Anne Hathaway Hates James Franco

March 1st, 2011 // 50 Comments

To anyone who watched the Oscars Sunday night, it was painfully obvious James Franco realized ten minutes in he’d made a horrible mistake which left Anne Hathaway to do all the heavy lifting. So it makes sense that by the end of the whole experience they fucking hate each other. Us Magazine reports:

“She had to provide all the energy — he was just phoning it in,” says a second insider. (“James seemed in his own little world,” during the Oscar telecast, says another source. “Producers were pissed.”)
In fact, as reported Monday, after the awards, Franco, 32, skipped his own party at L.A.’s The Writer’s Room.
“He went immediately back to NYC because he was pissed about how the show went,” adds a third source.

Jesus. What did James Franco think he signed up for in the first place? Because I’m pretty sure no one has ever watched the Oscars and gone, “My, God, that just flew by.” It’s universally hated every single time. That said, how hard is it for a trained actor to act interested for the two minutes it takes to announce a presenter? He literally stopped trying to the point where I’ve seen people more excited to get socks for Christmas and one of them was in a coma. The joy was palpable by comparison.

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  1. Tracy

    if i had to be on stage with her for three hours listening to her “wooo” everyone that came on, i’d be so annoyed, poor franco.
    this was the oscars, not a pep rally.

  2. Queen

    Who is James Franco?! YES – I am serious! Who is he?

    • The Critical Crassness

      He’s apparently some guy that the producers of the Oscar telecast paired with Anne Hathaway as co-host. Beyond that your guess is as good as anyone’s.

  3. Gary B

    This was supposed to get a “younger” audience. here is the problem none of the movies nominated are of the kind that a younger audience will see or star anyone they care about. Maybe if they did a lesbian film with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and get it nominated maybe the younger audience will watch. Or they will be still watching the Demi-Selena Sappho-love movie on bluray to care to tune in.

    Only old ladies and gays guys even watch the oscars. A point that made by Chris Rock when he hosted the show.

  4. Gary B

    I liked how Billy Crystal did a tribute to Bob Hope and she showed clips of him hosting the OSCARS. Hey everyone let’s watch and she how the Oscars SHOULD BE HOSTED.

  5. Beebee

    Did anyone take a good look at his droopy eyes? His flat affect? His cavalier attitude? Prrreeeetty sure he was high as hell. Just sayin’

  6. Richard McBeef

    Am I the only one here that would only have sex with Hathaway because I can’t fucking stand that cunt bitch or her face?

    Who’s James Franco?

    Who watches 4 hours worth of autofellation?

  7. Urbanspaceman

    Maybe they should have hired a straight guy to co-host with Anne.

  8. LJ

    Ann Hathaway can show me her tits anytime.

    Just thought I’d put that out there.

  9. T1

    I totally enjoyed his lack of enthusiasm, it mirrored my own. melissa leo should win worst acceptance speech and natalie portman should win least deserved win. as should black swan. fuck aronofsky’s he’s lost it. and IMO it could all boil down to his casting portman. if not also not including an explicit scene of kunis’ tongue on portman’s twat. true grit was most deserving IMO though I didn’t watch all of king’s speech because the amount of fur being worn pissed me off and there was one other i didn’t see can’t remember what but true grit was fun. hooray for using thesuperficial for my anti-oscar rant!

  10. hapa

    this guy does not care. it was funny so everyone should hate each other for things to be funny now? how i love hate

  11. The Critical Crassness

    This post is very small because this story is a very small and it lacks redeeming qualities like topical interest or reason for being! Just like the Oscars, which completely lack relevancy to anyone outside the motion picture industry.

  12. CJ

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating the next Batman since 2008. I am completely dumbfounded as to why Nolan picked such a dull, obnoxious, overrated, and ugly female to play the iconic role of Catwoman. I applaud Nolan on choosing not to do it with 3D though. None of us want her horse-face popping out at us in Imax 3D. *shudder*

    • Jo

      I used to agree, till I figured it out. it’s quite simple really. she’s popular. she got popular for taking off her shirt and exposing those floppy saggy tits she “suddenly” got years back (and implants CAN look real over time). Therefore, she will bring popularity to this badly casted movie… especially if she takes her catwoman suit off.

      “I applaud Nolan on choosing not to do it with 3D though. None of us want her horse-face popping out at us in Imax 3D. *shudder*”

      HAHAHAHAHA. This whole post sounding exactly like something i would write. I actually had to double check to see if I had wirtten this before or not!

  13. Rhialto

    Ya right, who was the one who does barely take showers? James Franco or Robert Pattinson?

    • In Soviet Russia, nobody cares about Oscar

      Justin Bieber.

      • Jo

        first he’s a girl, now he never showers like a man…. lolz the haters love to make no sense at all.

        then again, it makes no sense to hate a nice kid like Justin in a world that worships freaks like Anne, Gaga, Eminem, etc.

  14. Nero

    And that’s quite what it is. Any problems with that?

  15. Gando

    An anger management course wouldn’t harm her.

  16. Rhialto

    In this matter we don’t fool around behind anyone’s back. Our hands are squiky clean.

  17. In Soviet Russia, nobody cares about Oscar

    Wow, I dont give any bleeping shit about who hated who in the end cause to be quiet honest both just fucked up yesterday’s Oscar. It was dull as shit, the winners were so predictable, the performances were awkward, the jokes werent even bleeping funny. Oh boy, they better get someone better for next year’s Oscar or people will laugh at this show again.

  18. Gando

    And that’s what you get when you refuse to communicate.

  19. captain america

    tell me: WHO ISN’T?

  20. Ill Rough you just the way you are

    Why didn’t they get Coco to host the Oscars? I’m starting to forget that guy.

    And what happen to the old winning formula of established comedians hosting, such as David Letterman, Woopie, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Ill even take Robin Williams if all fails. Problem with R.W. he doesn’t know when to cease a long running joke. It becomes painful but he still gets laugh…

  21. freebie

    She did a great job hosting in spite of James Franco. I enjoyed her enthusiasm immensely and loved all her wardrobe changes.

  22. Superficial Bitch

    I call bullshit. Franco posted several video’s on his Twitter and they were laughing backstage the WHOLE SHOW. If she didn’t like him, why would they be kicking it backstage when they weren’t scheduled to be on? They have green rooms ya know.

  23. cc

    How was Franco to know Nyquil wasn’t a new type of shooter?

  24. Rhialto

    Let’s talk about Anne Hathaway. What a weird girl is that.

  25. justin

    everyone i know loved the pairing and thought both were brilliant. james franco was hillarious and so was anne! it was a breath of fresh air to see the oscars like this! How the hell can you say James was phoning it in this is ridiculous! it’s the same thing everytime look at the golden globes there was a whole thing about how the producers were unhappy with ricky gervais and tom hanks and tim allen were pissed off with him! but the producers were pleased with his performance as host and everyone loved him tom and tim were having drinks with him afterwards they thought he was brilliant so it was all bullshit! it’s typical of the media to make up stories like this just to get people talking it’s pretty much all media bullshit!

  26. Rhialto

    One thing what you learn very well when you doing together sport on a high level is loyalty and trust. Dogs can learn from that.

  27. jaime

    anyone who expected james franco to act differently clearly does not now franco at all and has never watched any of his stuff. shut the fuck up about him, media.

    • Jo


      and everyone who is pretending Anne was funny, graceful, good, or anything positive clearly does not know her either and is just pretending she’s a cool person because the media brainwashes people into thinking that lie.

  28. Boscoe

    Franco was high as a kite! He was clearly drained by the effort it took to keep his eyes open…

  29. kristina

    Read about how James Franco dissed the commencement speech I gave when he graduated from UCLA…

  30. CMW

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Anne was so enthusiastic, even as the night dragged on. While Franco looked like his eyes weren’t even open more than half the time. I mean I love his movies and respect him as an actor, but he could have used his ACTING skills to at least LOOK interested.

  31. Suga

    The two people JAMES FRANCO AND ANNE HATHAWAY..was horrible…lol…. the Oscars were corney,boring just sad, not funny at all..14 mins in I turned the channel….lol……I was wondering why they even picked the two people b/s they are not the type thats funny, humorous,at all…….This ocars was dry….lol…the music they picked was dull, their was nothing exciting about it at all…..the Oscars gets a booooooooooooooo…..The Oscars was terrible.

  32. BobsYourUncle

    Most of the blame should be placed at the feet of Bruce Vilanch. He’s been writing for the Oscars’ for 22 years, almost as long as the show has sucked. Hathaway hand-farted her way thru those gawd awful lines with the same zeal she had on SNL. So, she dont know funny. Franco had to get jacked to not throw up on stage from the taste of V’s stale jokes.

  33. Jo

    This obnoxious, disturbingly untalented, spoiled diva just keeps proving more and more what a rude, classless BRAT she is. It’s like honey, in Hollywood, you can at least get by on looks if you ain’t got the talent. but you ain’t got talent OR looks, so at least have a frickin personality! she gets by on the charisma from her washed-away “good girl” image (I dont know why… she’s made it quite clear she is NOT a good girl at all and doesnt wanna be, so how stupid are her fans for that?) and popularity from taking her clothes off in every movie.

  34. I like 2p

    I think its your best hosting ever for an overrated award ceremony. Franco was delightful, actually made me smile and anne is an overrated stuck up actor who takes herself too seriously who should also take the pole out of her arse,like-wise to the rest of the community. i dont think many people actually watch relax, it was fun.if youre going to dump on somebody’s peformance, why not alec baldwin’s and steve martin’s people actually laughed at those two, i would of found my performance humiliating if i was them.the first time it was actually plausible to stay tuned in,not to imbarass her but chelsea could have been more amusing than anne and the other two and you dont rate her at all, shame on
    you.he put more energy into it than alot of you did especially when should ask him to host again.

  35. James Franco Anne Hathaway
    Commented on this photo:

    dress would look much better on a man

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