Jeff Ross Isn’t Having Ann Coulter’s Shit

For reasons that made sense to literally no one, Ann Coulter (above) showed up to the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, which resulted in her getting absolutely shit on by every single person in attendance. Including Peyton Manning and that guy has sex with Papa John while looking into each others eyes and promising they’ll stop Obamacare. Since then, Ann Coulter sat down/perched on top of a dead animal carcass for a beautifully contentious interview with The Hollywood Reporter where she tried to act like she had no idea how she ended up at the roast, and Jeff Ross is having none of it. Page Six reports:

But at a taping of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, which will be online Thursday, Ross called Coulter out: “We paid her to be there. She’s full of s–t.”

After being exposed for her lies, Ann Coulter retreated to Skull Mountain where she swore to only be an agent of truth and light to the world. Which lasted 15 seconds before the Orange Man appeared in a mirror and promised her a seat at his side. But first, she’s gotta get bigger tits. “Trust me,” he said. “My giant hands, which are not small by the way, will barely be able to hold them. I mean, they will because, again, they’re definitely not small. You’re gonna love ‘em.”

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Photo: Mattel