Anna Faris and Chris Evans are Naked

Hey, guys, popping my head up out of this holiday weekend for a few quick items:

1. Anna Faris totally naked on the set of What’s Your Number? Now there’s speculation these pics currently making the Internet rounds might be a body double (Or not!), and if so, that shit should seriously be illegal. No, really, there’s starving people in China yet we’re paying somebody to pretend to be somebody who’s pretending to be somebody else. It’s almost the pinnacle of excess once you overlook the pizza I tried to order with Faberge eggs last night. (I think you’re intoxicated, Dominos.)

2. LAST DAY FOR BANNER GIRL SUBMISSIONS. Everybody’s doing it. [Entry Page]

3. Cocaine is a helluva drug. [TMZ]

See you tomorrow,

The Superficial

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