Anna Wintour Wants Babies Banned At Fashion Shows, I Wonder Why?

Because idiots who should’ve never been allowed to procreate is a theme today, Anna Wintour has decided to ban babies from the front row of fashion shows for reasons I can’t imagine why except, just kidding, it’s Kim and Kanye. Kim and Kanye are the reason. The Daily Mail reports:

Ice queen Anna Wintour has told designers not to allow toddlers on the front row at fashion shows she attends after Kim Kardashian’s daughter North threw a double tantrum.
The US Vogue editor told aides of the ban during London Fashion Week, I can reveal.
The final straw for Wintour came when North got agitated during her father Kanye West’s recent show in New York and the one-year-old had to be taken out of the room by a nanny.
During little North’s outburst, Wintour, 65, wrinkled her nose in disgust.
This followed North’s previous flare-up at another recent New York show, which left Anna looking distinctly unimpressed.

Now before all the mommy bloggers grab their lactating tridents and unleash the milkhogs of war (So that’s what a stroke feels like.), this wasn’t some jerk telling a woman she can’t breastfeed her child at a restaurant nor wasn’t it a working mom bringing her daughter into the office because she can’t find daycare. These are spoiled rotten assholes bringing a baby to a place where babies have no business being for the sole purpose of being photographed with said baby so it looks like they actually spend time with the baby which they don’t because as soon the baby made a sound, a nanny showed up and took the baby out. Does someone show up and do that to your kid? Because I’m pretty sure I just described Heaven to at least half of you. Shit, some of you probably wouldn’t even care if the guy was wearing a mask. It’s okay, you’re among friends. Let it all out.

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