Anna Nicole Smith’s son gets second autopsy

September 18th, 2006 // 42 Comments

A second autopsy was performed Sunday on Anna Nicole Smith’s son but the results were inconclusive. The examiner ruled out several potential natural causes including heart disease, stroke, or a “congenital anomaly,” but also affirmed that it didn’t look like there was any foul play involved.

“I don’t find anything that would cause me to believe there is something in terms of some traumatic injury that was inflicted, or somebody having done something to him in some cryptic manner that could not be observed,” Wecht told reporters outside the morgue where he performed the procedure.

They might as well have sent a talking duck to solve the case, because we’ve got an entire investigative force, multiple witnesses, a ton of doctors, and we still know absolutely nothing more about her son’s death than we did the day it happened. At least if there was a talking duck at some point the sarge would ask him what progress he’s made and he’d shoot back, “How should I know? I’m a freaking duck!” And then we could all have a nice chuckle and forget what a horrible insolvable case this is.


  1. I’m happy that no foul play was involved. I do feel bad for his mom, seriously!

  2. Cleosneedle

    Now what?

  3. and the truth is.. the truth might not ever be known.. if she hired a world famous examiner and he still couldn’t make a determination.. well, that pretty much means the chances are good we ain’t gonna..

  4. llllllllll


  5. Italian Stallion

    Why doesn’t she just admit that he got a hold of her Trim Spa?

    P.S. This is sad………

  6. hav-a-tampa

    1rst. first.. i’m first…. woooooo 1rst 1rst. i first…….. hahahahaaa………..

    yea, i know i aint first. who gives a shit.

  7. jrzmommy

    so basically nothing killed him.

  8. RichPort

    Maybe he died of embarassment…?

  9. As long as it’s not Howard the duck. How I hated Howard the duck.

  10. Vanessa

    We’re still waiting for the full toxicology report…there will probably be something there.

  11. Steeno

    sadly, this is how things work in the bahamas

  12. commissioner

    Toxicology report will reflect he had a massive amount of narcotics in his system which he ingested via breastmilk.

  13. Now my Spidey senses are really tingling. Cyril Wecht, along with Michael Baden, were two pathologists I used to respect until they got famous and started taking sides of whoever signed the paycheck. These two assholes were on O.J.’s defense team – that’s right, they said the Juice didn’t do it. That Anna hired him before the results of the first autopsy were released speaks volumes. A little pre-emptive, wouldn’t you say? Her, or someone close to her, plied the kid with something and he had an overdose/drug interaction/allergic reaction to it. Yeah, no heart problems or stroke, no sign of blunt force trauma, but there was nothing suspicious about the death. Right. Perfectly normal 20 year olds drop dead all the time. And in a hospital, no less. Wait, I forgot, he wasn’t normal – he had Anna Nicole Smith for a mother.

  14. commissioner

    The butler did it, in the pantry, with a candlestick.

  15. Cops suck! People suck! If you’re looking for “Law & Order” or “CSI”, you might as well forget it, man.

    O.J. was innocent, but everybody believed the cops who “felt” he was guilty. They’re the L.A.P.D.! There are movies about how much they suck!

    I’m sure everybody will figure out what happended to the kid after they do a movie about it…

  16. justme

    ^^ Dumb Spook..

  17. TWO AUTOPSYS? I hate it when celebrities are pampered…

  18. How did he die?

    What are Drugs, Alex. I’ll take “Sorry This Happened But He Was a PsudoCelebrity so no One Not Close To The Family Really Cares” for $800.

  19. NotANiceGirl

    I just read that the 2nd autopsy said her son was on prescription anti-depressants

  20. NotANiceGirl

    but there’s no sign that he died from a suicidal overdose

  21. okiedoke

    This is really sad. The first thing I asked myself when this happened was “I wonder if he committed suicide right there in his mom’s room to get back at her somehow?” Having Anna Nicole for a mom couldn’t have been easy, he allegedly was on anti-depressants, etc. and a new baby just came into the picture, someone ELSE to take Anna’s attention away from him.

