Amanda Seyfried Threw Anne Hathaway’s Vagina Under The Bus

Presumably because she’s drunk 24/7, TMZ got Amanda Seyfried to talk about Anne Hathaway’s vagina where she literally said she’s a “fan of underwear.” Which seems like some cold-hearted shade to throw at a co-star’s vulnerable ham wallet, but apparently there are some very real fears that Anne Hathaway might get snubbed at the Oscars because of this, so it’s Side-Eyes time to shine. Via Hollywood Life:

“Anne is really hoping for an Oscar for Les Misérables, and she’s worried that this misstep will hurt her credibility as an actress.”
The source points out one reason Anne is so distraught over her commando catastrophe is because she is afraid it has cast a shadow over a project that is very special to her.

Unfortunately, Anne Hathaway’s right to be afraid because I have the academy’s by-laws on nudity right here:

In accordance with our discussion over the early bird special at Howard Johnson’s where we all agree, they should have had more Sanka, from henceforth the female body shall not be seen naked unless in the context of Kate Winslet getting schnookered during the Holocaust. Is that Mel Gibson hurling a Molotov cocktail at our table? No, seriously, quit typing, we have to get out of-

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News