Anna Nicole Smith, Drunk and Slutty

anna_nicole_thumb1Organizers of the charity fund-raiser Live 8 have sued Trimspa diet firm for failing to control Anna Nicole Smith, claiming that an intoxicated and scantily clad Smith disrupted last summer’s Live 8 concert in Philadelphia. Anna’s response was to grab her crotch and puke.

Live 8 says that Trimspa not only stiffed them on a six-figure promotional fee, but “to add insult to injury, when Ms. Smith showed up to the Philadelphia concert to be integrated into the ABC broadcast . . . she was intoxicated and scantily clad in revealing attire that was totally inappropriate for a broadcast that would be seen by millions of people.” The group claimed she “damaged Live 8’s reputation and goodwill in the entertainment industry by her unbecoming and erratic behavior.”

This lawsuit boggles my mind. Anna Nicole Smith drunk? And scantily-clad? Shocking. Somehow these Live 8 geniuses failed to realize that Anna Nicole Smith is the Muhammad Ali of drunken skanks. I can only assume that this is because they are cavern-dwelling dwarves who have shunned human society for the last fifteen years.