Anna Paquin should do bad things to me

June 17th, 2009 // 26 Comments

- Robert Pattinson is straight, everyone. He was just joking/trying to make every teenage girl with the Internet kill herself so he can go to Starbucks without getting gang-raped. [ICYDK]

- Taylor Swift is our nation’s greatest country singer. Why the hell are we not related? [Lainey Gossip]

- Ryan Reynolds thinks his abs are so great. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Eva Mendes could sell me cock-shrinking pills at an orgy. [Just Jared]

- Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt probably made a sex tape, and don’t pretend 99.5% of us won’t watch it. [Celebslam]

- Chace Crawford is People’s Hottest Bachelor because he stars in Gossip Girls which is owned by Time-Warner just like People. I went there. [PopSugar]

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  1. nunayobizness

    Anna is so hot in True Blood, I would suck her blood and I’m a straight chick!

  2. Tom K

    I agree Anna is looking hot! She looked so blah in the X-Men movies, she has done a complete 180.

  3. HankTheDwarf

    She goes from an 8.5 to a 2 when she shows that toothy gap.

  4. Beastman AIDS

    All the good bits (read: boobs/ass/legs/face) more than make up for a gap between her teeth.

  5. rachel

    I love how people have to have something negative to say about a drop dead beautiful actress/actor…….. does it make you feel better about yourselves?

  6. Jones

    I wanna go weregorilla on Anna’s ass.

  7. NastyBedazzler

    #5: that’s the downside of an anonymous forum, people act like the badass they wish they were in real life but aren’t (probably because they’d get grounded).

    Anna Paquin is hot as hell, I just watched the second episode from season 2 of True Blood and that sex scene impressed me. And I’m not easily impressed.

  8. Helena Handbasket

    She’s a Canadian who grew up in New Zealand and lives in L.A., has an accent from I don’t know where. Keeps her Oscar bound and ball-gagged in her closet. Bigger identity crisis than Madonna as far as I can tell. In other words, I like her, I really like her!

  9. I’m sure this would be my pleasure, folks!!

  10. Ok now I know, thats the girl from true blood. Nice by the way…

  11. Ananana

    Jesus fucking christ on ice, Anna Paquin is so hot! I giggled of joy when I saw her boobies on last episode *-* Same goes to Eva Mendes, but she’s hot every day anyway. Isn’t Jamie Dornan Keira’s ex-boyfriend?

    I confess, I WILL watch her new sextape because I want to see what Satan in Hell looks like.

    If TSWriter wasn’t too busy posting about Megan Fox and Katie Price, he would have known that there are rumours that the Chuck Bass dude is moving out of his apartement that he shares with Chase Crawford because he caught him having sex with a tranny. Source: ontd

    On a finishing note, I would gladly fuck the gay out of RPatzz and slap him around a little bit for making Twilight. Same goes for Zachary Quinto, who’s an actual gay, but his movie record is clean. He could slap ME around though. Keehee…

  12. jeck

    Check out
    **B l a c k W h i t e L o v i n g . c O m ***
    where they hate hot girls and big woman~!!!

  13. Danny

    Reverse, double-negative rumour/joke… Pattinson is really gay! It was confirmed.

  14. Dread not

    There was eleven hangin’… for about a milisecond. Now, it’s back to ten.

  15. Nadsak

    You know what….I like it that she has a flaw….you know….the gap between her teeth. To me this indicates that she is in a normal person. The fact that she is hot is really not debatable. I noticed she was almost on the chubby side while she was in the X-Men, but she looks like slim now. I just hope she doesn’t waste away like some of the scank that we see here daily. I can’t wait for some more pics!

  16. Hotgirls…Nice body….


  17. JustJess

    The gap in her teeth IS what makes her sexy. She’s confident enough to be more natural in an industry that makes sure one is as “superficial” as possible. Therefore – she’s gorgeous in her own way – which is hot as hell.

    Sexiness is more than the sum of her parts – and #4 is right on…

  18. Moto Rola

    She looked so hot in the 1st episode of Season 2. When Bill pulled her pants off, I pulled my RoboCock out.

  19. Jayger

    i don’t mind the gap in her teeth, it’s the other gap that i find quite attractive. i felt like a perv when she was on x-men, but now she’s older i don’t feel so pedophallic.

  20. Dread not

    It’s cool the way, Anna is leaning against the Earth’s big, vein lined penis. Or am I the only one who sees that? LMFAO.

  21. friendlyfires

    America, let this woman masquerade as gay icon, not Lindsay Lohan! Is that such a terrible thing to ask? Excuse me, I have to go down on Christina, she washed today …

  22. I would soooo eat her ass out right after a shit. She was hot as Rogue… but, Ohhh Sookie! Just saw the boobs last night on TB-S1-EP6. Very nice Paquin-boobs!

  23. Rhialto

    Good job for a 19-year old singer! Well done!

  24. Kelii

    Her accent is still very kiwi you can hear it through ther fake accent.

  25. barbie

    To all of the people who think it’s wrong that people are pointing out her gap- sorry to burst your bubble but you think that with that giant gap in her teeth no one is going to point out the obvious. With all of the mean and rude people no one is going to say something about it. I mean it’s not rude, it’s a fact. She has a giant ass gap in her teeth that some people may not find attractive. To be quite honest, I think it’s cute.

  26. violet

    Shes so sexy i don’t mind that she has a gap. ugh that bill guy is UGLY to me… her soon to be hubby n co-star. ugh. I also noticed shes really slimmed down since she went tan n blonde. Personally i love her pale and dark haired. In X2 she was Soooo hot. ugh still turns me on everytime I watch it. Wish she wasn’t gonna marry that guy, HE’S a turnoff. blecchhhh….

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