Anna Torv probably could’ve picked a better topless pose

February 8th, 2010 // 66 Comments

Because Esquire is apparently ditching the impeccably dressed male crowd in favor of sci-fi geeks, here’s Fringe star Anna Torv posing half-naked for the March 2010 issue. That said, I have no explanation for why she’s basically taking a topless dump. Maybe because I’m not fancy and my most expensive article of clothing has Iron Man on it, but who’s to say really?

Photos: Esquire

  1. Female Body Inspector

    I seem to be the first to speak for the rest of the world…. LONG JOHNS???!!!!!

  2. Don’t speak for me – they call them long johns for a reason. I’m still caught on pics #2 and #3.

  3. Tenacious MC

    I don’t care either way. I’d still bang her…unless she had the stomach flu.

  4. Erica

    She’s wonderfully sexy.

  5. farles chew

    She just gave me wood.

  6. AnnaDraconida

    Most awkward topless photoshoot ever

  7. That guy

    She gave me wood, too. Plus I just came.

  8. Suzie

    funny, these have failed to arouse me. But I am a hetero female, so what do I know?

  9. radio_babylon

    you dont have to be a sci-fi geek to think anna torv is crazy hot.

  10. HLM

    Why does she look like she’s going to hang-over barf in that last picture??

  11. pimp

    pic 1 is awesome…makes me wanna get shit on…

  12. Thufir

    Somehow, they were able to use technology to cover her five-head and skillet nose. God bless photoshop.

  13. glace neuf

    i would hit it like there was no tomorrow…

  14. ___

    Who Gives A Shit Who Gives A Fuck.

  15. Richard McBeef

    @12 – WTF is a skillet nose?

  16. Vito

    She’s the only reason I watch Fringe.

  17. Courageous

    And to the surprise of everyone, there are no pink stars!

  18. jon

    I totally dig her. Best shot is the last nip shot. The other pix do look like she is taking a big, huge dump!

  19. Sledman

    Shes hot as hell. She can squat on my face any day. And the legs on pic 2 and ass in 3, I had to rub one out just writing about it. Then I hit the last pic and had to rub one out again. Now I have a blister and a sticky monitor. Thanks fish.

  20. Sledman

    On a less vulgar note I happened to see her on a late night talk show. Shes extraordinarily sweet and very down to earth. So grateful to be in a tv show. Shes Australian and has a unique accent.
    As for the 5 head comment. One the show her hairs always pulled back in a pony tail. I guess its supposed to be practical being that she plays an FBI field agent. If you watch the first episode or so of season 1, shes incredibly hot. they had to tone her down because it was distracting how hot she was. the pulled back hair was part of that. The skillet nose… no I don’t see it. Now Pamela Anderson, hells yeah, that nose is jacked.

  21. MSnow

    (Pic #2) is that a Dick-Hole in the Long Johns???? Nice.


    shes all natural and wicked hot

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Hmmmm…why does she have to cover her face halfway all the time? The photographer wanted to spare our feelings or something?

  24. da trooooof

    not impressed

  25. M1sc

    Where are the Walter pics?

  26. PeePeeRodriguez

    I think Walter is supposed to be in the SI swimsuit issue with Astrid.

  27. Drundel

    This would be much hotter if she were in yoga pants.

  28. Strange so many see pic #1 and think of shit. First thing that came to my mind was the best reverse cowgirl pose ever. You ALL are fools. Go get some pussy and stop think about SHIT you fags.

  29. Pal

    She’s cute.

  30. dancy

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    ===I’d like to recommend you a club for men and women to find love ======[PLUSFLIRT dot c O m]=====[PLUSFLIRT d o t C O M]====it said Adam Lambert met a big boobs girlfriend there.. at the begining of 09…Feel free to view his success story with 18 HOT photos….DFFFFFFFFFFFFFDD

  31. i’m in love with her since i played HEAVENLY SWORD for the first time (she’s NARIKO).

  32. Spanky

    I’d reverse her cowgirl!

  33. dacaya

    She looks like an older Blake Lively!! Especially picture 8

  34. Yeah,baby! Anna Torv is one sexy but this pose doesn’t suit her…

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  36. I’m still stuck on #2 and #3 (take that any way you want) and have added #1 to my focus of obsession. I think the “reverse cowgirl” comment did it. Next up: #8. I don’t know w thing about “Fringe,” but they know a lot about promotion.

  37. jlylec

    i love this broad

  38. Alfred E. Neuman

    Re #36: So happy these pics have driven you to masturbation. Even happier you felt the need to share this information. What a fucked up world we live in.

  39. T-Bone

    I’ve already sprayed 4 times to these pics. Awesome!!

  40. Loser

    Wonder what the inside of her butthole is like? I bet it’s dreamy.

  41. SammyHagarInYellowTights

    It’s like a diamond mine.

  42. Loser

    You saying her butthole’s TIGHT?

  43. SammyHagarInYellowTights

    Indeed, I am. As tight as my ass in these tights. (You’ve seen ‘em).

  44. Loser

    WOW. That tight, huh?

  45. waw she looking so hot bethought cloth. And I think she is so beautiful, with her will be ready any for physical relationship ,, and i really like her,

  46. JN

    She’s definitely got the assless pose down to a science.

  47. haha.. it looks cool.. really nice.. want to see the real thing..haha

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