Anne Hathaway is Catwoman

January 19th, 2011 // 65 Comments

Marking the first time an attractive woman – who can act (Sit down, Katie Holmes.) has appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, Anne Hathaway has been officially cast as Catwoman in The Dark Night Rises. Unfortunately, this also comes with the news that Inception star Tom Hardy is playing Bane which was essentially DC’s attempt at giving Batman his own Doomsday in the mid-90s after killing Superman sold a shitload of comics. I swear to God I’ve had sex. Deadline reports:

Christopher Nolan stated, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story.”
In addition, Tom Hardy has been set to play Bane. Nolan said, “I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.”

For those of you who don’t know, Bane breaks Batman’s back in the comics forcing him to go on disability leave for a while where he battles a new rogues gallery of HMOs and bed sores. Okay, maybe that last part didn’t happen. I’m mostly just tossing out ideas for Christopher Nolan “not” to use even though The Dark Knight proves he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Make Robin a jive-talking robot. Sorry, these things are just popping out of me.

Nipples on the Batsuit. Goddammit.

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  1. Mary Jane


  2. seth rogen's vagina

    so she’s going to be catwoman – does that mean we’ll get to see her pussy?

    • Lance

      You could’ve seen that Love and Other Drugs when she was naked and screwing Jake Gylenhaal onscreen. Everybody knew she was going to be naked in the movie, yet nobody cared enough to see it. Anne doesn’t exude sex appeal or dangerous to me. I think she’s not that good of an actress to be able to capture it. This is such a shit choice by Nolan.

  3. Chris

    Dude, you should see Hardy in Bronson. That isn’t a euphemism for gay sex either.

  4. Racer X


  5. Bane??? jesus christ.

    Bane is an utterly disinteresting, pointless character without the “KnightFall” storyline. And we know that ain’t gonna happen, so WHY? What is Bane but a big strong guy.

    And why the need to shoehorn multiple villains into one movie? Nolan appears to be jumping the shark already…can a series reboot be far behind now?

    Seriously, when you’ve got comics to draw from…decades and decades of complete, functional, and sometimes interesting story lines to pick from, why screw things up this badly? Hell, just do a “KnightFall” Part 1, part 2.

    • I agree, Bane is like Kloe, huge, useless and breaks Blackmans back.
      I am a dork with stacks of comics and I can honestly say I freaking hate 99% of comic movies besides Batman Returns because I heart Michelle Pfiefer and Tim Buton didn’t ruin that one like the others. Besides that people need to stop. FUCKING STOP, Aeon Flux? Ultra Violet? Kill me.

    • Red Mask

      We don’t know if Bane won’t break Batman’s back in this movie. It would be a helluva a way to end it. Then Catwoman would bear Bruce a son who’ll inherit the mantle and bring true peace and justice to Gotham. The Dark Knight Rises.

      BTW: I don’t like Bane either. He’s a one trick pony – like Spider-Man’s Venom. But that doesn’t mean Nolan can’t make him into an interesting character.

  6. Facebook me

    I thought she was against doing sexy roles? She better slim down like Halle did in order to fit into that suit, as Spanx will be noticeable underneath.

    • Anon

      I don’t think Anne Hathaway needs to slim down. Did you even look at the main picture for this post?

      • Facebook me

        Yes I did, along with the visible granny girdle. Can’t get away with that in spandex.

      • Bob

        Riddle me this idiot-stick, see what I did there…, a girdle has to go around the waist to work, how is she hiding it when the back of her dress goes to her ass-crack??

  7. fartsy joe

    hardy should own. dont know about hathaway as catwoman.

  8. Eric

    Celebre-dom is such an interesting phenomenon. Casting agents just grab whoever is hot and leave the unknown actors to flail about in the pit.

    It’s akin to a lifeboat next to a sinking ship. All the people on the ship are screaming, “please let me on!” Lifeboat people say, “no more!” As soon as an evacuee makes it on the boat they join the chorus of, “no more!”

    More new writers and actors please.

  9. I like Anne, but why her? Why not someone like Charlize Theron?

  10. Talk Hard

    We don’t need multiple enemies in superhero movies. Waters down the storyline.

    Anne’s a cutie and I am sure will do the role justice.

  11. Manny

    Biggest FAIL ever… Worst than Maggie Gyllenhaal. At least they had the good sense of blowing her up in The Dark Knight.

