AnnaLynne McCord slips a nipple then puts on a bikini (Can we get an Emmy over here?)

November 21st, 2008 // 84 Comments

AnnaLynne McCord filmed a beach party scene for 90210 yesterday and her nipple accidentally popped out while she was running. To make up for this snafu, AnnaLynne stripped down to a bikini and bent over. Okay… Not sure where she learned that trick, but there’s an actress who doesn’t want to go back to the Gap. Take note, young Hollywood.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that are totally going to make Dylan jealous when he gets to the Peach Pit.


  1. Ms. McCord's Dad

    I don’t know who this is.

  2. monkeyfightclub

    she has the face of an idiot. she just looks dumb. The fact that she can’t seem to keep her mouth closed doesnt’ help.

  3. BORN and RAISED IN AMERICA, folks?

  4. Snufu

    Butter face.

  5. Merkin

    I just watched some YouTube interviews of her. She’s not my type but she has something. A feral quality. Her mouth looks like it should be dripping with the blood and freshly-torn sinew of a recent victim to get the full effect. She has this kind of disturbing violent and sexual dream-like quality that the young Nastassja Kinski had. Yet it’s all in this cheesy, 90210, Teenbeat package. I guess she’s the female Robert Pattinson who hasn’t really taken off yet.

  6. TX-guy

    man, what a heffer. she really should lose some weight.

  7. Vanquish

    why is this article on top again?

  8. Zim

    makes me almost want to watch 90210 again…

  9. GG1000

    Wow, what a busy day she had – flashin nip, camel toe, and @ss. That’s some hard work.

  10. mike

    Somebody get this chick a hamburger or something!

  11. Casey

    What’s up with her belly button? Gross!

  12. Danklin24

    Anyone else think this chick is a butterface? She has a hot body and a great ass but that face is a mess.

  13. Sakurada

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  14. lambman

    90210 sucks ass, but she was good on Nip/Tuck as the daughter of Lindsay Bluth

  15. Mike

    She’s actually looking for her check from Obama in the last two pics so she can finally afford to go get that hamburger. I’m wondering where the hell mine is too!

  16. obama yo mamma

    I cannot believe how repulsed I am by these pics.. A gal like this makes a beard like Michelle Obama look passable l

  17. Rosa

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  18. Valerie

    @ 39:

    just click on the picture, and you’ll be transferred to an enlarged photo without the *stars*

  19. britboysarehot

    Yeah, I’d call her a butterface. Who is she?

  20. Dan

    I don’t know who she is, but I’d beat her to death with my tongue.

  21. andy7171

    I could look at those last two pictures for eternity!

  22. Just_As_it_IS

    That’s a chestburster coming out of her belly button

  23. Tuneman

    Hmmmmm… Tasty hamburger…

  24. Master of The Obvious

    His nut sack is kinda cute.

  25. aman

    f*** off losers she is hawt and she will go a long way if u people dont have anything nice to say..JUST SHUT DA F*** UP

  26. dude

    i’d totally hit that!!! WOW <3

  27. SIN

    I like the last 2 pics. Nice ass.

  28. friendlyfires

    You owe me twenty five more pairs of Y-fronts and seventy eight boxes of Kleenexes … you can afford it, your family obviously earned its fortune from shares in Berkshire-Hathaway, owners of Fruit Of The Loom and Kimberly Clark.

  29. justin

    For the record (yes, haters), the girl is hot. And yes, the bellybutton is hot as well. Simple fact.

  30. yowillie

    She NEEDS a pearl necklace.

  31. Hotbox

    Stop using the idiotic term “haters”. It’s dumb, old, overused and annoying. Simple fact: UGLY-ASS bellybutton. More like an alien’s vagina. But otherwise pretty hot.

  32. beaubeau

    how is this considered fat OR attractive?? this is gross. shes a stick with some muscle sinews sticking out here and there, as well a little nipple. if she actually had some meat on her, she’d look decent. if you guys think she has a big ass, youve seen absolutely nothing, nor do you have standards

  33. eu sou apaixonado por annalynne! ela tá muito gostosa de bikini!

  34. marcos

    eu queria mamar muito nesse peitão dela!

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