Anne Hathaway didn’t rat out Raffaello Follieri

September 19th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Anne Hathaway was believed to be an informant for the Feds which led to the arrest of her con man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. But TMZ reports it was actually Raffaello’s assistant who sang like a canary:

As a federal affidavit demonstrated, a Follieri assistant told investigators about a safe where Raffa kept documents. The feds then seized the safe in his $37,000-per-month apartment.

I dunno what this says about Anne Hathway’s character, but at least we know she’d make an awesome Mafia girlfriend. On top of that, she’ll pay your rent and let you take pictures of her naked. So, on that note, Anne, I’m part Italian. Now, let’s make-a the pizza pie-a with-a the spaghetti rent’s due the first of the month. Also, have you seen my camera?


  1. HankTheDwarf


  2. Slut

    I don’t know about this one…she has always had me thinking she was a lipstick on the teeth kind of girl

  3. HankTheDwarf

    I want to lick her armpits clean.

  4. minerva

    She’s trying to eat the photographer’s soul in that picture, right?

  5. veggi

    I bet she has a bright red anus too.

  6. LoL

    you have red anus! stupid!!!

  7. a reader

    And the assistant is still alive after singing like a canary? Italian mafia? hmm…
    if the narcotraficantes were inlvolved in this we’d hear about a decomposing corpse “planted” in the middle of nowhere

  8. veggi

    #6 – welcome to our country!

  9. WHO CARES??????? What’s Tara Reid doing??

  10. LoL

    i think you are gay, i got it!

  11. veggi

    Well I see my troll has returned with its retarded asshatness..

  12. veggi

    lets see if we can beat him to it:

    rough daddy:

    i taught she wuz a ho from da git go i so due her alnight uh huh..

  13. mamadough

    #7, i was thinking the same thing. i bet anne let out a sigh of relief now that it’s pinned on someone else. no horseheads in bed or a slug to the back of the head. makes your day sunshinier.

  14. If it wasnt for this bruhaha sheb be a cocktail waitress again…

  15. LoL

    # 12
    now i like you!
    do you want to have date?

  16. rough daddy will take any opportunity to use the word “cock” and “tail”

    word is he’s the original goatse dude

  17. Veggi? was that an impression of your worst nightmare?

  18. now where is jimbo to make the circle of dweeb complete?

  19. veggi

    15- yeah, my troll is gross. I thought maybe it had finally chugged bleach..

    FRIST!!! Where are you??

    17- You’re a moron. That makes no sense. Again..

  20. @9, Tara’s in France getting her stomach pumped, apparently she suffered alcohol+semen poisoning.

  21. Sure anything that stings, usually makes no “sense”…

  22. LoL

    i like gross staff, like your red anus!

  23. Bigheadmike

    Opps, I missed the bowl…..

  24. I’m HERE!!!!!

    Veggi, nevermind there is probably a new post by now.

    Uh huh, rough daddy, you sting like a bee..

  25. Did get those panties changed?

  26. Possibly The Greatest Comment Ever

    “veggi i like gross staff, like your red anus!”

  27. a reader

    #8 this is an online site, on the internet, ciberspace,world wide web, no country no borders, ok?

    that said, thanks for the welcome to whatever country you are from.

  28. LoL

    where are you? i need your answer!!!

  29. "a retarded reader" is more like it

    #27 – this site is run by Anticlown Media…

    *click*…”Anticlown Media is an independent media publisher located in Southern California.”

    wow, that was hard to find out. and yeah, this site is as American as apple pie and anorexia.

  30. LoL

    poor veggi, my veggi, where are you?

  31. SaucyTango

    Forget her being an alleged FBI informant, what I want to know is what’s the deal with all the rumors circling around the other gossip sites that she’s a lesbo. Can anyone confirm?

  32. @24, and he floats like a butterfly

  33. Name

    i would like to kiss her where her bathing suit goes.

  34. Randal

    Always beautiful. I still haven’t decided if it’s that great warm and friendly smile or your light brown eyes. Perhaps the two together just make it all the better.


  35. She’s one of the prettiest caucasian looking women in the game. Not gay, but just saying.

  36. Dr. John Thomas

    Take away the C cups and you have nothing

  37. I guess I better be glad I have C cups with a 115 pound body then. Sike…who cares, but some men and superficial women anyway?

  38. friendlyfires

    Somewhere, on our tax time and tax dollars, in some government hideaway, some government official is spanking his monkey rather furiously to this jelly-lipped clown-mommy’s nudity.

    I think I’m getting my money’s worth, don’t you?

  39. HorribleJudgment

    One of two things have to have been true about Hathaway for her to have been in the dark about that guy for so long– she was really dumb, or just believing what she wanted to believe. I prefer the second one.

  40. WhoCares!!

    God I cant stand this fake annoying bitch..

  41. Because she was losing it, folks!!

  42. Barack Obama

    Ah wood pump galluns a jizz up in dat ho, fo SHO!

  43. I don’t know why directors put her in movies she is soo ugly, she is like the moviestar Ugly Betty…

  44. Proofinthepudding

    The assistant did not rat out Follieri. Employees were subpoenaed and you tell the truth when you get subpoenaed by the US Attorney or you can go to jail – REMEMBER MARTHA STEWART. It’s doubtful that an assistant cared enough to speak up. Using “rat him out” is a bulls-it expression, whoever put it out there did the right thing. It’s amazing how much ignorance exists in these comments about the legal process. Read and learn something. He crossed alot of people and thank GOD someone spoke up, because the idiot priest Hodge did nothing until after the fact. Word to the wise, avoid religion and anyone overly religious. Ain’t that the truth. If you’re a good person, you don’t need God so much or whoever to try and save your soul.

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