AnnaLynne McCord in a Bikini

April 19th, 2010 // 119 Comments

Hey, folks, sorry for the late start. I’m in LA working on a shiny new Superficial for you, so posting might be a tad sporadic the next few days. Fortunately AnnaLynne McCord’s groin is here to make things better along whatever that the hell that thing is poking out. (Women aren’t supposed to have that, right? Anytime I’ve been with one they always make me wear a blindfold then start talking in a deep voice. Haha, dames.)

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  1. rickardo


  2. rickardo

    shes kinda buff, i like it…

  3. me

    Hot Hot hot.

  4. joe littlecock

    Wonder does she like small uncircumcised guys………

  5. pimp

    i don’t usually eat the ass of a woman i don’t know, but i’ll make an exception for this whore…

  6. AuntFlo

    She’s hot and in heat.

  7. Haywood Jablowmie

    I would have been first but I had to finish myself off, my giant erection prevented me from getting close enough to the keyboard to type.

  8. Deacon Jones

    I said, hey man, take a walk on the wild side….

  9. stupidass


  10. Fat Chicks Suck

    Super hot – wish she would change that hair, though.

  11. benedict

    In the main picture it looks like she has a little penis tucked between her legs. Actually it looks more like she has a penis shaped bit of playdough stuck in there, or a hard turd

  12. human anatomy

    It’s her labia, idiots.

  13. havoc

    That would be the beef curtains…..


  14. Irene Barcelo

    You know, if you are on your period just stay away from the beach. We have already seen way to many pictures of girls having incidents with those dreaded tampons. oy!

  15. Valerie

    Fish, here’s a lesson for you: there are three types of vulva: Type I is dwarfed, almost non-existent inner labia, and are most popular for porn. Type II has slightly larger inner labia. Type III vulvas have inner labia that may protrude a bit through the labia major, like lotus petals. Type III-B are freakishly large labia minor.

  16. Moo

    I’m going to have to guess it’s the curtains of beef.

  17. al

    give me a fucking break with these horribly far from entertaining stories

  18. elephantman

    maybe she forgot to take her dildoe out! or maybe its her tampon and she just didnt stick it in all the way! love!

  19. Valerie

    Picture 13 of her thighs is confusing!!!!!!!

  20. Wear it like a hat


  21. Ripper Owens

    Are you serious? She looks like a crack addict. She’s disgusting!

    If any of you think that this is hot, there are a few drug riddled streets in Vancouver where you can find girls like this in most corners. All you need is a couple of smokes or a pack of cigarettes at the most.

    This girl needs to eat. She’s getting that unhealthy looking stomach from avoiding food.

  22. drinkin' man

    This photo is a real treat for analingus fans like myself. So a hearty thank-you from this corner of cyberspace.

  23. Jordan

    Wow. Looks like she has a nice set of beef curtains. She is a little hottie.

  24. small asian penis

    Valerie- LOL we were never taught that in Anatomy and Physiology

    When your PR agent tells you to get on all 4, understand you aren’t a great artist and this is what it has come down to for attention. Stay classy.

    Doesn’t anyone remember bathing suits that collect a pound of sand in the crotch, this has to be a wad of fabric.

  25. scooby

    picture #1: oh hell yeah. what a way to start the day.

  26. Rossifumi46

    Looks like a tranny with the body of a 13 yr old.

  27. beautifull super dostum eline saglik

  28. ktulu

    @12 If that’s what you think a normal pus should like like in a bikini-specially on such a skinny ho-well then you may want to change your name dumbass

  29. The Pig on the Internet

    I’d love to suck on that protruding set of labia and hit the button within.

  30. HB

    She’s way too skinny. Looks like skin and bones. Not sexy.

  31. Jen

    she looks healthy. like she works out. and she’s also like 18 so she’s naturally going to be skinny.

  32. comatose

    really? who plays volleyball wearing a giant necklace like that
    this girl is R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D !!!
    but i’d still stick it in her

  33. Wallster

    Vaginas aren’t concave, asshole.

  34. Darth

    I haven’t seen this variant of Twister before.Is this the latest version?

  35. bernard


    I love sucking and slurping on those meat curtains-

    and they help keep my scrotum warm in the winter if you stretch it around ‘em just so

  36. Rhialto

    Am i seeing that right? Since when did Twister add the color pink to their game?

  37. britain

    who the hell is that last picture of? its not her

  38. Deacon Jones

    She looks like a Brazilian tranny, not that I’m into that

  39. cellphone

    Try to return a ball with stretched fingers like in the 13th pic . . She didn’t play much volleyball before,didn’t she!?

  40. duh patrol

    #29 No, a “dumbass” would be the guy who tries to tell someone what a real “pus” looks like and fails because he can’t spell it. So, fucked any good infectious discharges recently? Yeah, thought so.

  41. Nero

    Her ducks on the other hand are excellent.

  42. The first pic is probably her best angle.

  43. Rough's $5 ft long

    @pic 1

    Damn! Anna swinnng mccord looks ready for a major dick down…

  44. carlo

    Another day at the top of the SPANK-DEX!!! Thanks Fish!!!

    I think she’s so hot that I even watch 90210…Muted, she is incredible!!!

  45. Fat Chuck

    That last picture is her sister. AND the best pics from this series arent even here! There are a bunch of good crotch shots that our Writer left out.

  46. jimbob


  47. gen

    Do guys actually like the ” PROTRUDING CUNT”, to put it delicately?

  48. JessyWonderful

    That thing poking out is probably a tampon she’s wearing lol

  49. noons

    Cloner, for sure.

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