Anne Hathaway in British GQ

February 5th, 2010 // 153 Comments

Because her chest makes me want to launch a war in Ancient Greece, here’s Anne Hathaway in the latest issue of British GQ. If this spread is to help the world forget she dated an Italian con-man who pretended to be the Pope, they’re working.

Or at least were until I typed that last sentence. Shit, now I feel bad she has no choice but to do Playboy.

*crosses fingers*

Photos: GQ

  1. Emma

    Damn, she is gorgeous.

  2. dude

    She is hot. But she is stupid enuff to marry Simon Monjack.

  3. josh

    This is so useless, she reveals nothing.

  4. BOFF

    A stunningly beautiful woman…

  5. mm

    mmm she is wonderous. her boobs are the only reason for a straight man to watch brokeback mountain

  6. Cristina

    Man face

  7. Richard McBeef

    pic 6 is the best because her face is totally covered.

  8. hank

    Man face? Are you serious? Lay off the crazy pills lady. This woman is a 10 easy. Also, her boobs are the most fantastic.

  9. Hennifer Lopez

    umm boobs?? WHAT BOOBS?! She looks like a 12 year old boy

  10. Ego

    This makes me happy in my pants, but she does need bigger boobs. You can never go wrong with bigger boobs.

  11. Licorice

    Something funny about the cover photo. Her head’s enormous in it. Like Rocky Dennis big.

  12. Rough's word apps the Pllrice is FLREEEEE

    I wonder if she cleared up the rumor of liking it in the backdoor….Anne is lovely, she should let her dark mane grow, I mean down there. There’s nothing like a dark bush.

  13. Stimpy

    What a terrible fucking actress and an ugly bitch.


  14. Bruce

    She is absolutely beautiful. Not a fake bimbo like almost all of the other Hollywood stars. Plus, she’s really smart… actually went to college and is very active in politics.

  15. Nonsense

    Sorry, she’s a pretty girl, but she looks bored and about to fall asleep in these photos.

  16. No GayTards

    That is one sexy bitch!

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Same shit, different jew.

  18. Ste

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating cheese balls.

    She really is beautiful.

  19. Oh Yeah!

    I like Anne Hathaway.

    Except for the caring about gays and her gay brother shit. That’s fucked.

  20. Cristina

    @15 I agree she’s bright, but anyone can get into college and politics is full of morons, so I wouldn’t use that to support your claim

  21. chopper

    HOT !

  22. Freebie

    She’s absolutely beautiful. No fake boobies, plastic surgery, boxtox, liposuction, fat injections, shaved chins, ass augmentation and whatever else young (and old) Hollywood celebs do to themselves. What a woman.

  23. Madogma

    Hope her idiot a** stays in England!

  24. Freebie

    No. 2 – She’s not married to Simon Monjak. Britteney Murphy was.

  25. im pretty sure that she is the most beautiful celeb around.

    …yeah, im sure. hotness!!

  26. She’s GORGEOUS and CLASSY. =)

  27. SATAN

    what the fuck, since when did she become such a prude?

    she did that movie Havoc several years ago and is topless in at least 1 scene for about 30 seconds. now that she’s older, she somehow decides to show nothing but cleavage and rib cage? did she have a C-section or something that she’s tryin to hide?

    anne hathaway is wasted “talent”.

    • Emily

      Its called being conservative.
      I heard that its encouraged these days.

      Unless of course you want a beautiful women influencing young children to walk around naked and showing their boobs.

  28. HotsyTotsy

    and the fact that she loves anal makes this fantasy much, much sweeter.

    “every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing.”

  29. See Alice

    Goodlooking Head Case !

  30. Aerialgreen

    I’m that myself (and most straight and lesbian posters here) wouldn’t pull out from her to stick it inside of any of the women posters hating on her.

    Hathaway is sure “would fuck” if given the unlikely chance of doing so.

  31. sam

    Not attractive, not a very good actress and completely out of touch with the real world/self centered. Why do people like her?

  32. vapor

    #29 Your quote is an internet myth and she never really said that, but we can all fantasize can’t we?

    She is hot, but nobody’s mentioned that jewish nose?





  35. Mr Pickles

    One of the most beautiful women in the world, imo. She’s my dream girl.

  36. so pretty

    She’s a younger prettier Liv Tyler. 10/10

  37. I’m a woman and I approve.

  38. good choice

    GQ’s finally getting it right. Anne Hathaway>>Miranda Kerr

  39. Just like Gwyneth Paltrow, they can repackage her all they want…we’re never gonna buy she is sexy. Sexy comes with birth. Can’t attain it if you ain’t got it.

  40. Mr. Photoshop Man

    My work here is done!

  41. WTF

    what’s up with all the people hating on her? she’s friggin beautiful! those who are saying she’s ugly… yea, jealous much? get over yourselves…

  42. Eric

    Well, Anne Hathaway is damn good looking, but is it me, or does she look extremely anorexic in this cover? That just turns me off.

  43. sdfsdfds

    This is evidence of what a PR campaign can do for celebs now all of a sudden she is “sexy,” lol.

  44. Alfred

    What’s up with all that white stuff on the page?

  45. She has a certain sex appeal to her .. ya think?

  46. Oh yes #41, we all know how sexy YOU are and how you should be the judge of who and what is sexy. LOL. BAHAHAHAHA

  47. Blech

    Ew. Leave the outdated, trashy, silicone-infested Malibu look away from Hathaway, thanks. Why would she want to look like an orange plastic doll with balloons on her chest? She is gorgeous and any girl who comes on here and describes her face as mannish is probably covered in pimples from head to toe.

    Actually, I have similarly-sized boobs (B-cup that, depending on the time of month, looks like a C-cup) and I receive attention everywhere I go with them. So rock on, Hathaway. Rock on.

  48. nh

    Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted…


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