Katy Perry Fingerbanged Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage

January 29th, 2014 // 30 Comments

The State of The Union was last night. And while President Obama proposed solutions to tackle poverty and climate change as Republicans went gay over duck people, absolutely none of that involved Anna Kendrick revealing that Katy Perry‘s signature move is to walk up to chicks and fingerblast them right in the tits. So below is Anna doing just that which is obviously way more important than whatever that stuff I just said was about. Something about ducks being president? You could buy them off with breadcrumbs. It’ll never work.

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  1. Anna Kendrick Cleavage Katy Perry 56th Grammy Awards
    Lord Helmet
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    I would pay serious money – even 5 bucks – to see these two get it on!

  2. Anna Kendrick Cleavage Katy Perry 56th Grammy Awards
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    Did someone put a baby in that?

  3. UGH

    KP looks preg

  4. “President Obama proposed solutions to tackle poverty and climate change”

    More like he spread high grade bullshit around on an hour of reality TV that’s slightly less fake than the KUWTK.

  5. “Katy Perry Fingerbanged Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage”

    Literally every word in that sentence holds the power to arouse me, together it’s a damned nuclear option.

  6. Odds are probably 70:30 that Rep. Steve Stockman is a closeted homosexual. https://twitter.com/SteveWorks4You/status/428305648615301121/photo/1

  7. So Anna likes it aggressive, huh? I’m so glad to hear that.

  8. Can we get Katy Perry and Kat Dennings together?

    • That much fat would crack the earth’s crust. Just because your mother is fat AND you want to have sex with your mother does NOT make fat women sexy.

      • ElitistAsshole

        These trolls are hilarious. You seem like the kind of guy that goes to bowling alleys and starts talking to everyone about how stupid bowling is. Kat and Katy together would be jean creamingly good. DW about Pugiron, it’s not his fault the only thing he gets to fuck is his dead sister’s skeleton and so has become accustomed to stick figures.

  9. being a woman is awesome. Anna K. was totally cool with it.

  10. So, I’m the only one who thinks Anna Kendrick is an annoying, hideous birdwoman?

  11. James


    “President Obama proposed changes to tackle climate change and poverty” hahaha.

    In no point in American history has poverty increased than under Obama’s administration and it is widening by the minute.

  12. cc

    I have Anna Kendrick in my underwear right now but you’d never know it.

  13. Just think, if we don’t use carbon, we can live on Mars and all the planet’s vegetation will die. But bankrupt crony solar panel companies will thrive on borrowed Government money.

  14. Ho. Lee. Shitballz. Not only does she have an awesome rack but she’s charming and witty too, which I discovered after paying attention to her video clip which I totally wouldn’t have watched if I hadn’t learned yesterday that she has an awesome rack.

  15. I love Anna Kendrick so much.

  16. Anna Kendrick Cleavage Katy Perry 56th Grammy Awards
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    Nice underarm vagina

  17. Anna Kendrick Cleavage Katy Perry 56th Grammy Awards
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    I can see why she is famous, she shines like a light. Might be the dress but she draws attention

  18. Seeing them together really illustrates what a huge buffalo Katy Perry really is. I hope her hooves didn’t scratch up Anna Kendrick!

  19. Anna Kendrick Cleavage Katy Perry 56th Grammy Awards
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    I’m still wondering about the headline… “Katy Perry Fingerbanged Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage.”

    Are there ANY PICS to prove this? Or was it just to get us to look?

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