway. She could have a line of men competing for her.

    Oh yeah…FIRST!!!

  49. veggi

    Is that her dad?

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