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February 16th, 2010 // 50 Comments

- John Mayer won’t be going on Oprah to make amends. [PopEater]

- Jerry Seinfeld cashes in on letting Madonna bang A-Rod in his helicopter. [Lainey Gossip]

- Gerard Butler and Nicole Scherzinger now? Jesus. Save some for us, Scottish Clooney! [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Mariska Hargitay in a bikini. [Just Jared]

- Avril Lavigne is probably going to guest star on The Hills now thanks to Brody Jenner’s penis. [Dlisted]

- Brian Austin Green is broke, so guess who’s going to be trading virile sperm for a mortgage payment? [Celebslam]

- Lady GaGa stills from her new video “Telephone.” [Huffington Post]

- Lindsay Lohan on her way to being exiled from the fashion world. [TheFABlife]

- Chris Brown is pretty in pink. [ICYDK]

- Sarah Palin vs. Seth MacFarlane. [Betty Confidential]

- Mackenzie Phillips will support her sister Chyna. Which is the least she can do for sending her careening over the edge with tales of incest. [StarPulse]

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  1. Kangaroo

    So this chick smells like the monkey cage.

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I think she did a nose job/botox, she doesn’t look herself anymore.

  3. SOS

    she has princess toadstool hair

  4. Wolf

    She’s actually very pretty in person. but she fucking needs a fucking sandwich. that’s not attractive!!

  5. Georgeo

    Wow, what a porker. Look at that gut!!

  6. KIKI

    Very pretty girly… They DO make clear deoderant now. Check it out lady!

  7. ultradev

    Is that Gollum in the background of pic 1?

  8. Rough on ice

    *spread your legs, spread your legs if your SUREEEE*

    Toothy Lynn is such a delight to see…

  9. bar room hero

    Needs to eat something.

    too many bones in uncomfortable places…

  10. Don Boogie

    I really don’t see what the big deal is with Megan Fox. She looks like like your run of the mill stripper/cocktail waitress/party girl from LA or Vegas. Dime a dozen.

  11. RebelMinion

    Don’t know or care who this person is.

  12. jlylec

    i’d put my bone in an uncomfortable place for her. don’t know where this broad’s been my whole life. probably in high school. perfect.

  13. Jill Stuart


  14. dontlooknow

    Hmmmm, didja look at the pix of Lohan? Looks like she’s got a bun in the oven…maybe she went to London for a British abortion. Just sayin’.

  15. v-tard

    WOw…huge improvement just by straightening her curls.

  16. JRB

    She looks cuter without all the eyeliner she usually wears. Younger, too.

  17. I'd lick her dirty hole

    She’s hot as all hell, but she’d be that much better if she gained ten pounds or so.

  18. friendlyfires

    Seth McFarlane doesn’t go far enough. Sarah Palin got off light. Now she’s really gonna’ get reamed.

  19. Clamhammer

    Seth McFarlane makes fun of EVERYONE.

  20. Frowsey McFunky

    She doesn’t look like she smells. What’s the source of her supposed stink?

  21. Milandir

    Is it just me or does it look like she bought that dress from an 80s clearance house.

    BTW she’s so hot I could pass out asleep on top of her in under 10 minutes

  22. She’s SO hot. if she gained just a few more pounds, I would declare her perfect.

  23. lola

    She has a HOT body! Mine looked like that 8 pounds ago when I was cleaning my house everyday and I am 5’1. Stop saying she is too thin. She is slender and beautiful, but you can tell she is healthy.

  24. Irene

    She is a pretty girl but my god she looks so hungry.

  25. frank

    I’d fuck her so hard she’d need to check in to a mental hospital.

  26. She is gorgeous! Gorgeous hair! Gorgeous dress (minus the side cutout) suited for her figure! Gorgeous complexion! You people are so jealous its not even funny!

    She would be a great match for Leo seriously…

  27. Jon

    She’s the fattest girl on 90210, those who are saying she is too thin wouldn’t want to see the other ones.

    She looks good but she wouldn’t want to be any skinnier.

  28. Nameless

    Don’t know who she is but she’s pretty. Pic 8 looks like the two chicks are about to kiss.

  29. I like her nude

  30. She is really skinny at the minute, I wish my figure was that good. I have some way to go before I would even remotely fit in a dress like that. I can dream

  31. She is really skinny at the minute, I wish my figure was that good. I have some way to go before I would even remotely fit in a dress like that. I can dream

  32. WhyTheHellNot

    No idea who she is – but she is gorgeous.

  33. looks younger

    For once she doesn’t look 40 :) More like..30. Still a big improvement, I think she’s wearing less makeup?

  34. Doc Schweinstrudel

    There is that really cute brunette girl on the show, Silver, playing Kelly’s daughter if I remember exactly. I’d love to see more pics of her, she is supercool.

  35. elena

    I second #34, I think that girl playing Silver is called Jessica Stroup, and yes she is pretty!
    Ever since she lost a lot of weight on the show she’s been looking a little haggard, but still I think she’s gorgeous =) great smile

  36. Erico

    A blog in Brazil said he spent the night getting no as an answer at the Sambodromo, so maybe he went to Nichole just to make sure he had some.

  37. Artie Lange

    The drunken stepfather site is lame and unfunny. Why keep linking to that garbage?

  38. Oh come on...

    This girl needs clear deodorant. I mean really. I’m not an entertainer, and even I know enough to wear clear deodorant. Fire your stylist!

  39. jessica stroup please

    I’m with #34 and #35. Superfish I want more Jessica Stroup! Just because she doesn’t always dress as skimpily as Analynn McCord doesn’t make her any less hot, in fact I think she’s hotter! At least she looks more youthful.

    Since this site is supposed to be Superficial you’re supposed to post pics of the hottest girls! So please, more Jessica Stroup, less Paris Hilton and god oh god less Tila and less Heidi i-can’t-move-my-face-anymore Montag

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  41. whoprey

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  42. She is looking so pretty in that dress. ere are absolutely NO comparisons to the late great MM… could u??? This girl doesn’t have anything but blonde hair and white teeth…too young too…ewe ewe ewe!!!She is gorgeous but she is no Marilyn Monroe. You cant even compare anyone to Marilyn are you kidding me

  43. Looking good but need to eat a bit more.

  44. evol

    She looks like Nomi Malone from Showgirls in that horrid outfit

  45. Allen

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  47. Koko

    The dress looks stunning AnnaLynne McCord in Wiki

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