Anna Faris With a Guy Who Isn’t Chris Pratt

Anna Faris was spotted out with her new boyfriend, a cinematographer named Michael Barrett. They were slamming coldies at some carnival with Anna’s Jerry Maguire kid. So far they haven’t been papped kissing or getting into any sort of over the pants hand action, but mom dates to a family carnival are usually a sure sign that someone’s getting some play even if they’re still in the “make out on the couch” stage in their relationship.

That’s about all the information out there so far. I can’t find much on this Michael Barrett character other than he’s a Columbia graduate with a pretty impressive cinematography resume that includes multiple seasons of CSI, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and both Ted movies. He also drinks IPA and has really nice boots. Overall, he’s just a guy… you know, the kind of guy who won’t dump you once his cock stock skyrockets after doing a movie with a talking raccoon.

… the two were spotted out in Malibu and The Palisades in the last few weeks. We’re told they met on the set of Overboard a movie set for release in 2018 in which Anna stars and Barrett’s working as a cinematographer. (from TMZ)

So there ya have it, folks… Anna Faris is dating some regular shmo with a cool job and nice boots. Should you find this news remotely interesting, well… congratulations. I’m just here for the free Fresca and Pop Tarts so I don’t really give a shit.

So once again, back by popular demand… JAZZ LOON.

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