  12. theroughone

    Wow best news Ive heard all day. I hope they do the Bain character justice…

  13. GravyLeg

    I can totally see her as Catwoman. Her mouth is big enough to swallow a Guinea pig whole…

  14. Galtacticus

    She’d look quite complicated to me.

  15. She’s got a smile like the Cheshire Cat.

  16. Someone is not reading Secret Six

    Bane has been a fantastic character in Secret Six. Check it out if you’re not already. Gail Simone is amazing.

  17. Cardinal Fang

    Her facial features belong on a larger head.

  18. Oh snap

    Meow ;]

  19. Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    You think she had to wash Nolan’s car?

  20. Justin

    Yerf. Anne Hathaway is a shit choice for Catwoman. She’s a mediocre actress, at best, and she’s only pretty in just the right light at just the right angle.

  21. Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t see this working… Unless the plan is to have her get hit by the Batmobile, and backed over like another 8 times!

  22. whit

    what a travesty. anne hathaway is not fit to play selina kyle or catwoman. her face is more fitting for a replacement for the joker.

  23. K-tron

    Dude- you need to see pictures of Tom Hardy in the movie “Bronson” before yousay he can’t play Bane. He is a scary brick shithouse of crazy.

  24. The Joker Returns

    Anne Hathaway as Catwoman??? Did I misread that… with her face she could be cast as the new Joker, but not Catwoman.

  25. many thoughts little pure


    These are the same stupid ass comments that We heard about Heath Ledger playing the Joker, THE SAME, “bad actor, horrible choice, bla bla bla, Batman fails, epic fail”

    and then, they had to eat their own words,
    besides Anne Hathaway is WAY better than a lot of actresses in Hollywood, I mean yeah some of the movie choices she does are not my cup of tea, like The Devil wear prada, But that doesn’t mean she is bad, Thats like saying Meryl Streep is bad because she was in the movie, thats just stupid

    I for one am super happy about this, I am Thrilled, I cannot wait to see her in black latex, and acting against Christian bale, That is going to be epic, I am very happy today.

  26. nonminti

    I like her. You must too!

  27. Syria

    I’m excited to see Tom Hardy. XD Hopefully he’ll do great…. I like Anne too.

  28. I really like the idea of Anne Hathaway as Catwomen and not just for the chance to see her in black latex. Less excited to hear about the Bane part but I have nothing but faith in Nolan after Dark Knight.

  29. Siouxsie

    I like Anne in general but as Selina Kyle? I don’t feel it.

  30. Sigh

    Clearly it should have been Eva Green. I don’t know if she was even up for the role, but she’d be perfect.

  31. Ed

    Looks like a case of choosing the “hot right now” actress instead of one who looks more the part. But I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Hopefully they use the same costume as Batman Returns!

  32. Master

    So much for Talia and Black Mask. This film is dead to me!

  33. wim

    CATS like to play with their victims. (AMERICANS ARE)

  34. one legged

    she is win
    i got drugs and try for love

  35. Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    So, they are bringing back the Joker…?

  36. Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    Anne Hathaway and her nervous high school girl voice are going to ruin it. :C

  37. Rancid

    Pfeiffer did an excellent job, and she’s an excellent actress (yes, I know this is outside the Nolan films). It was obviously a goofy role but she put thought into it.

    I’m thinking of the scene when you first see her in costume and she does 20 flips up to Batman (which is obviously a stunt double) but when Pfeiffer comes on camera, she is breathing very heavily like she actually just did the stunt. It’s sexy and adds a nice touch of “realism” (as far as a comic book movie can go).

  38. Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    cant wait to see her as catwoman. takes a sweet ass to fill that leather just right

  39. datroof

    She has no hips.

  40. Brooke

    What’s this?? An actress I don’t hate, who has talent, will be in a superhero movie!?!? This is incredible. And not only that, she’s playing my favorite villainess Catwoman! I love Nolan. And I freaking love Bane.

  41. Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    The best Catwoman since Lee Meriwether. If you’ve seen the 60′s Batman movie, you know what I’m talkin’ about!

  42. Brooke

    Sorry don’t see her being able to top Michelle Phieffer’s performance. I agree that Charlize would of been a better fit.

  43. beckers

    I can’t belive that one of the best directors, christopher nolan would ruin the next batman movie which is supposed to be better then the dark knight would fail in this task by adding anne hathaway to the cast):

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