Anna Nicole Smith loses son, gains daughter


Anna Nicole Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel died in the Bahamas on Sunday, only three days after she gave birth to her new daughter. Her official site reads:

“On Sept. 7 Anna Nicole gave birth to a healthy 6 lb., 9 oz. baby girl. Her son Daniel was in the Bahamas with her to share in the joy of his baby sister when he passed away suddenly on the morning of Sept. 10. We have yet to learn the cause of death but do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor. Anna Nicole is absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being. Please do not make any press inquiries at this time so that Anna Nicole can grieve in peace.”

Anna Nicole Smith’s life is about as close to a soap opera as humanly possible. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to gain a daughter and lose a son in the span of three days, but I bet it’s sort of like finding out the father of your child is really a pirate who also happens to be your long lost twin brother. And twin sister. Bum bum bummm!