Anna Paquin visits Letterman

July 17th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Anna Paquin stopped by The Late Show last night to promote the HBO series True Blood which I do not recommend to Twilight fans. Mostly because it’d be like pulling a kid out of Chuck E. Cheese and plunking him down in a strip club. Coincidentally, something similar occurred on my eighth birthday, but fortunately, I turned out alright. Now who wants to stare at tits all day instead of being a productive member of society? WOO!


  1. Deacon Jones

    Nice ass!

    Does this bitch get naked in True Blood?

  2. Lacoste Jr

    Fisrt…………….She is hot!!!!

  3. andy7171


  4. Cap'n Jokey

    She has started getting topless quite a bit. Great series…

  5. unusmundus

    yes she does

    all sorts of naked

    i love the show!

  6. marry

    ……………………….. .where you have the opportunity dreaming about dating a millionaire and make it true! u dont have to be a millionaire.but u can meet one. I thought everyone needed to meet some miracle after all the terrible stuff in the news and the economy .

  7. The Jerk

    I can’t get on the True Blood bandwagon and I dont know why really especially since it gets so much praise..Oh wait now I remember why I dont watch it, its a show about VAMPIRES! T_T

  8. Dressed like that, I wonder if she brought Dave a bag of peanuts and some coffee?

  9. True Blood is a great show, and very distinct from Twilight. There’s room in my heart for both!

  10. Eggy

    I don’t know what it is about this chick – she has weird mug but she’s kinda hot at the same time. Discuss.

  11. gigi

    Quite the zinger RichPort’s Ghost… Anna’s so quirky hot! I noticed in the interview w/ Dave, her NZ accent is almost gone — unless she’s still sorta keeping in ‘american’ character so that the Sookie southern accent is authentic

  12. TopCat


    I agree. Although she doesn’t have delicate features, she does have a great figure

  13. RQ

    True Blood is about as bad as Six Feet Under was good.

  14. Terrible hair colour/style looks like myra hindley even her face

  15. Bloodluvr

    If you’re into redneck vampires (I’m gonna byt choo), then this is the show for you.

    And she’s the classic example of a butterface. Big time.

  16. yo

    that hair color is washing her out. she doesn’t really have a pretty face (who lives their whole life with teeth like that? orthodontists are everywhere and you’re famous — get with it) but she does have a nice body. whatever.

  17. kaylia

    ew at her teeth :S also the dress is super unflattering on her… actually i doubt it would look good on anyone. just.. no

  18. loser

    Gross. All of it – dress, hair style, hair color, personality. Gross.

  19. amanda

    shes pretty fug, i cant believe she played rogue!
    her accent is TERRIBLE and shes a super annoying character
    i may be able to get behind true blood if it wasnt for her, there are some hot guys on it, but she is too annoying

  20. Sotto Cinco

    She has a nice tight look and did a very good interview with Dave.

  21. dk

    @20 You say ” tight ” Im in!!!!

  22. phil

    She’s an actress, not a movie star. A rare example of a child star (second-youngest Oscar winner ever) who managed to ignore all the insanity and become a successful adult actress. It doesn’t matter one bit that she doesn’t look like a model.

  23. Kangaroo

    She’s hot.
    You retards that think not can go fuck your ugly grampa.

  24. Racer X

    I’d be all up in that.

  25. Laura the Great

    She has the same voice as dooce from I thought her voice was so unique until now. I need to hear Anna say CRAYONS now….

  26. Nadsak

    I love the fact her teeth are not “perfect.” This to me is a indicator that she might actually be a real person. Her body, face, hair, and ability to say something without me rolling my eyes, are great. I would pass 100% of the other girls on this site to get a chance with her. If guys don’t think she is hot, show me a pic of your girlfriend/wife and lets do a side by side comparison. That’s what I thought!

  27. JO JO

    TRUE BLOOD Rocks.. she is good on the show… its set on Baun toup Louisiana and anyone who has spent time in LA knows thats how people talk… she is a very good actress and she looked just lovely so haters BOW DOWN!

  28. GapToothFug

    #27 It’s Bon Temps, not Baun Toup. If you’re so familiar with Louisiana I would think you would know that.

  29. mikeock

    I’d let her comb my pubes with that gap in her front teeth.

  30. she looks great. i wanna be inside her more than ever.

  31. cate

    Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS. Yes, I am her biggest fan girl. Trash her all you want, but she is awesome. Pretty, talented, and hilarious. Love her sense of humor. And I’d be soooo pissed if she ever fixed her gap tooth, it’s freaking adorable. Why fix something that isn’t broken? She’s obviously gotten this far in her career, she’s doing just fine.

    Anna Paquin = LOVE.

  32. JO JO

    @ 29 Tomatoe Tomato.. Potatoe Potato…. you knew what I was talking about so Anyways….The point was her accent on the show is not that far off.. Get A Grip!!!

  33. Twat Bag McGee

    #31, I think you have some of her shit on your nose.

  34. anon

    her arms look too short for her body

  35. In the pooper?

    I wonder if she would take it up the butt?

  36. cate

    33, If i could, i would.

    I’ve got the biggest lesbian crush on this girl and have NOOO problem admitting it. She is fucking fabulous.

  37. puhleez

    She’s hot and looks in need of a proper drilling.

  38. Dread not

    She’s got that bit of sleaze, partly due to the gap in her teeth, but in her glare that is F’n hot!

  39. Plobes

    that gap-toothed beaver should build a dam

  40. uh

    She’s sleeping with Stephen Moyer, so she’s pretty much the luckiest girl in the universe. That man is sooooo sexy. And don’t insult the show because it’s about vampires. You can’t let Twilight ruin vampires forever.

  41. Tom K

    She looks good not a fan of the fake blonde hair though.

  42. Tom K

    She looks good not a fan of the fake blonde hair though.

  43. kels

    I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could enjoy this show. Maybe you just had to read the books first. My friends love it and I tried watching it twice, but god it sucks so bad. The fake redneck accents, every character is either weird or retarded, none of the actors are attractive, and the storyline is just a bunch of sci fi bullshit that isn’t even interesting. What a waste of time.
    And Anna Paquin is a huge buttaface.

  44. Anna, please spend a few bucks and get your teeth fixed. Please!

  45. dude

    she seems to walk weird. wish she’d stayed brunette to, looks weird with that hair and makeup. loverly bum tho mdear:)

  46. de

    i love how she’s not wearing fake tan
    much more classy looking

  47. LEB

    Looking good, Anna!

    If any of you met her in person, you’d try to get into her pants. And then she’d laugh at your fat, pimply ass. Politely, of course, to not hurt your widdle feewings.

  48. datroof

    she’s all grow’d up

  49. Lilu

    I prefer Paquin brunette but she is playing Sookie who is blonde, but she still looks great. Why does everyone have to have perfect capped teeth, be over tanned and get nose/boob jobs to be beautiful? WTF is wrong with you losers? Anna Paquin is gorgeous and talented. I’m not a fangirl or anything, but she a REAL woman with REAL features which makes her a million times more hot than the flash-in-the-pan, talentless tranny known as Megan Fox. The only thing sexy about Megan Fox is that she would probably admit that Paquin is 1000 times more talented than herself. Paquin will still be around with an actual career when Fox is shooting Skinemax movies in ten years.

  50. Galtacticus

    In the time of “The Piano” i thought she was most promising.It turned out that i was right (like usual).

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