Anna Faris and Chris Evans are Naked

July 5th, 2010 // 85 Comments

Hey, guys, popping my head up out of this holiday weekend for a few quick items:

1. Anna Faris totally naked on the set of What’s Your Number? Now there’s speculation these pics currently making the Internet rounds might be a body double (Or not!), and if so, that shit should seriously be illegal. No, really, there’s starving people in China yet we’re paying somebody to pretend to be somebody who’s pretending to be somebody else. It’s almost the pinnacle of excess once you overlook the pizza I tried to order with Faberge eggs last night. (I think you’re intoxicated, Dominos.)

2. LAST DAY FOR BANNER GIRL SUBMISSIONS. Everybody’s doing it. [Entry Page]

3. Cocaine is a helluva drug. [TMZ]

See you tomorrow,

The Superficial

NOTE: Click “View NSFW Version” above photos to see uncensored images.


  1. Anon


  2. idostuff

    Its a body double…
    you can see its not her in the pants wearing pic and this confirms it:

    • BostonResident

      i was actually there and saw the whole thing, both fully naked anna faris and her body double, they both were shooting alternating scenes fully naked, and yes both were wearing the pink bra and panties, and also another take was being shot wearing only light blue TIGHT sweatpants…….so both of them were naked , and it was AWESOME

  3. nudele

    wow, she has such a perfect ass!! good lord! body double or not, that ass should be enshrined and worshiped by millions!!

  4. Lucy
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  5. Doc
    Commented on this photo:

    Am I looking at pictures of the lochness monster or bigfoot in these pictures??? Can we please get a hi-res camera? geesh…

  6. Lucy
    Commented on this photo:

    haha FIRST!

  7. RioDude
    Commented on this photo:

    More like body doAble… am I right, guys? am I right?

  8. Rhialto

    For our dedicated female and gay readers; here’s sum man flesh!

  9. turd da 3rd

    listen bitch… either you are on vacation or you’re not.. which is it?

  10. Darth

    Well,well.Wow.Just wow.Excellent?

  11. RatsAss
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    Who in the fucking hell is Chris Evans, and why the fuck should I care about this pussy?

  12. Douchariffic

    The guy’s wearing a pretty obvious g- string, presumably to hold in the goods.

  13. Since “nakedness” is just an essential part of this site, here are some real nipple slips. Personally I think Kate Moss is a fembot (who has nipples that are an inch erect?)

    • Sugar

      Your link doesn’t work and it’s all in Nazi language. Kate Moss is not and has never been pretty enough to be a fembot. Inch long nipples are gross anyway.

      • Anti-Sugar

        Hey Sugar. What is your problem? “Nazi language”? In which cave do you live? Say hi to Mel Gibson for me tonight, will you? thx.

  14. Gene

    Dude, if it’s shapely, does it really matter who it belongs to?

    Neither one of us are ever going to get to tap it anyway.

  15. eatme
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    anna ferris is f reaky with all her plastic surgery

  16. Commented on this photo:

    I may seem like a perv but why can’t you see the uncensored pics anymore? I wouldn’t seeing chris’ bum without a big pink star!!

  17. Jack Mehoff

    That ass is worthy of having my tongue lick it for days. So hott!

  18. Lenny
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    Unless I can see pubic hair, it means nothing.

  19. lol
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  20. Paul City of Orange
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    Who is the sleazeball that took this photo. Sneaking around at night spying on people. WTF man you are going to fry in hell for a long time.
    Cause you deserve it.

  21. Drundel

    Damn, who is the female double?!?!? That is a tight body.

  22. Cate

    Seriously Fish? No more real postings until tomorrow? FYI, yesterday was the 4th of July. It is now the 5th.

  23. Taz

    Nice tush

  24. christ
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    nice fuckin bloomers

  25. So
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    Oh my fucking god, that is definitely her ass and if it is not who cares

  26. gil
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    so… how do i see the not safe for work images?

  27. sobrietyisacrutch

    I like the Fish.
    It is so rare when someone will interrupt his weekend-long vacation (READ: booze intake) and post really meaningful nude photos that please men and women alike.
    I am NOT being sarcastic. The man is my hero!

  28. Obvious

    fuck the stars covering her

  29. barroom hero

    Most likely a body double, no matter who the slag is, I would like to give her the olde hot beef injection…

  30. Fati87

    Faberge egg pizza should go real nice with that Canadian beer you’ve been drowning your bitterness in, Fish. Just remember to take some Beano after, or it’s bad news for Mom. :-/

  31. captain america

    she wanted to show the audience how she was born, folks!!

  32. Beantown Babe
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve worked as an extra on that film, and I met her body double. That’s who is in these shots, that is not Anna Faris.

  33. Beantown Babe

    I’ve worked as a body double on that movie, and I met her body double, and that is definitely her. That is NOT Anna Faris.

    • Well, I’m currently working as Anna Faris’ body double* and I was like totally there and I can totally like tell you that’s her.
      Also, the other one, in the panties, that’s not her body double, that’s K€sha. I mean £esha. Kesha-Yen… whatever.
      And the guy, that’s like totally not Chris Evans, that’s Nicholas Cage. And he’s not wearing a G-string, he just likes to keep his buttocks attached to his lower back with safety pins.

      (*I’m 42, overweight, balding, and male. My body mass equals two Anna Farises, hence my job as her body DOUBLE.)

      • Beantown Babe

        OOPS!! I mistyped that! I meant to say I’ve worked as an EXTRA on that movie!! Sorry for the mislead!

    • cc

      Beantown babe, you know, you are obliged to post a pic after that. Thems the rules.

  34. Mina
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    Honestly, no matter what the subject, your writing never fails to make me laugh out loud. You’re a douchebag, yes. A painfully clever one.

  35. hanmei

    envy?! oh. no
    go BLACKWHITEROMANCE. C O M to find such kind of

  36. j4s0n

    I was raped by Anna Farris’ body double. In the butt. yesterday. twice.

  37. SexyGal

    Wow the things I would do to that man! He has an amazing body. I know what I will be thinking about when I use my new vibrator tonight!!

  38. Anon

    Who took these pics? They are grainy as hell. It could be them or it could be anybody.

  39. meowcat2
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    why do they have body doubles? why cant they just go naked themselves?

  40. Apostate

    Flat Ass Central….Pass.

  41. Jen
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  42. Randal(l)

    I would do so many horrible things to her ass. Horrible unspeakably sexy things.


  43. Insatiable Peter
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    Has Anna Kournikova made a porno, yet?

  44. cc
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    If you’ve seen House Bunny, you know Anna Faris has a bangin’ body.

  45. badabing
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    wow! what a good looking nekkid couple they are! bet they have fun together!

  46. ominousbob
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    Really? Is that the “Not Safe for Work” version? A pixellated mosaic of spawning rodents and what appears to be half a bottle of tobasco sauce?

  47. Kaz

    She shit

  48. Kaz


  49. Slig

    Wow i want hold and touch breast hahahaha

  50. No Star
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    Why there is a star on the NSFW pic and on the thum doesn’t!?!?!?

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