Anna Paquin visits Letterman

July 17th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Anna Paquin stopped by The Late Show last night to promote the HBO series True Blood which I do not recommend to Twilight fans. Mostly because it’d be like pulling a kid out of Chuck E. Cheese and plunking him down in a strip club. Coincidentally, something similar occurred on my eighth birthday, but fortunately, I turned out alright. Now who wants to stare at tits all day instead of being a productive member of society? WOO!


  1. Darth

    Her name sounds like a Portugese dish or somethin.

  2. Rhialto

    Isn’t Nature a wonder? She has all grown up and has the complete package!

  3. Gando

    She’s still young but according to her age she’s a bit outta David Letterman’s usual range.

  4. Wolverine

    She was Rogue in the X-Men movies. Seems to have grown up.

  5. sebastianudo

    que cuerpo,como le queda ese vestido.siempre me calento horrores esta pendeja


  6. cate

    Don’t forget she won an Oscar when she was like 10 years oldd!

  7. Balls McCoy

    damn. she’s so hot

  8. Beastman AIDS

    Yea looking good – True Blood is a great show too.

  9. @ 10 – Yeah, some kind of transcendentally quirky super hotness.

  10. Victoria

    I love Anna Paquin she is great I cannot believe why so many people are saying that she is ugly. I believe that she is beautiful the whole blond thing is just because of the show. Lilu is so right I hate when people image someone being beautiful and they are this tall blond with the fakes breast and orange tan. That type of “beauty” is so unattractive. KEEP ON ROCKING ANNA YOUR AMAZING.

  11. Hotness, Thy Name is Anna.
    I would have loved a slit up the from of her leg.

  12. I can not understand for the life of me how anyone can enjoy the show. Maybe you just read books before. My friends love it and I tried watching it twice, but God it sucks so bad. Fake Redneck day, every character is either odd or dull, none of the actors are attractive, and the story just a bunch of sci-fi crap that is not interesting. Waste of time.

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