These Anne Hathaway Bikini Photos Aren’t Bill Cosby’s Holy Semen

Probably should have rethought that lead photo.

Anne Hathaway went to Ibiza I’m not even going to get into how nobody gives a shit about her, even if her breasts are being hosed down in a bikini, because she’s a permabitch. Right now, I’m thankful for whatever bullshit comes my way and distracts me from Bill Cosby believing his ejaculate is holy water and godfuckingdamnit I’m vomiting again. Ohmygod, there’s blood and it’s really dark, that’s bad, right? *Googles* Great, my liver’s shutting down. I don’t care, I’m fine not living in a world where Pope Huxtable’s giving baptism facials.

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Photo: CordonPress/AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet