Anna Paquin is bisexual

April 1st, 2010 // 111 Comments

Anna Paquin revealed she’s bisexual today in an online video for the Give a Damn Campaign which targets discrimination against the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Ignoring the fact this was a poor choice of days to make this announcement, can Anna Paquin honestly say she’s bisexual when she’s engaged to a man? Don’t get me wrong, my bread’s buttered on the “Carrie Prejean is a fuckbox of dumb” side just as much as any rational human being, but if you’re going to marry a dude, I’m pretty sure the whole bisexual thing didn’t take. It’d be like me saying I’m a ninja because I took one karate class but quit because they wouldn’t let me stop someone’s heart on the first day. So the kid was eight, that’s the whole point of a release form.

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  1. Kangaroo

    If she’s a Butterface, then pass me the butter.
    So hot.
    Love the spittin’ gap too.

  2. mdshf

    i don’t think he was saying that she isn’t bisexual just because she’s getting married. he’s just saying it’s a kind of….awkward timing because of the fact that she’s getting married. she’s allowed to say whatever she wants whenever she wants, it’s just that it seems sort of pointless to announce it now if, assuming her marriage works out, she can’t really put her bisexuality to use. i don’t think he was trying to indicate that she was lying or anything. i’m glad she came out though. as a celebrity, it can be a difficult thing to do.

    gese, people are taking what he said WAY too seriously. i’m bisexual and i really didn’t take what he said as being “incredibly close-minded and ignorant”.

  3. rob

    Eww, she’s lookin long in the tooth. I used to think she was kind of cute, but not anymore :P

  4. X-men

    She must have caught The Gay when Rogue touched Sir Ian McKellen without her gloves on.

  5. Megan

    geekologie, I love you.
    but this is an ignorant post. sexuality is who you’re attracted to; not necessarily who you choose to make a life with.

    let me put this in terms you might understand: just because you’re engaged to a blonde doesn’t mean you’re not attracted to redheads. (or – just because you’re engaged to a man, doesn’t mean you’re not also attracted to ladies). Attraction, behavior, desire, and action are all separate spheres that don’t always come neatly packaged in their expected forms.

  6. kpatra

    echo echo echo
    you can be bisexual and still be with one person regardless of gender. duh.
    and, sickasses: it has nothing to do with sexual abuse. gah.
    echo echo echo

  7. kaylia

    does she have an alibi?

  8. Rasputins Liver


    “Anna Paquin Is Bisexual”


    Er….I know you’re only the messenger, Fishy, so this is directed at you. But …. uh…so?


    So some Z-lister likes to have her cake and eat it, too. So what?


    Just don’t see that as anyone worth cuttin’ and pastin’ about, let alone reporting on.


  9. Rasputins Liver


    And to add to my previous comments…


    …hell, she’s not even good looking. She looks like something Rosie O’Donnel’d find hot an’ sexy.


  10. Tony

    In terms of beauty she’s only so so. Being bi gives her double the chance of hooking up for the night. Very smart girl.

  11. Rasputins Liver


    Uh….I meant….”ISN’T directed at you”.


    58. Rasputins Liver – April 1, 2010 3:18 PM


    “Anna Paquin Is Bisexual”


    Er….I know you’re only the messenger, Fishy, so this is directed at you. But …. uh…so?


    So some Z-lister likes to have her cake and eat it, too. So what?


    Just don’t see that as anyone worth cuttin’ and pastin’ about, let alone reporting on.


  12. Dr. Phil's Aunt

    Dear little Phil,

    I am sorry I touched you funny and now you hate woman. I am very sorry. You weren’t even fun to molest. The 11 year old Drew Pinksky was much more flexible and really squealed when I stuck the fork up his ass.

    Aunt Anus.

  13. Notgai

    I have a question.

    By the world’s standards if I, as a guy, think another guy is good-looking does that make me gay or bi-curious? If attraction is how we define sexuality, how do we define attraction?

    I have several male friends that I could honestly say are good looking and possibly even “hot” based on my exposure to other males over the course of my life, but I can comfortably say that I don’t fantasize about them sexually in any way shape or form.

    I definitely have a desire to have sex with women, though.

    By worldly standards am I gay or bisexual just to find someone of the same sex attractive? Or does it have to be solely in a sexual I-want-to-do-you-in-the-butt or I-crave-your-tongue-in-my-throat way in order to be gay or bi-curious?

  14. small asian penis

    Sorry #63 you’re not gay or bi :( Sounds like you know what beauty is when you see it, that’s good taste.

    On behalf of the worlds standards: you’re just a straight man.

  15. Bob

    1) Why are you trying to ruin the fact that a hot chick just said she’s into other chicks?! I don’t know you anymore!
    2) Just because she’s marrying a dude, doesn’t mean the bisexuality didn’t take. It’s not like you stop being attracted to other people when you get hitched.

  16. Chinny

    I would find it more newsworthy if she announced she was attractive.

    Seriously, you can help that you’re so gap-toothed, ya stupid bitch?

  17. Buberella

    Just because you’re marrying a person of one gender or another doesn’t mean that your personal orientation changes. She identifies as bisexual, that doesn’t change. Her IDENTITY doesn’t change because she fell in love.

  18. #63's answer

    #63, you are queer, gay, homosexual, and a pole smoker. Glad I could clear that up for you.

