Anna Nicole Smith died of an overdose


The National Enquirer and Star are reporting that Anna Nicole Smith died of a lethal level of a potent sleep medication, although she also had a blood infection that would’ve killed her had the sleep aid not. She took the sleep-inducer chloral hydrate (used in date rape drugs) on Feb 7 and then never woke up.

The official results were supposed to be announced Monday by the Broward County Medical Examiner but the National Enquirer and Star broke the story. They’re usually a little off with their reporting but this just sounds right. Although any explanation involving the word “overdose” probably would’ve sounded right. They could’ve said she overdosed on horse manure and I would just nod my head in silent knowing.

NOTE: Not really related, but two handwritten private diaries written by Anna Nicole between 1992 and 1994 were bought off eBay for $512,500 by a businessman from Germany.