Angel McCord’s Nipple Makes Her Look Fat

Here’s AnnaLynne McCord and her sister Angel in Miami yesterday looking like the new poster-children for anorexia. (For or against? That’s up to you.) At one point, Angel flashed the paparazzi her nipple while adjusting her bikini and honestly I don’t even know why I bothered to censor these. No, really, I’ve been sitting here for the past 15 minutes looking at AnnaLynne’s nip than back at mine and I can’t even tell the difference. Minus a little hair and the words “Señor Fuckin’ Stuff” written in rhinestones, of course.

NOTE: Click “View NSFW Version” to see uncensored pics.

EDIT: Apparently this was Angel not AnnaLynne flashing the nip. Not entirely sure how that matters, but there you go.

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