AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini

January 4th, 2009 // 87 Comments

AnnaLynne McCord of 90210 took her death navel to South Beach this weekend with her boyfriend Twilight star Kellan Lutz. Granted, AnnaLynne is in a bikini, but is she really a celebrity? Or am I just playing God asking that question? I don’t like to play God. Except that one time I turned my cat into a toaster.


Oh, nice. Pop Tarts are done.

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  1. It's Me Fuckers

    There ya go you pansy, whiny cunt. You got some tits and ass to top the cock and balls on the last post.

  2. It's Me Fuckers

    there ya go you pansy, whiny cunt. T&A to go on top of that C&B.

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    see? You get me pissed off and I start to stutter.

  4. It's Me Fuckers

    While I have the ‘soapbox’ all on my own I think I might just add that Paris is a stupid, STD filled whore. Jessica is a stupid cunt. I wish I could use Heather Mills’ wooden leg to kick them BOTH in the box. (Paris first so that we could infect Jessica as well with Paris’ crotch rot)

  5. diet tribe


  6. diet tribe


  7. Just wonderin

    What’s up with all her bruises?
    By the way, she’s actually a chick that looks like she’s supposed to be naturally this thin.

  8. Lessssss


    I don’t like blondes.
    I don’t like thin chicks.
    I don’t like small tits.

    But she’s hot.

  9. This Poster

    Anyone posting after this is not a fag like me.

  10. Balack Obama

    She’s ok, but who the F is she and do we care? there are plenty of hot nobody’s on the beaches in Florida, whoop tee do.

  11. jimi

    Skinny. Squatty legs. Not particularly attractive. Why are her pictures posted?

  12. This part time waitress has a phenomenal body!

    To the plump movement out there, with the “ohhh shes too skinny”
    -If you think shes too skinny why are you constantly on a diet
    -have you been outside the u.s.?

  13. morga

    I’ll admit that she’s pretty thin, which can be a turn-off when taken too far.

    But you can see that she has a bit of muscle, esp. in her legs.

    So I think she has more of a runner’s body than that of an anorexic.

  14. yowza

    She’s smoking hot, but that belly button looks like a baby crowning.

  15. Bluedog420

    she looks like a little boy fucking perverts!

  16. NotBlonde

    She has a thin muscular runners body. It’s not particularly attractive to me, but she isn’t “scary skinny” or like, freakishly thin.

  17. SIN

    She is one of the naturally thin people.

  18. SIN

    She is thin, but you do not see ribs sticking out, her pelvis showing or the bones in her arms and shoulders showing. She is one of the few who actually look good that thin.

  19. Who's Horny?

    She’s cute and all (no tits?) but according to all those bruises on her body, she doesn’t listen worth a shit.

  20. really?

    I can’t believe none of you watch Nip/Tuck and don’t know who she is

  21. Snaggletooth

    All those bruises make me wonder … Anorexic, junkie, or does she fall down the stairs a lot?

  22. Cartman

    I have absolutely no idea who this chick is but she’s in a bikini and appears to be fuckable so I approve.


  23. Womb Raider

    I love the bruises and razor burn.

  24. mimi

    I see nothing attractive about this girl. My Amy is now in better shape and far prettier.
    The positive power of prayer!!!

  25. friendlyfires

    You bastard…..
    I have to buy more tissues …
    thanks a lot ….
    Why do you do this, you got the family fortune tied up in Kimberly-Clarke, right?

  26. woodhorse

    She’s cute until she takes the sunglasses off.

  27. Sheva

    She’s fine except for that scary button down yonder. And I’ll always take a chick a little lean who may need some pasta over a cow like creature.

    And yes, that means too many of the women in the US.

    You can be in shape AND look healthy.

  28. friendlyfires

    Is that birthmark on her right buttocks cheek?

    Damn, I will not watch 90120
    I will not watch 90120
    I will not watch 90120
    I will not watch 90120
    I will not watch 90120


  29. Medications

    She looks how any normal 21 year old is supposed to look, every girl I know is at least this thin. She’s fit, not anorexic. How fat and out of shape are you pigs who constantly cry “anorexic” to refer to any girl who doesn’t have thunder thighs and a bunt?

    Someone made a good point earlier about how you’ve apparently never been to Europe, where obesity hasn’t swayed the curve of what is considered “normal”. (Normal and healthy are not the same.)

    Skinny will always be hotter than fat; stop trying to justify your shitty eating habits.

  30. JPRichardson

    Too skinny and bruised for my taste.

  31. testing

    #10 1) who is she? it says her name and that she is an actress on 90210 in the post, are you retarded?

    2) why should we care? because she is a hot chick in a bikinni, again, are you retarded?

    She is way hotter than the other skeleton looking bitches on that show

  32. Fat Chicks Suck

    This chick has a great body. The other two main chicks in that show are also really hot. I haven’t watched the show since the first few episodes but it’s worth watching just for the girls.

