Josh Duggar Got His Wife Pregnant While In Sex Rehab, Oh Good

Yup, that’s the face you want to be making. Keep making that one.

According to Life & Style, who broke the story about Josh Duggar molesting his sisters, his wife Anna Duggar is pregnant with their fifth child who they reportedly conceived while he’s in Christian sex rehab for cheating on her like it was his job. Which technically it was because she didn’t fuck his dick the way he likes at the drop of a hat, so Jesus was all like, “Dude. Bro.” Via Radar:

The disgraced reality star’s long-suffering wife, Anna, reportedly believes she is expecting after an overnight visit to her troubled hubby’s rehab facility.
“Anna announced that she thinks she is pregnant again,” a family insider told Life & Style. “She believes the baby is a sign that God has forgiven Josh for his many sins, and she’s vowed to stand by her husband.”

No, lady, I’m pretty sure this is a sign that God hates you. Just hates you a whole bunch. For Chrissakes, your husband was/is a child molester, he cheated on you in a spectacularly hypocritical and public fashion, and now as a “reward” for sticking by him when you should’ve packed up your whole family and moved to France, God walks up to you, sips his coffee and goes, “Hey, Anna, listen. I’m gonna need you to poop out his fifth kid, okay?” So I’m just going to leave this here, and if there are people in your life who truly, deeply love you and care about what’s best for you, they’ll fly you here on a goddamn rocket ship:


Use the Force, Anna!

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