  19. Kodos


    Is she already giving herself an out when the marriage goes south?
    “..i can’t handle servicing him sexually; like women too, remember??..”

  20. canonman

    everyone knows that when you marry a woman, you cant be attracted to anyone else. look at tiger n jesse.

  21. hey me too

    She can be bisexual and married to a man it just means she could have married a girl or a boy, but by law you can only marry one person. More and more people are starting to realize that they could be in a relationship with a man or a woman and that it is more about the person. I fell in love with my husband, but if his awesome personality was in a hot girls body I would have married her in a heartbeat. It’s like being attracted to women of all races, or hair color or boob size, just because you married a fit brunette doesn’t mean you couldn’t have married a busty blond.

  22. Posttache

    She was cute in x-men and turn out ugly in true blood. She change for the worse.

  23. sher map

    I love Anna and I relate to her more now than ever. She is beautiful, sexy, and has got it going on! If I could skeet all over this post I would!

  24. sher map

    I love Anna and I relate to her more now than ever. She is beautiful, sexy, and has got it going on! If I could skeet all over this post I would!

  25. Jupiter

    So she should marry a transgender? Would that earn her the label “bisexual”?

  26. me

    why is the concept of bisexuality so difficult to means she’s attracted to both. period. just because you marry one and not the other doesn’t mean some contest has been won. it really isn’t that complicated..and believe it or not, being bisexual doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being monogamous – get your heads out of your asses people

  27. hey me too

    #67. If that was directed at me the “by law” part was a joke. Since in the US you can’t even marry someone of the same sex.
    I don’t get why people would think that you couldn’t be bi and monogamous, that’s like thinking you can’t be straight and monogamous just because there are plenty of available people of the opposite sex walking around. I don’t know why people focus on gender so much. If you are attracted to men and women you could be happy with either it just depends on which one human being you fall for and feel is the one for you if you are looking for monogamy.

    Still I think it’s all a big grey scale. It’s not always 50/50 and perfectly equal. We are also coached by the media, school, our family and even kids fairytales to be straight so who knows how many more people would be openly bi or gay if we were taught from an early age that it was all ok and lived with an openness to all the possibilities. I have to admit I always dreamed of my prince charming, but I have to wonder how much of that was all those Disney movies and if I would have been more open at a younger age if I grew up seeing all kinds of different couples.

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  29. I know others have said this, but it bears repeating so that you close-minded so-called brain can actually get this…

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  32. Christina

    How can bisexuality take off? I mean, she’s into both men and women, now she’s engaged to a man… so this means she can’t be bisexual? Jeez! I am bisexual, I’m engaged to a man and I still find women attractive like hell… bad article… baaad

  33. Nero

    Is this big news? I think that most women are bisexual anyway.And that’s good because what’s better than one woman?

  34. cellphone

    She’d like lickerdelick at the same time?

  35. I want Anna to reveal more T & A.

    @ 28 – “I think she’s ugly but there’s something about her that makes me want to fuck her nevertheless.”
    That’s the common feeling I think.

    @ 33 – I thought Melissa Gilbert was quite the cutie until maybe this past decade. This blond shit does look cheap though. She makes me think of a dirty ashtray.

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  37. LJ

    The woman likes a sausage diet most of the time, but will also dine at the Y when she has an urge for a change in her diet.

  38. DFCtomm

    Or she’s jumping on yet another Hollywood bandwagon. It’s the hot thing to do right now. It’s also a lot less work than adopting an African village of small children.

  39. captain america

    (most men like the idea of “TWO GIRLS”!!)

  40. Nicole

    It’s not like once a bisexual person marries their sexuality changes. It’s not like there’s a HUNGER FOR BOTH and a person can’t choose to be with someone for the rest of their lives regardless.
    Bisexual women are not simply looking for attention.
    This is really sick and discriminatory. I just lost a lot of respect for this blog.

  41. tony romo

    i take a wild guess and said that “she is the man” in the relation.

  42. tim

    She is pretty coo,l Awesome dress, necklace, hair and make-up.

    Somehow she is more attractive to me than someone like Kim Karashian because she is smart and has class, carries herself well, doesn’t dress vulgar.

  43. preaching to the choir

    Heterosexuals get married.
    They’re still heterosexual after they marry.
    Doesn’t mean they screw other people after they marry.

    Similarly, bisexual people marry.
    Doesn’t mean they’ll screw other people after they marry.

    Bisexual means “attracted to both sexes.” It doesn’t follow that every bisexual person “wants to have sex w/ two other people of opposite sexes in the same sexual experience.” “Bisexual” doesn’t mean “orgy.”

    Also a bisexual woman can be in a committed lesbian relationship. Doesn’t mean she stops being bisexual. Doesn’t mean she also screws guys at the same time.

    However, “bi-curious” on a guy means “closeted gay,” and on a girl, “sexual abuse.”

    Hope this helps.

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  45. Sarah

    *facepalm* Just because someone is bisexual, they can never be in a committed relationship? What decade are you in?

    I would bet that every single person is some shade of grey, no one is completely straight (please no one get offended at that — I’m saying sexuality is fluid, not black and white). Just because she likes girls too does not mean that she can’t honestly be in love with a man.

  46. Thank you for your sharing!

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