Anne Hathaway grilled about Raffaello Follieri on Letterman

October 1st, 2008 // 59 Comments

Anne Hathway stopped by Letterman last night to promote her new film Rachel Getting Married, and the conversation quickly moved to her relationship with convicted con-man Raffaello Follieri. Unlike Paris Hilton, Anne didn’t pout like a spoiled brat, and took the grilling pretty well. Even when she looked to Paul Shaffer for support who asked if Raffaello ever walked up to her dressed like the Pope. C’mon, Paul, everyone knows the answer to that: Only when he needed her social security number.

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  1. NYC Bells


  2. Dave

    She paid my rent FIRST

  3. NYC Bells

    Sike bitches!!!!

  4. Jas

    I’d still love to Superman Ann Hathaway

  5. sixpack

    Leak the nude photos already; I’m dying to see!

  6. Harry

    This girl has some of the best legs I’ve ever seen.Check out her Entertainment Weekly cover. Or see “Get Smart”. Fantastic body.

  7. Dirk the Magnanomous

    Letterman is quickly becoming a major leage asshole. The sooner he is gone from TV, the better!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ted Mosby

    I’d grill her anytime.

  9. KG

    I’ve worked with her. She is INCREDIBLY needy and insecure, and basically impossible. Hot body? YES. Interesting face, too, which is to say it’s not classically beautiful, but it’s arresting.

    But as a person, she’s a sack of sh-t. I was hoping her ex boyfriend would take her down with him.

  10. Her skin texture enable her to be pink squared…

  11. Dr. John Thomas

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Take away the C Cups and you have nothing. If she hadn’t landed a good agent, she’d be hawking clothes at a Wet Seal store near you. No offense to Wet Seal employees. Some of you are pretty hot.

  12. havoc

    Letterman is a fucktard.


  13. venomhed

    Typical ugly jew. Actually, that is a redundant statement, all jews are FUGLY!

    Oy vey!

  14. mio

    She’s very fuckable. Very nice cans. Long legs. And, I surmise, a lot kinkier than you might expect from her fresh-scrubbed.

  15. LawnGnome

    He’s not doing anything he hasn’t done for years. He just might be a tiny bit crankier as he gets older. Nothing new here.

  16. That doesn’t make any sense. Please go drink more coffee.

  17. ugh…god what a weird looking woman.

    She might be a good fuck if she will do blumpkins and let you get slap-happy.

  18. ali

    wow 15. just wow.

    i think she’s gorgeous, and as for KG’s comment: in her defense, i’d have to say that she’s still relatively young, many young people are insecure and needy.

  19. ali

    @ 15.

    i’d also like to point out she’s NOT JEWISH.

    even if she were, you’re still a douche.

  20. Hey HIllbilly forget the topic and let your rough obsession shine on this thread before superfish post another…

  21. nope, not a jew

    From Wikipedia:

    Hathaway was born in Wacousta, Michigan, and moved to Millburn, New Jersey, when she was six years old. She is the daughter of Gerald Hathaway, a lawyer, and Kate McCauley, an actress who inspired Hathaway to follow in her footsteps.[8] She was named after the wife of playwright William Shakespeare. She has an older brother, Michael, and a younger brother, Thomas. Hathaway has mainly Irish and French ancestry, with more distant German and Native American roots.[9]

    Hathaway was raised a Catholic with what she considered “really strong values,” and has stated she wanted to be a nun during her childhood.

  22. Sheva

    A very toxic pale floozy who calls the FBI in after living it up with the guy who was milking it for millions. Or was it the Joker who was milking it?

  23. I can’t think of a comment to post. I don’t care.

  24. @23…You should change your name to “Too Much Time on My Hands”!

  25. Karisa

    hey, how about giving the girl some credit for how well she did as opposed to debating the finer points of her fuckability? Well handled Anne, you are a classy broad that I now have more respect for

  26. @27….Have you told her that? I’m sure it would be a load off.

  27. Farthammer

    She’s a double bagger.

  28. vjmw

    nice. she spits out words like neo-chekovian, but thinks eating cheese and wearing leather is “nearly vegan.” fucking twat.

  29. She deserves credit for keeping her cool, at least:

  30. Hey #18? are you referring to my post #12? I can go over it with you word by word…

  31. Joe C

    I’d certainly throw it in her. Plus, you’ve got to love a girl who sues the term “brain fart”.

  32. Warren Piece

    Ummm…. OK crack smokers… the woman’s hot. Deep brown eyes, huge smile, bubbly, quirky, great bod, great hair. I mean seriously WTF? WHAT more could you possibly want? Add that she confesses to enjoying anal (though it’s not my thing), it proves she’s an accomplished (or at least open-minded) bedroom partner. Seriously… give your head(s) a shake.

  33. OJ's mom

    Looking forward to seeing her on SNL this weekend. She has classic beauty, and she is actually quite funny. I’d love to see them take her completely out of character like they did with Natalie Portman in her Rap Video.

  34. John McCain

    I just blew my dusty load all over Cindy’s fun bags. She could suck the chrome off a tow hitch, that woman!

  35. HuckyDucky


    I had never heard that before about her bedroom activities. So. loving this chick, I googled it.

    And my head exploded. I have now transcended all reality and exist only in a spirit realm of pure bliss.

    Thank you, #34.

  36. justin

    She gave an interview in Esquire magazine where she said that she loved anal and that it made her feel feminine in a ‘very special way’.

    I can’t believe that you guys would be so harsh about a beautiful girl who likes buttsechs. What’s this world coming to?

  37. Douchie, I was talking to (new?)Fish. No need to explain any of your comments, they are all thinly veiled allusions to your fondness for fellating strangers.

  38. The guy behind her in 3rd pic, radio around his neck: What’s going on with his pants?

  39. There you go Hillybilly!!!!The toilet Sleuth….

  40. @41, you’re just an attention whore. why don’t you go run around in the middle of the street with scissors. because nobody here cares about you and your lame-ass comments. TA-DOW!

  41. Apparently you do ankle graber, here you are spending time to respond….

  42. Shut the fuck up, ankle biter

  43. hahah fool,,, you know minimeme? jayger sound more feminine…

  44. HuckyDucky

    Rough Daddy, your English is excruciating. Go look that up.

  45. Your pathetic contributions to this site are shameless attempts at gaining attention to boost your deplorable self-esteem so I suggest you quit while you are behind because every time you open your mouth not only does it make you sound even more gay, but you also paint yourself as an uneducated preadolescent fucktard and I have no doubt that even that is a step above what you really are.

  46. UK_Matt

    She’s pretty, but why is she wearing a bathrobe ?

    Surely some slinky little thing with some tittys on display would work better.

  47. hahaha Very well put miniememe or is it JAYGER?

  48. IWannaSeeHerSquirt

    Let’s not get carried away with this Hathaway chick, #26 / #28 is a squirter! Hello darlin’…

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