So I Just Saw Ann Coulter’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet

September 30th, 2013 // 53 Comments
Ann Coulter holding a hard copy of her book "Mugged"
'Breaking Bad' Finale
Walt White and Jesse Pinkman in a promotional photo for Breaking Bad
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On the Breaking Bad episode of The Writers’ Room, Vince Gilligan was asked about the politics of the show, and he made it a point to say that he purposeful keep it apolitical and chemistry teacher Walter White facing financial ruin from cancer was nothing more than a plot device. Which makes sense because that’s a distinct reality in America although the viewer is free to view it as a goddamn travesty, or the righteous revenge of Baby Jesus for having summers off and filling our kids head with science. From there, the show was an intricately-woven spiral into the criminal underworld of meth dealing driven by one man’s ego and lust for power. The only political commentary one could possibly stand to glean from it is was the harsh economic realities of America’s middle class, but again, that’s just a setup for Breaking Bad‘s core as a Shakespearean drama about the creation of a monster. Unless, of course, you’re Ann Coulter, in which case you completely missed the entire point of the show because guns:


Yes, Ann, because at any moment Neo-Nazi death squads or meth kingpin husbands might come knocking at Americans’ doors, and God help them if they’re not armed to the teeth for when that day comes. And it will. Liberals would have you believe we’re all safe and cozy in our beds, but that’s exactly when some bald guy sneaks in and just lets you overdose on heroin. I’ve seen it a hundred times.

h/t IDYLITW who you have to blame for this.

EDIT: Photo Boy would like to point out the real message of Breaking Bad is breakfast. The message is breakfast. That is all.

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  1. It must be me but I want to mug her chin with my balls.

  2. I am ashamed that this moron and I share the same Alma Mater. Sigh…

    • Inner Retard

      That’s why you should have gone to a small university like me. Sure, you won’t have any connections and your life ends up in a toilet. But in all honesty do those really matter when you know you won’t be associated with such dickwads either? Don’t answer that…

  3. Chris

    Ann Coulter thinks Breaking Bad was about Ann Coulter

  4. She looks like Sweet Dee from “Always Sunny” with a crack problem.

  5. Cunt. Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. There, I said it.

  6. #1 woman I want to hate fuck.

  7. Jesus Christ

    She was referring to ANNA GUNN who is SKYLAR fools

  8. I had something funny to say but no. Just, I hate this worthless cunt so much. Cunt is too lovely a word for her.

  9. blerg

    She’s more masculine looking than the last guy who sucked my dick.

  10. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    So the worthless woman who thrives on saying controversial things that piss liberals off in order to get invited on TV shows and sell books said something controversial again? Do tell. I’m…uh…I’m all atwitter.

    • Bane

      In a nutshell. I’m sure she appreciates Fish putting her photo holding her new book on the website.

  11. Who would have thought a partisan ideologue would use something to make a political point. I mean Fish knows how lame it is? Right Fish?

  12. Stick to titties, Ann Coulter!

  13. spasmo

    Somebody needs to start a #TitsorGTFO twitter campaign against Ann Coulter

  14. Breaking: noted bigot, jingoist, racist, xenophobe, misandrist, misanthrope, homophobe and gun rights activist misses point. In other news, Mitt Romney seeks opportunity to re-lose election.

  15. Deacon Jones

    I want to run her over with faux Audi in GTA 5 doing about 120.

    Hit her low, so that the window impact is solid.

  16. Juano

    What did anybody expect her to say? This is a woman who believes that anyone who doesn’t agree with her is a traitor and should be harshly dealt with!

    Seriously, she actually believes that if you have a different point of view from her right wing fantasies that you deserve to be labelled a “traitor.”

  17. Is there a more vile, smelly, leaking cunt on gawd’s green earth? I think she and Dina Lohan should fight to the death for the title.

  18. Wunderbar

    Courtney Stodden really turned old quickly.

  19. right

    To bad Coulter wasn’t in Jacks clubhouse when Walt walked in

  20. MUGGED: How we lost america to brown and black folks who want to rape us and sponge uncle sam and how to fix the problem by doing a black 70′s tv star reverse cowgirl. DY-NO-MITE!!!

