Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is Fancy and Other News

September 8th, 2011 // 32 Comments

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- Dave Grohl still wants Ryan Murphy to go fuck himself. [Huffington Post]

- Anderson Cooper is a never-nude. [Dlisted]

- Scarlett Johansson is singing for Moet now. Of course. [Lainey Gossip]

- Olivia Munn is wearing out her welcome with dresses like this. [Hollywood Tuna]

- But 1998’s Miss Great Britain Leilani Dowding is welcome here anytime. [DrunkenStepfaher: NSFW]

- Candice Swanepoel is dressed as a slutty cowgirl, slutty devil, slutty angel, slutty postal worker… [Popoholic]

- And here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the rest of the Victoria’s Secret AngelsElle photo shoot. [Popsugar]

- Matthew Perry can somehow still afford this. Blowjobs, it’s high-priced blowjobs, right? [TooFab]

- Rosie Jones was born to appear naked above each of the 12 months. [IDLYITW]

- Antonio Sabato Jr. is sort of like a fluffer so audiences will be primed for Magic Mike. [Just Jared]

- Sofia Vergara strips down for Vanity Fair. [The Fab Life]

- Nick Nolte is doing all of the stuff you just assumed he was doing based on his general physical appearance. [FilmDrunk]

- Alexandra Stan is a singer in some band, which I guess is why FHM got her to take her top off. [Heavy]

- Alec Baldwin‘s Schweddy Balls could be in your mouth soon. (C’mon, I had to.) [BuzzFeed]

- 15 Things To Do If Your Fantasy Football Team Stinks: Have sex with vaginas should be the only thing on this list. [Bleacher Report]

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  1. Cock Dr

    More women need to wear hats.
    Love that one.
    OK, now go ahead and release the daily snark attacks on poor Ms Hathaway.

    • it had to be said

      See, I came here to say that nobody looks good in a hat like that. I stand by that. This might be one of those times when “pretty” to women and “pretty” to men are completely unrelated.

      Short answer: I fucking hate the hat, although those gloves could be fun.

      • I think they can be cool on a woman. I think this is actually a nice look. I see this and I think of horse racing. The Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs..etc

        It would be totally inappropriate for going to see a movie…like say….The Dark Knight Rises. But I would be willing to overlook it if she shows me her balloon knot.

    • Really

      I think she looks great. Very “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

      • TomFrank

        Well, if she’s going to channel Audrey Hepburn now, she’d better watch her back. Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks that’s HER thing, and lately she looks like she’d cut a bitch for taking her Halloween candy.

  2. Laredo

    Shouldn’t Catwoman have some muscles to beat bad guys? What does this one have? Fat deposits?

    • Any Guy

      yeah – ‘fat deposits’. please leave your cock at the door, you have no use for it apparently. this woman is beautiful. i care not for nerd opinions about how ‘cat woman’ should have ‘muscles’. first batman – michael keaton. ’nuff said.

    • Frank Burns

      +1 yah she doesn’t look like she could do anything remotely athletic, and I read somewhere they were giving her a backstory as a stripper too – yah, right . . though I can understand that as a stripper she’d have to supplement her income in some fashion.

    • richie

      @laredo – news flash: cat woman is pretend. ohwattadooshuar!

  3. Help

    she is Anne Hathaway and she is very beautiful, but still having trouble seeing her as Catwoman or anything remotely intimidating.

  4. People either love her or hate her. Apparently most Superficial readers hate her, but they also live in the crawlspace under Mom’s basement playing video games all day and whacking off to Playstation catalogs.

    I think she looks great.

  5. Clarence Beeks

    I think she is a terrible choice for Catwoman, but she looks amazing here.

  6. Cher X

    I really have no opinion on Anne either way but she really looks good here. Just giving props is all.

  7. Venom

    Great actress. Beautiful and classy woman.
    I have no idea why she would play the part of Catwoman.

  8. I love it when women look like women. No meat dresses, ass implants or duct tape on boobs, just women looking pretty, demure and sophisticated yayyy :) I’ll take this look any day of the week compared to the shit Rihanna or LG wears.

    • Say What?

      I just love it when a woman comments on a woman and what they consider pretty. It’s always the ugliest women that you try and act as if they’re better than others. It’s never the women that your boyfriends or husbands fantasize about that you consider hot. Wonder why? This unacttractive milky white non-toned woman isn’t shit. She isn’t even worthy of being Catwoman. In fact she is the worst looking woman to ever play her. I would take Rihanna as Catwoman before this garbage anyday. Oh and dumbass she is dressed like this for a scene in a movie. She has showed her saggy tits in movies, on the red carpet and her terrible milky white skin in bikinis, gross.

      • I just like the way she is dressed here, movie role or not. Anne may not be my cup of tea beauty wise, but she looks pretty here and I commented so, apparently you can’t process that w/o having a fit.

        You must then think Sofia Vergara and Bar Rafaeli are ugly, bc I always comment on how beautiful I find them as well.

  9. Donald Trump

    This woman is a dog. Nothing attractive about her whatsoever. Milk toast.

  10. juaquin ingles

    If they had a character called Horsewoman she’d be perfect.

  11. wow in the side shot of munn it almost looks like she has an ass!

  12. Scott

    I would totally eat her pussy. I bet it tastes like peaches.

  13. See Alice

    So Ordinary Looking

  14. Tootles

    I hate this clown faced bitch and that Cheshire cat smile of hers. Fucking ugly with that wide ass mouth of hers. Can’t believe she has the nerve to wear red lipstick.

  15. Anne Hathaway Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Selina Kyle
    Commented on this photo:

    I wish Anne Hathaway would stop daydreaming about my big cock again and focus on her acting!

  16. forrest gump


  17. dontlooknow

    Can’t wait to get some of those Schweddy Balls! Thanks Ben & Jerry!

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