AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini forces me to post about the new 90210 (Goddammit…)

October 26th, 2008 // 55 Comments

AnnaLynne McCord, star of the CW’s 90210 reboot, hosted the 5th Anniversary of Sirens of TI at Christian Audiger on Saturday. I’ve been reticent about this show since it premiered, but I gotta ask, was a new 90210 really necessary? I can think of several things I’d need before it would appear remotely interesting:

1. Alzheimer’s.
2. My Xbox broke and all the porn on the Internet was deleted.
3. Nuclear holocaust.
4. Alcohol poisoning
5. The remote’s on the coffee table waaay over there, and I realized it’s impossible to swallow my own tongue.

And even then…


  1. Jojo

    you guys are such freaking idiots with too much time on your hands. Why don’t you get a magnifying glass and examine her some more?

    The girl is beautiful and exotic. She’s got a perfect body and the only difference between her and all the other hollywood stars is that she has natural boobs. Most of you would die to look like that or have a girl that looks like that. She has perfect legs and she is very pretty!
    You idiots will find a flaw in everyone – I’d love to see your ugly pictures! Any volunteers???

  2. Wow…, she is so sexy and hot. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

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