AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini

June 26th, 2009 // 75 Comments

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord and her 90210 co-star Jessica Lowndes on set in Huntington Beach yesterday. I love how every season, without fail, AnnaLynne’s character is in a bikini. Sure, she almost has an almost Kelly Ripa-esque penis-button, but that’s what CGI’s for. Trust me, by the time this episode hits the air, she’ll have Luke Perry’s face for a stomach. That’s just smart television.

EDIT: By request, added more pics of Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup. Even though they’re not in bikinis. Who loves ya?


  1. Like Hillary duffs half neck, and Rihanna’s forehead, Annalynn is still gorgeous with the teefs. Any young girls thats looking to be skinny/healthy should take Annalynn as a model…the chick with the daizy dukes & hair-rollers on the other hand should slow down on the purgings….

  2. winter

    She is sexy, love her very much. but just wanna say, pure beauties are on
    …mill iona irec hats C/o/m==.They are sincere to looking for their romance. some celebs have profiles there.

  3. #12, no…people say “built like a 12 year old boy” because…well, THEY ARE(Annalynne and the Jessica with short hair). I agree, it’s an over used phrase and is quite annoying. But these 2 girls are entirely too thin. Look at their clavicle area, spindley arms..and the fact that you can see their sternums. Sorry, but that IS something you find on pre-pubescent boys. I’m not going to say “real women have curves” because you’re a woman when you HAVE A VAGINA. BUT…they appear underweight, sickly, and…built like 12 year old boys. Bahaha. Oh and because I’m saying this, I must be fat. Sure, why not?

  4. No youre not fat, tad bit annoying!

  5. Darth

    These are good and healthy looking girls ofcourse.How many of you guys are suddenly alert when a chick has an ice lolly in her hand?

  6. Nero

    I am!

  7. Sarah

    this girl does absolutely nothing for me.

  8. paul

    Is this the same chick that played (sex-crazed teen) Eden on Nip/Tuck a couple of years ago? If so she was way hotter then. He used to have a butt. I wonder what happened (sniiiiiiiiffffff?)

  9. amlt

    My god!…..and some think only people in third world countries need to be fed, someone hold her down while I find some food!

  10. AMO

    Hey dumb bitches, you might want to lick your ice cream. It’s melting all over your hands you know… idiots.

  11. Cora

    I don’t find the blonde very attractive but damn, the brunette in the blue shorts. Rawr. Also I don’t have a clue who these people are. lol

  12. fankle spotter

    ALM has fankles. Sorry

  13. Fat!! Put down the cheese steak, Annalynne. If you don’t slim down your career is gonna go down the dumper.
    Speaking of which, I would TOTALLY eat her poop. Really f*cking hot.

  14. Biff B.

    I’m not a biologist, so somebody help me here: How come her clit is in the middle of her abdomen?

  15. Sad

    Jessica L. seems threatened by really pretty girls. Saw her in a store and she was eyeing some really pretty girl and had that catty nasty girl look on her face. Seen it many times. It’s too bad that girls are like that with each other.

  16. JPRichardson

    Brunette is a hottie. The blond one needs a sandwich and boobies and an ass, pronto!

  17. Deacon Jones

    “C’mere little girl…C’MERE! Mr. Producer has a 50 bag and a boner. C’mere!”

  18. ME

    Well it’s about body shape, I came here to comment at how huge her legs are in comparison to her skinny as hell stomach. Weird body. (her in the denim and pink bikini top)

    It’s high time all you assholes stopped using the terms boy or prepubescent to refer to skinny girls or girls with no boobs. It’s surely a well known fact by now that breasts are mostly fat so skinny girls ain’t gonna have much, and it’s also surely a well known fact that some women.. in fact a lot of women are flat chested and no matter how much weight they put on, their tits will never get any bigger. Like Kelly Clarkson. Flat chested even as a whale. Now do you want a whale with no tits or a skinny person with no tits? Because with people with no tits.. that’s all you have to choose from. Well, that or fake tits. But apparently that’s not good enough for you either.

    FYI waist and hips are womanly and all woman have these. Some men have boobs but they don’t have a waist or hips, so really you are looking at the wrong area when you are judging sex. Like I said, man boobs. Vagina. Pay attention.

  19. Get Over Yourselves

    Wow…#12 is quite the idiot. Being uber-thin does NOT equal healthy. Most Hollywood types are very much underweight and unhealthy. Their obsessions with fad diets is nothing close to being the ideal image of health. That may explain why so many entertainers have eating disorders because idiots on blogs, websites, and in magazines always critique the way celebs look. So how about you shut your face, bitch! And everyone who notes that a lot of celebs happen to have the bodies of a “12 year old boy” aren’t fat. I have a small waist, a fabolous ass, NATURAL DD BREASTS, and I have no reason to be jealous of someone who lacks what I have. Also, most celebs that are considered “fat” aren’t. Almost everyone on this board (like #69 calling Kelly Clarkson a “whale”) are delusional. You’re judging based on your personal preferences, not what healthy really is. Not many people are of the “perfect weight” and are considered healthy. Unless you’re a vegan and exercise at least 3 times a week, OR have an extensive educational background in this particular field, don’t bother trying to make what you consider to be educated statements on what being healthy is. That’s what’s fucking wrong with America. Everyone that has access to a computer thinks their opinion matters. Fucking idiots…Why don’t you redirect yourselves to a college textbook!

    Anyway, I do think AnnaLyne and Jessica are beautiful girls.

  20. I can’t decide if I hope she’s less of a bitch than she looks, of if I hope she’s just as bitchy as she looks.

  21. youre all probably fat losers and none of these girls would even consider hooking up with you.

  22. Look at their clavicle area, spindley arms..and the fact that you can see their sternums. Sorry, but that IS something you find on pre-pubescent boys.

  23. Ari Ola

    Double-header – Two ladies who suck simultaneously. Nice!!!

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