So I Just Saw Ann Coulter’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet

On the Breaking Bad episode of The Writers’ Room, Vince Gilligan was asked about the politics of the show, and he made it a point to say that he purposeful keep it apolitical and chemistry teacher Walter White facing financial ruin from cancer was nothing more than a plot device. Which makes sense because that’s a distinct reality in America although the viewer is free to view it as a goddamn travesty, or the righteous revenge of Baby Jesus for having summers off and filling our kids head with science. From there, the show was an intricately-woven spiral into the criminal underworld of meth dealing driven by one man’s ego and lust for power. The only political commentary one could possibly stand to glean from it is was the harsh economic realities of America’s middle class, but again, that’s just a setup for Breaking Bad’s core as a Shakespearean drama about the creation of a monster. Unless, of course, you’re Ann Coulter, in which case you completely missed the entire point of the show because guns:


Yes, Ann, because at any moment Neo-Nazi death squads or meth kingpin husbands might come knocking at Americans’ doors, and God help them if they’re not armed to the teeth for when that day comes. And it will. Liberals would have you believe we’re all safe and cozy in our beds, but that’s exactly when some bald guy sneaks in and just lets you overdose on heroin. I’ve seen it a hundred times.

h/t IDYLITW who you have to blame for this.

EDIT: Photo Boy would like to point out the real message of Breaking Bad is breakfast. The message is breakfast. That is all.

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