Anna Nicole Smith to unbury her son

Anna Nicole Smith recently buried her son Daniel in the Bahamas, but now that she’s getting kicked out she’s facing the possibility of having to exhume the body to bring back to the United States. A source says:

“She waited as long as she did to bury him [39 days after her son died] because she was trying to figure out if she could get his body into the U.S. Now that she might get booted out, the word is she’s going to take her son’s body with her.”

At the rate her life is going, when she goes in to unbury her son she’s gonna find that the body is already missing. And then on closer inspection notice the body actually clawed its way out on its own. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. He’s a zombie. Oh no I di’int just go there. Oh no I di’int.