Anne Hathaway and her money shall soon be parted

Anne Hathaway is apparently footing the bill for another boyfriend already. This time it’s Adam Shulman, star of the direct-to-video sequel for The Dukes of Hazard, who surprisingly didn’t make an easy billion off that one. Star reports:

“Adam is not a swindler like Raffaello, but the truth is the truth: Adam is far from Mr. Moneybags, so Anne has to buy everything,” an insider tells Star. “She leads an extravagant lifestyle — she has to fly all over the globe and show up at black-tie events. The only way for Adam to fit into her life is if she foots the bill.”
Still, adds the source, “He feels bad that Anne has to pay, so he does little things for her, like buy her books, give her love notes and cook her meals — little things to make her feel special.”

Wow, that guy’s making out like a bandit. Anne Hathaway, if you’re reading this, I’d do way more than write lame notes with Coldplay lyrics in them. I’d also have sex with you. Didn’t really want to lay all my cards on the table, but I need a new Xbox. Pick you up at seven?

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