AnnaLynne McCord in her birthday suit

July 19th, 2009 // 71 Comments

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord celebrating her 22nd birthday in Malibu Saturday and apparently wearing a bikini is like a gift to this woman. Which is why I’d like to point out I chipped in for that. Happy Birthday!


  1. Eric

    “His Birthday”? I see no bulge.

    Also, first.

  2. Eric

    “His Birthday”? I see no bulge.

    Also, first.

  3. scabnog

    Mmmm, she’d definitely get both barrels.

  4. Yvonne


  5. Phil

    Heh heh heh

  6. Yet again, no idea who this is.

  7. Yvonne

    aww, i fail at being first.

  8. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Dude, if I wanted to fuck a folding lawn chair I’d just pick one up at Walmart….

  9. uide

    shes a hottie.

  10. spicy

    who is this? yawn………………

    i mean if you’re into 12 yr old girls, then she’s fine.

  11. NoBush

    HAHA! Look at manboobs behind her! He has boobs… but is a man! His are bigger than hers!

  12. blah

    Pretty but very skeletal

  13. Beetlejuice


  14. blah

    I couldn’t tell if that’s a man or a “Pat” behind her – I mean damn those are prominent

  15. Beetlejuice

    I’m sure he thinks he has ‘pecs’ but nobody has the guts to pull him aside and tell him the truth.

  16. hmmm

    she’s kind of a spaz at tetherball from the looks of things…

  17. amoi

    She’s cute. And she’s not skeletal. LiLo is skeletal. Mischa Barton is skeletal.

  18. Jennifer

    I know every time I go to the beach I put on my jewelry…and can her bikini bottoms get any lower…

  19. Yeah

    I’ll give you one guess as to why no ass shots.

  20. @ amoi

    skeletal skeletal skeletal

  21. well

    well we know she waxes! – I agree with Jennifer!

  22. amanda


  23. Taz

    id pump that all night and day

  24. Richport's Ghost

    Old RPG here – did the obligatory search for a camel toe – none found… nothing to see here folks, keep moving…

  25. Toyz

    She reminds me of one of those cut-out-dolls that I had when I was a kid. Do you have any other clothes that I can cut and fold the tabs on to her tiny body.

  26. I dreamed she put a clamp on my willy with those 2 rows of 32′s…she look delightful in a bikini…

  27. Ice

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  28. chaz bono

    I would wreck her body with my virile penis

  29. Humpinfrog

    Not tits. No ass. Nice hair and smile. Fuckable, but closing time material. Unless her friends are hot, then 1:00 ish *assuming slumber party*.

  30. pic5

    Pic 5 makes my penis pop up and say hello.


  31. anon

    she has an outie

  32. Thats some bullshit

    This chick is NOT cute, pretty, hot or anything. She’s not ugly, she’s just there.

  33. RtSS

    There’s one thing missing in both image #5 and #18. My big man meat. Those two in #5 have the same bathing suit on, I’d do both of them, but would get confused at who’s hole I was servicing. Wouldn’t matter much after I contributed my protein shake to the beauties to fight over. That sweetie in #18 is under age, so all she could do is sit and watch me bounce up and down on AnnaLynne. She would want to join in, but she would have to just sit there and watch as AnnaLynne screamed for more.

  34. Humpinfrog

    #35, are you smoking a cigarette after your post? Hope you “worked” it out O.K. Thanks for sharing?

  35. No clue who this is but she is fuckable, big time.

  36. She looks so stunningly hot in her pink bikini, how old is she now?

  37. Ella


  38. db

    terrible bikini, makes her look shitty

  39. db

    sorry, *shittier.

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  41. Littlecupcakes


  42. Dread not

    Absolutely smokin’ hot… and she and her friend are carrying paddles. Crank up the spank gauntlet.

  43. Someone needs to lock her in a deli… for like a week.

  44. Darth

    Hola! This girl combines sport with modeling in a great way.

  45. Galtacticus

    Ever seen a baby born with clothes on? a birthday suit supposed to be butt-naked.

  46. You see me, John Gosserin dare in picha won? I gunna make Annarynne McCord my next ho’ to get in rine. Haha! Haha! She gahn be beggin’ me for it. ‘Cause I know how to get da bitches to rine up.

  47. dude

    id mos def hit that!

  48. Gando

    She’s proud on her body because she works out a lot.She’s slightly underweighted,almost perfect!

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