Anna Nicole Smith investigated for murder

October 7th, 2009 // 38 Comments

The FBI investigated Anna Nicole Smith for plotting to have the son of her late husband murdered but she was never prosecuted, according to newly released files. The AP reports:

Smith’s FBI records, obtained exclusively by The Associated Press, say the agency investigated Smith in 2000 and 2001 in a murder-for-hire plot targeting E. Pierce Marshall, who was at the center of a long legal fight to keep the starlet, model and stripper from collecting his father’s oil wealth, valued in the hundreds of millions. The younger Marshall died three years ago of natural causes.
The documents released under the Freedom of Information Act depict an investigation going on as the fight raged over J. Howard Marshall II’s estate. Vast sections of the 100 pages of released materials — a fraction of Smith’s full FBI file — are whited out, and no evidence of her involvement in such a plot is detailed.

The FBI files show a .357-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver was confiscated from Smith’s home, along with a 3 1/2-inch stainless steel knife and, for reasons that were not explained, a black and orange hat described as “Dr. Seuss.” All three objects were returned to her about seven months later.

Of course, it’s no surprise the FBI let Anna Nicole off the hook. Spend two minutes talking to the woman and it’d be immediately obvious she couldn’t plot the making of a sandwich with two pieces of bread stuck to each hand. Then again, the mere fact the FBI suspected the involvement of a “Dr. Seuss” hat, makes me wonder if Anna Nicole outsmarted us all. You know, by dying so no one could press charges. Clever girl…

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  1. J.D.

    She’s dead, right? I thought I crossed that off my list…

  2. jo

    Howard K. Stern worked her like a puppet. He never did get his jackpot after all of that scheming.

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    Anna would be able to show us some COCK posts… but she’s dead dammit! But then again she WAS involved with Howard Stern… *shudder* I would pay NOT to see his cock…

  4. Randal(l)


    We get it, you love cock. All you think about is cock. You need more cock in your life. Enough of it all ready, your starting to sound like my dad.


  5. mm

    Anna Nicole was a dirty, vulgar WH@RE. She only loved money. She was involved in plot to kill Pierce, no doubt. $500 MIL. WAS VERY STRONG MOTIVE.

  6. mm

    Anna Nicole was a dirty, vulgar WH@RE. She only loved money. She was involved in plot to kill Pierce, no doubt. $500 MIL. WAS VERY STRONG MOTIVE.

  7. JADE

    @4 I have never seen cock on this site ever. SO maybe if you need to see one that bad go someplace else that will surely have a big one for you. Otherwise STFU

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches

    now thats not true! we saw Dolph Lundgrens cock on here awhile back! You dont forget things like that!!!!!

  9. Parker

    It feels weird fantasizing about buttfucking a girl who is long dead but I couldn’t help it. Somewhere, I’m sure, Anna is pleased about this.

  10. Yoda

    How and why does this filthy dead whore continue to make the news?

  11. the feds confiscated weapons, now some of her files are whited out? she blew somebody

  12. JADE

    @9 sweet Jesus I missed that one.

  13. mamamiasweetpeaches

    You can do an ARCHIVE SEARCH it was on May 12, 2009 type in Dolph Lundgren and see WHAT POPS UP!

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  15. She’s looking hot in those pics.

  16. JADE

    @14 uuummm not sure if I really wanted to see that after all. Where is my Nyquil, I need to sleep now and start this day over.

  17. The coyote

    Leave the bimbo alone

  18. Rancid

    This leaked from the FBI – they found a document that is halfway written in magic marker, and then by pencil:

    My merder plan:

    Son is taking mony so I kil him.

    Plan A: I wayt til he go to sleep and then I drop sumthin hevy on his hed. I dont kil him an he wake up I run.

    Plan B: I put slipery stuff on his steps – he fall down and di maybe – I don’t hav to be ther so if he dont di I dont hav to run

    Plan C: Milc, bred, bottl water, slimfast brekfast shak, aroogula lettuc, chiken, candi bar

  19. Truth Doctor

    Hmm, would I still hit that? It’d be like fucking an overripe banana, but I doubt her vag felt much different back when she was alive…

  20. lindsay

    the pharmacy corps killed her. she was gonna shit talk trimspa, so they overdosed her to look like suicide.

  21. Dr Oz

    You can see the diet pill vapor around her head- sad…

  22. What a skank

    What an ugly disgusting fat cow she was in life; the only thing she had going for her was huge fake titties. Let’s leave her alone to rot in hell; it’s where all money grubbing gold diggers end up…

  23. wanks

    “you like my body?”

  24. quake

    I totally forgot she was dead.

  25. isa

    leave the poor woman alone!

  26. me

    give her the death penalty!! oh, wait…

  27. Anna Nicole half sister said she knew Anna was ready to do anything for the money, MURDER included.

    $550 mil. was a very big motive for Anna Nicole to kill Pierce, the only heir to Marshall fortune.

    Anna Nicole only loved money, she married a rich man aged 90, she was 26.

  28. Although it’s still a sexy babe..

  29. Darth

    Typical example of monster hidden behind a smile.

  30. Nero

    Horse,whale or monster? What was she?!

  31. Mama Pinkus

    let this poor wretched gal rest in peace

  32. Lena

    Karma cut her down. She want someone’s son dead and hers died. Sad very sad.

  33. Bill

    She is so beautiful. RIP.

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