Anne Hathaway didn’t rat out Raffaello Follieri

Anne Hathaway was believed to be an informant for the Feds which led to the arrest of her con man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. But TMZ reports it was actually Raffaello’s assistant who sang like a canary:

As a federal affidavit demonstrated, a Follieri assistant told investigators about a safe where Raffa kept documents. The feds then seized the safe in his $37,000-per-month apartment.

I dunno what this says about Anne Hathway’s character, but at least we know she’d make an awesome Mafia girlfriend. On top of that, she’ll pay your rent and let you take pictures of her naked. So, on that note, Anne, I’m part Italian. Now, let’s make-a the pizza pie-a with-a the spaghetti rent’s due the first of the month. Also, have you seen my camera?