1. SIN

    Nice long legs. I always think of her as cute, not sexy.

  2. dude

    such a cutie

  3. PartyGirl444

    Check out those running shoes! Where do I get them?

  4. CakeEater

    I think those are Mizuno…and yeah she’s a cutie!

  5. Rieve

    Those are Mizuno Prophecy

  6. Licialicia

    nothing bad to say about her. I mean really, she seems like just good peeps. And I’m warming up to her as an actress. I’ve got a problem seeing her as sexy, too. I see her as the girl next door that you want to cover with a towel when she comes on to you. I mean I’m a chick and everything but you know what I mean. But I think she’ll get there someday.

  7. This is why the good Lord gave us pantyhose. Not saying I would kick her out of bed for eating crackers, but I’m gonna need a pair of sunglasses. 8)

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