Anna Faris is hot. I don’t say that enough.

April 7th, 2009 // 108 Comments

Here’s Anna Faris looking all kinds of hot at the LA premiere of her new movie Observe and Report. I mean, she’s practically the perfect woman. Funny, all natural (minus the hair) and most importantly, engaged. Okay, I said that last part to sound cool but will probably just end up getting hit in the face with a jet flown by her fiance. At least that’s what I’d do if she were my girl. Anna?

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  1. this sucks

    It is taking me longer to scroll down to where I want to go because of the stupid ads, I think. I have never had problems with this site before. Take them off!!!!

  2. lulu


    your definition of “natural” is one that has fake lips, boobs, and hair??? lmao!

  3. jlylec

    i would observe me tapping that ass and report back to the superficial.

  4. I threw a rock in a L.A. once, I think i hit 15 girls who like her….shes going to a premier course shes all dolled up….

  5. JT

    All natural my ass!! she looks nothing like she did in the first scary movie. I liked her back then, but lately she’s become all fake and plastic looking. Ever since that movie house bunny came out , she’s been tyring to hard to look like a playmate, and the look so does not work for her, not to mention the tacky dress she’s wearing that looks like it came from forever 21.

  6. Rhialto

    Who this hot smoothie?

  7. isitin

    She’s 32 years old. She is one fine lady. I would not come out of the bedroom with her for days. And all you haters, she would never want your ugly skanky bodies near her.

  8. Danklin24

    She’s really not that hot nor is she funny.

  9. Matt

    She’s not that hot. She just looks like every other blonde chick I see around town.

  10. M

    She’s a natural blond you know… And I doubt she’s as fake as everyone is claiming. Her breasts look real to me, I worked in a porn shop for a very long time and it’s not difficult to tell the real from the fake in my line of work. I’m also a woman, so I know what a difference good support in that dress can do. I’ve been accused of having fake breasts so many times but it’s all the magic of push up bras.

  11. mikeock

    I have an aching boner for this chick. I’d guess that those who posted comments that she is “more of the same” are either gay or super flaming gay.

  12. Lain

    What the FUCK did she do to herself?! Collagen????

  13. Lain

    Oh and her tits are definitely fake. In Scary Movie 2 (which I saw last night) she was small-chested. In House Bunny, her fake tits looks freaking obvious.

  14. Tom K

    She should have kept her hair black, not all white girls look good with blonde hair, but for some reason Americans love blondes even if they are ugly they are still hot because they are blonde.

    Also a black women with blonde hair looks totally retarded, so black women for fuck sake cut that shit out.

  15. Shell be lost in the pussy shuffle at the playboy mansion during blonde night @61. see? shes still pretty…we all know youre straight stop being a hetero patriot…

  16. ....

    does anyone else think she looks like baby spice?

  17. ooh

    HOT tan lines!

  18. ooh

    HOT tan lines!

  19. titsonsnack

    Sure she’s hot but she was way better back when she was dorky. Now she’s kind of typecast as stupid-ass blonde bitch in everything I see her in.

  20. FIRST


  21. jazzhandz

    Great body, fug face.

  22. Delgo

    Meh, young Barbara Walters type shit

  23. She doesn’t even look like the Scary Movie version of Anna Faris, who was absolutely adorable. Bad implants and some facial work later, she looks like a day-shift stripper from rural Florida.

  24. Barkerman

    Sort of a butterface? wtf are you people thinking??! Smoking hot body, pretty face, funny as hell, willing to do stupid stuff on film. What’s not to like???

    And have you seen House Bunny? G’damned banging body on that girl. Hot, hot, hot.

  25. Ein

    I’d marry her anytime. Perfect girl.

  26. americans prefer the “EASY & CHEAPEST WAY”, folks!!

  27. hanson

    she has the face of an old woman

  28. Brown1

    yeah apart from her face..

  29. I read that she’s naturally blonde. (

    She has a wide range of looks; I think she looks pretty much the same in "Scary Movie 3" and "House Bunny", but looks very different in "Waiting", which was years in between those movies. I figured it was just some makeup effect bringing out different features.

    This site suspects cosmetic surgery:

    Pretty funny in House Bunny.

  30. Jim Lahey

    I’ve seen a brownish/yellow, chipped and overgrown toenail on an old mans foot thats more sexy than this thing.

  31. The top just screams attention whore.

  32. Jim Lahey

    It also looks like the Hand of ugliness smudged her face starting from the forehead down. Did someone use the Photoshop “liquify” filter on her face?

  33. lulu


    your definition of “natural” is one that has fake lips, boobs, and hair??? lmao!

  34. MissyWu

    I’m a woman, and I think she’s a doll. I think her personality makes her pretty. I loved “The House Bunny.” I can’t wait to see her next movie that’s out.

  35. I really prefer purple skinned negro males to hot human blonde chicks. It’s just my perpensity for purple cocks in my ass, plus their jizz tastes like watermellon, or is it their pee? I like em both.

  36. Me

    @ 74) Yes, I saw the House Bunny . . . it was the single worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. I once was on the scene of an accident where two kids got blown apart with a 40mm grenade . . . the House Bunny was still more horrible. The ONLY thing worth a damn in that whole movie was Kat Dennings’s rack. Anna Faris isn’t anything special looks-wise, and her acting career should be cordoned off by FEMA.

  37. mk

    old lady face

  38. Jay

    Hot? compared to what?? I hate her smile. When she smiles, it looks like she’s gotta take a dump. Her movies blow and she’s NOT funny at all.

  39. fribble

    She was a hottie, but now she looks like a blond Tila Tequila. *shudders*

  40. @86 – You should watch “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “Tropical Thunder”. Those shit bombs make “House Bunny” look like Cinematic Divinity. M&MS is almost worse than “Armageddon”…or, well, maybe it is worse than “Armageddon”…or even worse than a shaky camera Steven Soderbergh movie, or even a Woody Allen movie, if that’s conceivable. Probably as bad as a Wes Anderson movie, at least.

  41. Cutegirl

    I hope she can find her true love, she was said to be found by her fans on a celebrity and million aire dat ing site named ” C e l e b m i n g l e . C 0 M”.. but it’s not confirmed by her yet .

  42. John

    She used to be so cute. What the heck did she do to her lips?

  43. spitch

    … is it just me but she kinda looks like goldie hawn.

  44. Stella

    I think her hideously fake new lips make her look like a 45 year old.

  45. Obama is a socialist pig. Oh, and a nigger

    Yes, she is incredibly sexy!

  46. J.K.

    Kristin(#8) If you’re going to call someone butterface, it’s best that you not be the posterchild for that comment.

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  48. I have started reading this book and love it so far!
    I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back.

  49. I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back.

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