Mama June’s Daughter Was Molested In Front Of Her Other Daughter

With each passing day, the Mama June dating a convicted child molester who raped her own daughter situation keeps getting soul-crushingly worse even with child protective services involved who probably can’t do shit. And now Radar has released the full incident report from Mark McDaniel’s sexual abuse of June’s daughter Anna (Chickadee) which apparently included him forcing her three-year-old sister Pumpkin to watch which is where I stopped reading because fuck all that. You can read the full report yourself if you’re so inclined, some of which even Radar wouldn’t reprint, but you’d think that there’s already more than enough god awful here to realize this woman is a goddamn monster – not a fat joke – for letting this guy come back around. (Even sadder, Pumpkin seems to be on her mother’s side.) In the meantime, here’s the bare minimum TLC can do to atone for this horseshit:

1. Pay for every single of these kids to get therapy. Force them to attend at gunpoint.
2. Bankroll Sugar Bear’s custody fight.
3. The butter train rolls into town around 4:30. Place bombs on the tracks no later than 3:00.
4. Make sure Lando’s disguised as a skiff guard inside the palace. This will be crucial later on.
5. Get Mama June to fight for your side by offering her Baby Ruths and a Superman T-shirt. Tell her you love her often by taking turns putting your fist to each other’s chest. For example: “TLC – put fist to chest – love Mama June – put fist to Mama June’s chest.” And now her turn. “Mama June – place her fist on her chest – love TLC – place her fist on your chest.” Repeat as necessary.

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