    So sad.

  22. I just find it odd that they would infer via the news that either Anna or her lawyer Howard would have killed him when there was no indication. That kind of talk simply stirs people up to sell newspapers, but has no place in reality.

    Oh, wait, I guess that is what journalists do these days. Never mind, it is all so clear to me now that I am using my sarcasm skills again. I was trying to figure this out using my nunchuck skills and it wasn’t working.

  23. Star Maker Machinery

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an adverse reaction to one of his medications or if he accidentally mixed prescriptions.

  24. RichPort

    Apparently the autopsy was performed with a butter knife and some electrical tape by third world medical students. Now I’m no expert, but I hear that kind of disection can cause more damage than it solves. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a Lifetime movie starring Anna as herself.

    I accidentally mixed prescriptions once, but I found that Vicodin and weed can peacefully co-exist. OK fine, I didn’t have a prescrition for the weed or the Vicodin, but you should really give it a try.

  25. checkyourshorts

    You know what happened. Yes, you. A-N gave birth, wanted to celebrate however many months she’d been drug free. She and son took a hit of whatever, provided by their dealer, Stern, which A-N proptly dosed in her usual horse tranquilizer amount. A pleasant buzz for A-N, but son, who was only human, died.

    Notice the 2nd coroner is saying “no outside force” blah, blah, blah. Nothing about horse tranquilizers.

  26. clamofdeath

    he was envious of all the positive comments posted for steve irwin

  27. This isn’t funny, or even interesting.
    He may have died of dysrhythmia, which can’t be tested for post-mortem (which would explain why the autopsy proved inconclusive).

  28. Skip Smith

    Have they scheduled an autopsy for Anna Nicole Smith’s career yet?

  29. frenchtoaststix

    An electrical heart malfunction isn’t going to show up on an autopsy, no matter how many they do, so it’s possible his cause of death will remain inconclusive.

    Anyone know what AN named the new baby?

  30. clamofdeath


  31. joshyo

    Often an autopsy is deemed inconclusive until further lab test results come back . due to his age and the way he died, he most likely died from an undiagnosed heart condition very much seen with young athletes. One of these could be HCM.
    Regardless of the kind of person she is, it must be terrible to lose a child that way. Have a heart.

  32. clamofdeath

    he was an organ donor?

  33. RichPort

    #32 – Yea, I heard he’d give pianos and keyboards to anyone who asked…


  34. Brain Embolism

    33 No crickets Rich, I chuckled.

  35. libtard

    clamofdeath, you can only be an organ donor if you are technically alive/brain dead. He was dead for too long for his organs to be of any use.

    Anna Nicole on the other hand……

  36. aihyah

    well someone said his spidey senses were tingling, well i think the greedy brother pierce put a hit on the kid as revenge before he died. probably on the condition that it happen after his death, zero chance of justice basically. i’m sure one can get a pretty dirty hitman when you are that rich, perhaps some ex soviet kgb agent, they were good at poisons.

  37. Anna Nicole makes my organ tingle. Mostly when it’s late. And I am drinking.

  38. PrincessMuMu

    This is awful. Poor kid. And he’s such a cutie.

  39. #1, I thought you hate everybody though? So now,

  40. clamofdeath

    everybody who said jokers were being inhumanly mean to Anna, apologize now:

    The NY Daily News reports that reps for the 38-year-old Smith and her photo agent, Getty Images, have received more than $600,000 for the rights to snapshots of her late son, Daniel. The lad posed with his mother and his new sister in a Bahamian maternity ward the night before he was found slumped dead in a chair Sept. 10.

    In Touch magazine paid as much as $400,000 for the print exclusive on photos, and the Paramount-produced television shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” forked over an estimated $250,000 for the TV exclusive.

  41. commissioner



  42. well, i guess that’s solved…not

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