AnnaLynne McCord in a Bikini

April 19th, 2010 // 119 Comments

Hey, folks, sorry for the late start. I’m in LA working on a shiny new Superficial for you, so posting might be a tad sporadic the next few days. Fortunately AnnaLynne McCord’s groin is here to make things better along whatever that the hell that thing is poking out. (Women aren’t supposed to have that, right? Anytime I’ve been with one they always make me wear a blindfold then start talking in a deep voice. Haha, dames.)

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  1. Slade Garrison

    Ok, so I don’t find this broad hot, so I have no qualms of saying… “She’s a man, baby, yeah!”

  2. Jon

    Huge clit = meh. It’s not a penis but it’s still not really what a man wants to see.
    Small clit = meh. Nothing to play with. “you got a small dick” “well you got a small clit ahahahah”.

    Huge labia = turn on. Except if it’s too big that it gets sucked into the hole during sex and makes fart noises because of the air getting sucked in and out. Average to large size is good and gives you something to play with. Turkey for lunch!

    Small labia = turn off. I don’t get these reconstructive vagina surgeries. Being like a 5 year old girl is not a turn on. Chopping off all that shit and making a tiny little axe wound. Not a turn on at all.

    Stay natural ladies. The vagina is a beautiful thing. Unless those labia are hanging 3 or 4 inches, then maybe a “trim” might be useful. But it’s a turn on to be able to see the vagina through the underwear, or bikini like in this pic above!

  3. James

    She’s got some major flaps in those pants, I bet she could be mistaken for a jet if she let’s one rip out that nice jetstream engine.

  4. Sarah

    Is this really her? Picture #7 = NOT a good look. Either this is a bad angle or her makeup artist should be paid way more.

  5. Valerie

    Gen: all men are different. TRUST me.

    Jon: thanks for sharing.

  6. cc

    Pic 1…yup, that’s juuuuuuuuuust the right position. Hold that thought.

  7. The Judge

    There is just something about this girl that makes it hard for me to keep my food down. Gross. Eat a fucking sandwich.

  8. Jon

    No problem.

    Alot of girls are embarressed if they have average to large labia and they shouldn’t be. If they should be embarressed about anything it should be because they have a forest plantation down there that needs to be chopped down with a chainsaw before oral can be performed!

  9. Pinky

    Jon – Thank you for assuring hundreds of girls out there that their average+ labia can be attractive.

    People making tampon comments – Time for some education! Unless she just put a tampon in her bikini bottom for some unfathomable reason, there is no way that’s a tampon.

  10. John Schmitz

    Wow that is one big, meaty vagina. Her clit is huge, I wonder if it’s even engorged.

  11. vix

    That’s her large labia. You dumbasses.

  12. yourmother

    This whore has a nice, natural looking bod.

    But I fucking hate these posed celebrity pic series that are everywhere now.

    And I hate you for posting them all the time, you lazy fucking twat. Go die in a fire.

  13. lalala

    who the fuck is she???! Ewwwww her belly button. nice body though

  14. Lola

    Make a REAL wish!

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will b granted..


  15. turd da third

    Holy mudflaps batman, I got a huge mess to clean up..(okay,,-off)

  16. yowillie

    Nice muff…works for me.

  17. turd da third

    I bet she makes a mean balogna sandwich… I got the bread, she obviously has got the balogna……

  18. turd da third

    at least there is no huge wet spot or red splotch in the picture……shuddering….

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  20. clownpuncher

    Zoom on the pics…nice clit ring.

  21. Gweb

    What is this bitch famous for, besides having meaty beef curtains? Seriously, I’ve never heard of the cunt. And BTW honey, the Baywatch look expired when Hasselhoff ate a hamburger off the carpet.

  22. In a handle she said a pair of hours later, he professed to “Feel amazing” after a activate to the sauna that “hit the spottt,” and said he was “thinkin road trip” this weekend.

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  24. sec

    that’s not annalynne in that last pic…. that’s her sister.

  25. missfortune

    How old is she? She looks 40.

  26. I'll eat your hole for $29.95.

    Yes, a protruding cunt is important to me, because if I’m going to make a concerted effort to stick my cock inside it, I’d like it to at least meet me halfway.

    Who’s with me?

    Politeness counts, fuck-sticks.

  27. captain america

    almost all american celebrities have a second job as a porn actrice.
    (she has also a little penis?)

  28. Caity

    She’s really hot. Too bad about her beef curtains…

  29. Keyser Söze

    A horse dick is missing from this whore.

  30. Stella

    she has a weird belly button! other than that she’s perfect

  31. Jean Deaux

    Too skinny for my taste but that in ONE FAT POOM POOM. Looks as if you could grab hold and swing on it. I’d pay to see it.

  32. turd da third

    I think her twat is pouting..

  33. turd da third

    looks like she must have sat on Donald Duck and how He wants out!!!!!!!!!

  34. turd da third

    well if it rains she can pull those mudflaps out and turn them into an umbrella,,, just don’t stand too close as the smell might getchya

  35. yayo

    nice snatch

  36. I think people stop commenting on someone’s private parts and personal life. Who the hell are we to decide what she is wearing actually and what is the size of her body parts. She is just enjoying herself then let her enjoy .

  37. Bob

    Nope, that would be her vagina. Ever seen one of those? The Internet doesn’t count.

  38. Looks like she’s channeling Courtney Love in the last pic.

  39. Paloma

    @ 31 I’m with you on this one.

    What I want to know is what kind of pig takes a picture like this of someone without their knowledge? People have now boundaries or respect anymore.

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  41. GRODY


  42. YO

    her bottom lips are bigger than the upper lips :P wouldn’t mind kissing both LOL

  43. Eric

    OMG it does look like one

  44. Marcus

    She probably only poops once a week so I think it would be ok to lick her butthole before eating.

  45. Blitz

    She’s hot, but she could use a labia reduction!

  46. king3r

    Man, I love skinny chicks with meaty pussies.

  47. thatguy

    daym that pussys worn out and used lol

    If i can see it bulging in doggy , im out

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