AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini

June 26th, 2009 // 75 Comments

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord and her 90210 co-star Jessica Lowndes on set in Huntington Beach yesterday. I love how every season, without fail, AnnaLynne’s character is in a bikini. Sure, she almost has an almost Kelly Ripa-esque penis-button, but that’s what CGI’s for. Trust me, by the time this episode hits the air, she’ll have Luke Perry’s face for a stomach. That’s just smart television.

EDIT: By request, added more pics of Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup. Even though they’re not in bikinis. Who loves ya?


  1. Randal

    The new generation of 90210 is just as brilliant as the original, minus the big stars of course, yet these two have created a name for themselves and one day, will be as big, if not bigger, than the original stars.

    Love your Peach Pit, ladies!


  2. Bill Clinton

    Am I first?

    Too Thin. :(

  3. danielle

    …so you like girl’s with the body of a 12 year old boy and the face of a gerbil eh, fish? figures.

  4. ahhh

    cant plastic surgery fix outies yet?

  5. AnnaLynne

    Oh Randal, you’re so sensitive…I could just vomit.

  6. mark

    gross – mousy. dime a dozen

  7. NunyoBidnez

    In photo #3 you can make out a little camel toe action going on.

    And who is this person?

  8. danielle

    #5. lmfao! if a spammer says your beautiful, then you’re beautiful…they’re intellectual.

  9. darth vaderr

    why did you cut jessica stroup out of all the pictures?

  10. Phildo

    I don’t watch that show. Looking at the banner pic, I was like “Hey, who’s the hot brunette?” Then I found the swimsuit pictures.

    Nevermind, don’t care who she is now.

  11. Factual

    She screams…..I’m a bitch!!!

  12. EuroNeckPain

    Sorry, but I think this girl is unbelievably pretty. She has a gorgeous face and beautiful long legs. She looks natural, young and fresh.
    The other one with brown hair looks plain in comparison.

    … and I am sick of reading the same “12 year-old boy” comment from the fat asses on this site, over and over again, every time a woman is thin and healthy and has no fake tits and no cellulite.

  13. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  14. joe blow

    I’d fuck the shit out of her.

    When we got finished and she got up, Perez Hilton would be squirming around on the bed, having just fallen out of her ass.

  15. blood

    The blonde isn’t ugly. She just has an annoying, whiny looking face.

  16. Valerie

    Gator Face.

  17. I had to tune in for hot chicks friday

    Whos the beautifully proportioned brunette? and why is she hiding all that goodness under all that clothes…

  18. frankie steel

    Is that her white trash look?

  19. Moto Rola

    Where’s that beautiful picture of her eating a banana? She won me over with that. Teeth and all.

  20. mmmmmMMMMmmmmm

    honestly, I can’t decide if I hope she’s less of a bitch than she looks, of if I hope she’s just as bitchy as she looks. Honestly, she looks like if I tried to say hi she be like “ugh, whatever”. Which would be annoying. At the same time, if it turns out she’s a sweetheart, I’d probably be less turned on by her.

  21. DW Boy

    Bushpuff outline on pic # 3?

  22. Parker

    haha, this is so funny. My penis has a built-in magnet for AnnaLynne’s ass. I just move the picture of her ass left and right and my weiner follows it like a dog looking for a hole to bury his bone in.

  23. Richard McBeef

    Scrawny. Dog face. Not feeling it.

  24. mizzty

    Jessica Lowndes is sooooo fucking hot! Too bad she is wearing that fat suit still (he character had a baby in season finale, she’s got a hot bod normally)

    Fuck= Annalynne
    Marry = Jessica Lowdess
    Push off a Cliff = Jessica Stroup

  25. 90210? isnt that the # of bite marks Piranha-Lynn leave on your rod during a little licky icky…

  26. anon

    Nice body, but she’s kind of assless.

  27. Funeral Guy

    Anna Lynne McCord is built like a stick which means I’d really like to “stick” my cock right up her pooper.

  28. Thats some bullshit

    AnnaLynne Mccord is gross. Way too skinny and mousy looking. She isnt even a butterface

  29. DrunkenJules

    The other two girls aren’t bad at all if I may say.

  30. mikeock

    If I saw this girl on the street, my first reaction would be: Hey, I’d really like to fuck this chick hard.”

    My second reaction would be to adjust my boner so it wasn’t sticking out like a diving board.

  31. mikeock

    Denise Richards Lite.

  32. timmy the frisky virus

    She better eat plenty more of those ice cream cones before it’s too late.

  33. chrissy

    Jessica is so pretty

  34. First saw Annalynne in, Day Of The Dead. Had a hard on for her ever since. The other two are icing on the pussy cake.

  35. TH

    Picture #1, am I supposed to believe that is ice cream on the brunette’s fingers?

  36. Monie

    They’re both soo pretty, but AnnaLynne is way too skinny.

  37. lambman

    why is the pretty one in those ugly mom-jean shorts?

  38. lambman

    PS I love how nobody gives a shit about the fugly redhead girl that’s supposed to be the main character of the show

  39. DiaNA

    AnnaLynn is gorgeous. Shes so pretty. stfu you guys are so dumb you fucking pick something wrong out in EVER girl. no one is fucking perfect. and youre all probably fat losers and none of these girls would even consider hooking up with you.

  40. That don’t impress me mm

  41. That don’t impress me mm

  42. Taz

    id pump her silly

  43. Abi

    oh DIEana, I’m assuming from your screen name that you have an eating disorder, I battled with mine for years and I think it is SO awful what you just said

  44. Abi

    oh DIEana, I’m assuming from your screen name that you have an eating disorder, I battled with mine for years and I think it is SO awful what you just said

  45. captain america

    she wanna stay slim?
    (just eating nothing is the best, ONLY SHIT UNTIL IT STOPS)

  46. She is fucking GOOD … damn I wanna do her …\m/

  47. Mega111

    OH MY GOD Jessica Is SOOOOO Blazing HOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Yikes, what an unfortunate bellybutton. She has nice hair, though.

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