AnnaLynne McCord in her birthday suit

July 19th, 2009 // 71 Comments

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord celebrating her 22nd birthday in Malibu Saturday and apparently wearing a bikini is like a gift to this woman. Which is why I’d like to point out I chipped in for that. Happy Birthday!


  1. guido

    i don’t fuck anything with an outie.

  2. Don

    Too skinny, Who is she again? I’d google her, but again, too skinny.

  3. The Jerk

    This is her birthday party?! It sure looks like another taped episode of 90210. And for being 22 and still not having tits at this point is pretty much a waste of vagoo.

  4. DP Trainer

    Tight body and can eat a banana like nobody’s business.

  5. fearsarewishes

    Sweet camel toe in pic #19.

    She looks a lot like jrzmommy.

    Ho, ho, ho, hee, hee! Cannot keep a straight face. Ha ha!!!

  6. Deacon Jones

    Nahhhh, I’d be willing to bet that’s just a fat, ugly, dyke.

  7. Grafikman

    WTF is that gynecomastia dude-chick behind her? Is it a dyke with little tits? A dude with manboobs? The world may never know…

  8. WTF

    OK Superfish, time to post something new. I’m sick of coming to this page and seeing ugly drunkface mccord with her non-exisatnt boobs and 13 year old boy body.

  9. Richard Head

    The guy in pic #1 has bigger boobs than she does! Dude, go to the gym and loose the moobs!

  10. TopCat

    Nice body!

  11. haha anyone notice those giant man titties. u can see his nipples haha

  12. DCMikeRotch

    I like her. She seems smart.

  13. RtSS

    @36: Nope no cigarette, just rolled over and went to sleep. Had some pleasant dreams a ’bout my ladies in pink swimwear. Image #5 miscellaneous chick is hotter than AnnaLynne. Better ass, browner skin. Sweet in every way. Wish we could see some front shots of her.

  14. EuroNeckPain

    Yummy. I love her face. And her slim, toned body. Many jealous women on this site… who else would say this beauty looks like a boy ?

  15. jimi

    Gross. Skinny. No tits. Dumb as dirt. And the stumpiest legs I’ve ever seen.

  16. titsonsnack

    I don’t give a fuck about no-names in swim suits on a site that’s supposed to be about celebrity gossip. I’m more entertained by tits mgee behind her in the first pic… WTF

  17. shokroklove

    ……… but where are her breasts?

  18. Phoenix

    who wants to see mcCord naked? ;)

    enjoy fellows

  19. datroof

    goofy looking face, but great hair and body

    Rated: FUCKABLE!

  20. GEEZ

    OMG you guys are JUST haters!!! This is what a youthful looking body look like!!! She is absolutely natural that is why she looks “too skeletal” to you guys! She has absolutely NO boob job!!! Trust me boob job can make you look like you have gained a few pounds and hence the hour glass body but come on… you guys are too into this hollywood bullshit and forget what a natural beauty is like.

    I think she has cute body, look at that tiny waist. On the other hand, Lisa Rinna reminds me of a man and she has virtually NO WAIST. From the waist down I see no contour.

  21. Scott

    “41. db – July 20, 2009 2:00 AM

    sorry, *shittier.”

    “65. jimi – July 20, 2009 5:34 PM

    Gross. Skinny. No tits. Dumb as dirt. And the stumpiest legs I’ve ever seen.”

    You’re both fucking morons, apparently sharing a brain …give me a motherfucking break..she’s FAR hotter than any ass you could ever get within two hundred fucking feet of, so stop trying to sound like a hard ass critic, get the fuck out, and go back to mating w those fat fucking sea lions you call girlfriends.

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