    The predictable “too skinny!” posts from fat hags and fat hag-lovers amuse me. I’m embarrassed to be an American sometimes…the obesity/heart disease capital of the world. The majority of people in the US are now LITERALLY nasty, fat, lazy slobs.

    Why eat healthy and exercise to get a great body like this when you can rip on them in a sad attempt to feel better about your lazy fat ass? It’s the American way!

  33. caory


  34. Your Mom

    I hope her boyfriend beats her for not cleaning her plate.

  35. Monkey's Bone

    HAHAHAHA …… It looks like a 12 year old boy from the front – AND the rear

  36. Jen

    30, 33 – you’re both fat, aren’t you? Both of your posts reek of desperation.

    Isn’t she a lez?

  37. yuki

    she’s not that thin, americans are sooo fat everythins is soo nasty big even the gum, shopping cart, milk, goshhh almost 2 or 3 times bigger even the clothes size ,,, she’s average in my country her waist is just smaller prob she works out on that part of her body

  38. Erica

    Picture #13. Kellan Lutz is hot. I’d hit it.

  39. Fat Chicks Suck

    37 – how do our posts reek of desperation? Because we’re tired of fat, lazy, jealous people voicing their worthless “opinions?” Because we’re tired of having to see fat people everywhere we look? If you want to be fat that’s fine…but you have no business talking about the appearance of anybody. Fat chicks really piss me off.

    Why is it fine to insult thin people who are actually healthy and take care of themselves but it’s insensitive to insult fat people? It’s because nobody wants anything to do with fat people – they are lazy slobs and are unattractive to virtually everybody so people feel sorry for them. I don’t feel sorry for fat people as long as they are able to do something about it. I don’t care if you’re only 10 pounds overweight – start eating a little healthier and try working out once in awhile and get down to a healthy weight before it becomes a problem. My office is full of fat ladies that sit at their desks and munch on food all day exchanging emails about how much they hate the one girl here that’s actually attractive and how anorexic she is and they can’t understand why guys flirt with her. Everybody is disgusted by the women in this office and I have to walk by them multiple times each day which is one of the reasons I have so much rage built up toward fat women. They’re repulsive, stupid, and in denial. They eat a salad for lunch and walk around the block once a month and think they can pig out the rest of the time and can’t figure out why they keep getting fatter. Fat people then assume the only way to look good is to starve themselves since their genius plan isn’t working and therefore they believe anybody who isn’t fat has an eating disorder.

    God I hate fat chicks.

  40. Eat a steak, willya?\

  41. fromarealfatchick

    Look at the pics – that is not anorexia thin. You can see clear muscle definition. I don’t want to be as slim ‘as her but I won’t insult her by saying she’s starving herself. C’mon ladies, Nicole Richie back in the day was nasty skinny. This girl is not.

  42. jacy

    her belly button doesn’t ruin her body, her face does. ZING.

  43. Deacon Jones

    Well put, I have the exact same situation at work. All the heffer secretaries with asses the size of hula hoops hate the one chick we all drool over. Women and jealousy go hand in hand.

    On another note, this chick’s ass was just built for pumping (bent over a couch, passed out, preferably)

  44. right on #40!

    you said it #40. if people wanna be lazy and fat, not my problem but i don’t wanna hear about how every slender chick is anorexic! that’s what i get at my office because i am not a heifer. i work out 5 days a week and eat well 90% percent of the time, that’s why i’m slim and strong, fatties! not because i ralph up everything that passes through my lips. quit going to bottomless pasta bowl at olive garden every wednesday and maybe you won’t feel the reason to cut down healthy people!

  45. cece

    those bruises look like they’re from liposuction

  46. Jen

    40 – you are so fat, or you like fat girls. Just saying. No, I’m not fat (not that I can prove it, sigh), and I don’t actually love fat people either, I’m just saying. Being so against something usually means you LOVE it. Kind of like rampant homophobes being so fucking gay it isn’t funny.

    I think she’s hot, but her face. I still thought she was a lesbian though. I wish she was, cause I’d be all over that.

  47. Grow an ass already you fucking zombie. Jesus Herbert hoover Christ, why the fuck do women think the xylophone look is hot?

  48. Fat Chicks Suck

    Jen: You may not be fat…but you are definitely a moron.

  49. Jen

    Right. I’m a moron.

    Because this just screams genius:

    “Everybody is disgusted by the women in this office and I have to walk by them multiple times each day which is one of the reasons I have so much rage built up toward fat women.”

    Look, I feel sorry for you. You have so much ‘rage’ toward fat women that you get this disgusted by them? You obviously have some sort of issue with this body type — and I’m not just talking about typical revulsion.

    I happen to enjoy this site and I enjoy snarking on the attitudes posted here. I think most people do. And hey, it’s ok if you think I’m a moron because I think you’re a fucking prick. Everybody wins!

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