Anne Hathaway Hates James Franco

To anyone who watched the Oscars Sunday night, it was painfully obvious James Franco realized ten minutes in he’d made a horrible mistake which left Anne Hathaway to do all the heavy lifting. So it makes sense that by the end of the whole experience they fucking hate each other. Us Magazine reports:

“She had to provide all the energy — he was just phoning it in,” says a second insider. (“James seemed in his own little world,” during the Oscar telecast, says another source. “Producers were pissed.”)
In fact, as reported Monday, after the awards, Franco, 32, skipped his own party at L.A.’s The Writer’s Room.
“He went immediately back to NYC because he was pissed about how the show went,” adds a third source.

Jesus. What did James Franco think he signed up for in the first place? Because I’m pretty sure no one has ever watched the Oscars and gone, “My, God, that just flew by.” It’s universally hated every single time. That said, how hard is it for a trained actor to act interested for the two minutes it takes to announce a presenter? He literally stopped trying to the point where I’ve seen people more excited to get socks for Christmas and one of them was in a coma. The joy was palpable by comparison.

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