Anne Hathaway

20040817_anne.jpgThese photos are a few months old, but they seemed fitting considering Princess Diaries 2 just debuted. As much as I’m for the “no bra” look, I’m definitely not down with the clownwhore makeup look. Celebrities have got to start learning that putting on tons of makeup isn’t always a good thing. Sure it hides those ugly blemishes, but looking like a clown prostitute isn’t really that much better.

Anne Hathaway 1
Anne Hathaway 2
Anne Hathaway 3
Anne Hathaway 4
Anne Hathaway 5

(thanks Brett)

*UPDATE: A reader writes in that Anne Hathaway was on The Graham Norton Effect last week and revealed she would be shedding her good girl image by appearing topless in her newest film Havoc. Rock on.