Anna Kendrick on an Ice Skating Robot Thing

I always wondered how they got actors/actresses to look like they were skating during movies. In honor of Movie Magic Monday (a thing that I’m starting right now), here’s a behind the scenes look at the contraption that Anna Kendrick rides on to make her look like she has Gretzky skills.

At first I thought there was pole up her ass to prop her up like a puppet on this remote controlled dolly. Then I was disappointed to realize that it’s actually a lot more humane and probably a lot more comfortable than that.

She’s supposedly shooting another (unnecessary) Christmas movie called Noelle where she plays Santa’s daughter or something that has to save Christmas. Cool. It’s like Elf but with Anna Kendrick as the mousey, reluctant hero. Neat. Moving on.

There is a hot debate going on right now about what a “Christmas movie” really is, particularly whether or not Die Hard classifies as a holiday flick or just an action movie set around Christmas time. This one with Anna Kendrick looks obvious but I’m curious to hear your opinions. I’ve always considered movies like Die Hard and Ice Harvest to be Christmas movies, even though they aren’t really about Christmas in the classical sense.

For me, I guess it’s characterized by the iconography, kind of like with westerns. If it’s set in a frontier and everyone rides horses, wears cowboy hats, and has a distaste for the Union Pacific railroad — it’s a fucking western. With that logic, I think that if a movie is set during Christmas and you see the typical iconography associated with Christmas time (colored lights, snow, decorated trees, etc.) it’s a Christmas movie.

I don’t really know why I felt like I needed to say that, but I saw a bunch of people flipping their shit on Twitter and I just wanted to give my opinion: A Christmas movie, like a western, is an umbrella category with a bunch of different sub-genres underneath it. And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Yippy ki-yain’t convincing me otherwise!

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