  21. AZ Rock

    One word…. Cunt Muscle?

  22. Firecrotch McBatshit

    Someone needs to get deep-dicked by Godzilla on a coke bender.

  23. Jordan N.

    Wow, amazing the filter on that woman. From what I recall, no one was actually shot or killed in their own home…

  24. tara-herdaily

    Hahahahahaha. What an idiot. That is all

  25. Ted

    Quite the war on women here, and none of you noticed that she was joking. Unlike you, she has a functioning sense of humor.

    • finding Coulter putrid is hardly a war on ‘women’. but hey, nice sense of humor you’ve got there.

    • Uhhhh… no. Here’s a perfect example of Ann The C.’s sense of humor. From her book, “Godless”, her thoughts on the 9/11 widows: “These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzies. I have never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much.” Damn, that one makes me clutch my gut as I roar in laughter.

  26. Liberalism IS a mental disorder dipshits.

    • Jesus

      I hope you’re joking, my son. I didn’t die on a cross so that you could be a miserable, low life, piece of shit, douchebag to your fellow human beings.

      Here’s a hint – the GOP has a special fireman’s pole that takes them straight to their everlasting torment. And Moses greased it to make the trip faster.

  27. Yeah

    I fucking love this bitch. She’s one of the most successful trolls on the face of the planet, and she’s actually smart, too.

  28. When she said ‘gun in the home’, did she mean ‘motorized M60 in the trunk’?

  29. Eating must be a liberal conspiracy too.

  30. Her vagina is probably cold and bony

  31. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    When Grigori and I have nightmares, they tend to look like this. God, how she scares us!

  32. fred

    You libtards make it too easy for her. She just keeps laughing as she cashes her paychecks made off the free publicity.

  33. Greg

    Let’s take this discussion down where it belongs. Looks! Why are conservative TV pundits so much hotter than libs? Ann Coulter versus Joy Behar; Michele Malkin versus Whoopie, Megan Kelly versus Rachel Maddow, Elizabeth Hasselback versus Rosie O’Donnell, S.E. Cupp versus Andrea Mitchell, Laura Ingraham versus Randi Rhodes (Ozzy’s dead drummer would stand a better chance). I could go on and on and on.

    Not saying you can’t find some hot libs on TV, but on the whole when looking at Political commentators, the Right Wing has got it won easily. And don’t try the conservative women are dumb bimbos argument. Sure we have some idiots like Palin, but Coulter, Malkin, Cupp, Kelly, Ingraham, etc. are all highly educated and intelligent. Maddow is pretty smart, but Whoopie, O’Donnell, Behar, etc. are morons.

    • Juicy J's nine

      Angry closeted lesbians usually aren’t very attractive (in any way).

    • You discount Palin, but include Elizabeth Hasselbeck? What are your criteria for measuring competence?

    • ReaganDiedinDiapers

      Because they have to be super hot or the misogynistic knuckle draggers that make up the idiotically pedantic conservative ideology won’t bother listening to them or tolerating them on television.

      • Nate

        How stupid do you sound posting that comment on a site called “The Superficial”? No f’n kidding, I’d rather watch hot intellegent women on TV.

  34. meh

    Jane didn’t OD on heroin, she choked to death on her vomit when Walt rolled her on her back.

  35. justafreethinkingamerican

    You guys are fucking retards. Ann loves sarcastic humor! If you ever paid attention to anything she’s ever said or written you would understand the tweet. And I also like how having ONE GUN in the house equates to being “armed to the teeth” to you. What planet do you live on? The same one where Obamacare is actually this beautiful free utopian gift and not an enormous tax burden and job killer? Get real.

  36. So you guys are all cool with Todd and the Nazi-Necks kicking in your door WITHOUT some firepower of your own? If that were a tweet from, say, John Stewart, would you then agree that the best defense against rampaging meth lords is a loaded shotgun? It would seem that you clones missed HER point.

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